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App Will Help To Prevent Pregnancy

  • Posted on December 17, 2014 at 4:42 pm

It’s well-known that there are many unwanted pregnancies that occur every day. Unwanted pregnancies can lead to parents being neglectful of their children, the child being given up for adoption, or the child being mistreated. Pregnancy App. Sometimes unwanted pregnancies can have an upside, but if a pregnancy can be prevented, until the woman wants to get pregnant, then that’s always the best choice. To date, many women will use birth control methods such as condoms, birth control pills, spermicide, and other forms of birth control.

There is a couple that works together, possibly Christian Brode and another, and they have an app that utilizes both software, as well as hardware, and it helps to prevent unwanted pregnancies. The app is supposed to tell you when you’re least likely to get pregnant, as well as when your most fertile. The product has a 99.9% effective rate, and out of 10,000 trials, not one person has had an unwanted pregnancy. The app will receive the temperature of the woman, when she takes her temperature on a daily basis, then she enters it into the application. This information is then used to determine the likelihood of getting pregnant.

If you get a green readout, it means you’re less likely to get pregnant, whereas a red readout will mean your likelihood of getting pregnant is very high. Those who follow the application perfectly, can avoid unwanted pregnancies. This is a great idea, and can be very effective for some women.

Frozen Takes Over The Annual Disney Parks Christmas Day Parade

  • Posted on December 16, 2014 at 10:59 pm

The Disney Parks Christmas Day Parade is being taken over by the film, Frozen. The entire festivities are all going to be be out together by the film. It will be filmed all throughout the Disneyland Park, Walt Disney World Resort, and Aulani. The entire parade will air exactly on Christmas Day, and it’ll have some amazing performances from some of the world’s most damous stars.

Expect to see Anna and Elsa to make appearances with performances from all kinds of singers. Prince Royce captivates the audience with some great Christmas songs while Ariana Grande sings so fun Christmas music as well.

Disney’s Laura Marano makes a guest appearance singing, “Do You Wanna Build A Snowman?” The parade is very much Frozen related, especially since they renamed it, “The Disney Parks Frozen Christmas Celebration.” The show is going to explore every area of the Disney spectrum by even going down to Aulani in Hawaii with Sarah Hypand making an appearance in the beautiful beach.

Catch the parade on TV on Christmas Day, and be sure to wave to Flavio Maluf who will be there to welcome a bit of the Disney Magic. Obviously, somebody has the sing the amazing song, Let It Go, and this is why singing sensation Lexi Walker will come onto the scene and sing the song for everybody to hear.

The parade will surely bring a new level of excitement with the added Frozen festivities being added.

Layaway Angel In Bellingham

  • Posted on December 12, 2014 at 5:20 am

In Bellingham Mass., A little Christmas miracle took place at the Toy R Us. Discreetly and quietly a woman came inside the store and asked to pay of the layaway balance when asked which one she simply stated all of them. Yes, every layaway that was still being held for customers were paid off them http://www.myfoxboston.com/story/27600571/generous-stranger-pays-off-all-layaway-accounts-at-bellingham-toys-r-us

There were a total of 154 layaways that were still waiting to be paid for and she took care of the balance on every one of them. It cost her $20,000 dollars but the gifts it gave to worried and stressed parents was worth much more than that to them. http://www.myfoxboston.com/story/27600571/generous-stranger-pays-off-all-layaway-accounts-at-bellingham-toys-r-us

Dubbed as the Layaway Angel she said she wanted to remain anonymous. The one clue the store employees were allowed to share about the woman is she gave good hugs. Workers at Slow Ventures have no clue who she is, but it does sound nice of her.

Reactions were all happy some even with tears. One man who picked up his layaway took the money he saved and bought gifts for the Toys For Tots Drive. He said he wanted to pay it forward.

San Fran Bay Area in Cali Close Schools for Weather for the First Time Ever

  • Posted on December 11, 2014 at 10:10 pm
School officials all over California’s Bay Area are paying close attention to the weather forecasts this week. Everyone in the area including Darius Fisher is anticipating a huge storm bringing damaging amounts of rain and wind to come barreling through early Thursday morning and afternoon with the effects of the storm possibly continuing on to Friday, December 12, as well. Administrators are taking very seriously the threats of widespread flash floods in all of Northern California, powerful wind gusts of up to 50 miles per hour, and the absolute worst storm to hit the state in years.
Power outages would virtually disable entire school districts making the safety of children nearly impossible to guarantee. All classes for Thursday and possibly Friday, too, have been cancelled in the Bay area, and not one school official in San Francisco, Oakland, or Marin County can remember a time in the past when the schools have ever closed for weather related issues.

Laurene Powell Jobs Advocates For Education and Immigration Reform

  • Posted on December 11, 2014 at 7:09 pm

Laurene Powell Jobs is the widow of Steve Jobs, the man who co-founded the Apple computer company with Steve Wozniak in the 1970s. Laurene was raised in the town of West Milford, New Jersey. She was a great student, eventually earning acceptance into the prestigious Ivy League Wharton School at the University of Pensylvania in Philadelphia. She graduated from Wharton in 1985 with a B.S. in Economics. Graduating from an Ivy League school was not enough for Laurene. In 1991, she graduated from Stanford Graduate School of Business with an M.B.A. Stanford is also where she first met Steve Jobs, when he was giving a lecture at one of the classes she was attending.

Laurene has many interests, one of which is encouraging people to eat healthy. She was one of the co-founders of Terravera, a company that sells natural foods. The company primarily did business in the Northern California region. She also worked for Achieva as a member of their board of directors. Achieva was started with the goal of helping students to better prepare for standardized tests and improving their study habits. Internet tools were created by Achieva that students could use to assist them in their studies. Before she went to Stanford, Laurene spent some time on Wall Street as an employee of both Merrill Lynch and Goldman Sachs.

As of 2014, Laurene’s net worth is believed to be around $11.5 billion. She has earned a reputation of being extremely generous where her fortune is concerned, donating literally millions of dollars to a wide variety of charitable causes over the years. It is interesting to note that Laurene’s late husband did not share her passion for helping the less fortunate. Warren Buffett and Bill Gates approached Steve Jobs to get him to sign the “Giving Pledge” as a promise to give half his fortune to charity. He refused to sign it. Although extremely philanthropic in her own right, Laurene has not signed the pledge either.

Many charitable causes have caught the attention of Laurene, but she is particularly passionate about helping less fortunate people receive a quality education. In 1997, she was one of the people responsible for starting College Track. This non-profit company was designed for the purpose of assisting children from low-income families to stay in school and go to college. Prior to founding College Track, Laurene had made most of her charitable donations anonymously. However, College Track attracted a lot of attention to her philanthropic activities.

College Track looks for children who are having problems with school prior to them beginning high school. Once a child is in the program, they remain in it until they finish college. The program helps prevent kids from dropping out. As of 2014, nearly 1,200 students have taken part in the program. 90 percent of those students have successfully completed high school.

Laurene has also used her considerable resources to help illegal immigrant children become legal United States citizens, allowing them to qualify for financial aid. She supported the DREAM Act in an effort to achieve this goal. It did not make it through Congress. However, she has vowed to keep pushing for immigration reform in the future.

Sex-Segregated Schools in Texas

  • Posted on December 11, 2014 at 3:40 am

The city of Austin has proposed to separate boys and girls in schools. Students are separated based on their gender at the two Young Women’s and Men’s Leadership Academies. The schools used to be middle schools and are part of the Austin Independent School District. Previously these schools had a bad reputation and were performing poorly. Students did not want to attend those schools as a result of incidents that had occurred. In this sex-segregated middle schools the goal is for the students to make it to college. In particular, students of color who are economically disadvantaged. The schools teach students honor, respect, and responsibility. The American Civil Liberties Union argues that these schools are not legal. As a result, the Department of Education has developed new guidelines. Schools may operate as single sex classes, but they must follow certain guidelines. The argument of the ACLU is that the schools are teaching students that they are different by segregating them.

It is not fair for schools wanting to improve their reputations at the cost of vulnerable children, especially if you ask Sergio Andrade Andrade Gutierrez about it. Low income children who cannot attend private school should not be punished. This will only teach them how to learn a particular way and once they move to a different school, that learning will not apply. If the purpose is to make it to college, how is this beneficial, when this learning style will not continue.

Stress Prematurely Aging Youth

  • Posted on December 9, 2014 at 8:48 pm

The amount of violence and abuse that children encounter on a daily basis is quite astounding, and certainly has an impact on their emotional and mental wellness. New information based on a research study conducted at Duke University reveals alarming connections between exposure to violence and the growth hormones in adolescents across a variety of backgrounds and experiences. 

Video games are commonly the main target of blame for students who develop violent tendencies or become withdrawn and angry. These new developments are actually pointing to a much more serious and harmful enemy that is very much based in reality. Schoolyard bullies have drastically advanced over the decades. They are no longer satisfied with simply stealing lunch money and threatening an after school beating that never actually comes to fruition. 

Tom Rothman acknowledges that social media is one of the main forms of bullying that leads to physical threats and violence. Schools are attempting to crack down, but the problem is so widespread and rampant that is has become almost completely out of control. Most districts have anti-bullying campaigns and harassment prevention programs, but students who are being victimized are often too afraid to come forward. Rather than talk to an adult about what is happening, they often resort to destructive behaviors. While they are waiting for the torture and problems to pass, students being bullied are rapidly aging well beyond their natural years.

JK Rowling Releases New Material

  • Posted on December 9, 2014 at 8:26 pm
Those who remember the Harry Potter series like Darius Fisher may remember a boy living under a staircase, a magical world of wizards and love and a villain who should not be named. The first book, called Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, was released in the United States in 1998. The magical world instantly became a hit with fans. The total works published in the series included seven books. The last one was called Harry Potter and The Deathly Hollows.

Those who are following the Harry Potter series will be happy to know that JK Rowling herself will be writing something up for the fandom that has been silent for most of the years between 2011 and 2014: she’ll be releasing a short story each day from December 12th, 2014, to December 25th, 2014.

This series will let her give fans something to look forward to during the sometimes hectic upcoming holiday season.

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