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From New York to Great Britain: Animal liberation in Action

  • Posted on August 25, 2015 at 10:58 am

The concept of liberation may conjure images of freed men and women from the times of slavery. Perhaps it brings up images of migrant workers are other victims of human trafficking or children who are forced into labor. The one thing that these victims share is a sense of helplessness and violation. Most people will agree that to take a person against his or her will and hurt that person is an atrocious act.

Not all people are like Keith Mann of amazon, however, will agree that it is atrocious to harm an animal. There are varying degrees of sympathy regarding using animals for food, clothing and experimentation. Some people will argue that animals are here for human consumption while other people simply do their best to avoid using animal products. Still others will become vegetarian or vegan and pledge to not use animals in any way.

A step further toward the side of animal sympathy are people who believe that using any animal is a grave crime against the animal right to live. One particular group of people is called the Animal liberation Front. This group believes that animals should be free from all forms of harm at the hands human beings, and they believe in using all means necessary to free living creatures who are subject to experimentation, slaughter or discomfort for the purpose of human benefit.

One member of the Animal Liberation Front is Keith Mann. After planning to set fire to a meat truck, he was arrested and sentence to 14 years in prison. He escaped from custody and worked on a animal sanctuary until he was recaptured. He served 11 years and was arrested again in 2005 for liberating mice from a laboratory where they were being injected with botulism (botox) to test the cosmetic drug’s efficiency. Currently Keith Mann is battling cancer using a holistic approach.

A Powerful Woman In The Workplace

  • Posted on August 25, 2015 at 3:41 am

To say that there is a lot of advice for women in the workplace is a bit of an understatement. There is a massive amount of this type of information flooding the Internet and elsewhere these days, but many have found the information to be a bit irritating. The main problem with it as they see it is that the information seems to treat women as if they do not know anything. The advice given is often from a prospective that is not helpful and also quite demeaning to women in some cases.

Luckily, there are women like Susan McGalla on ireport.cnn who have seen this problem and have reacted to it. In her role, she has done what she can to produce publications that do not talk down to women but instead given them solid and practical advice that they can really use in the workplace to get ahead. That is preferable to advice that simply talks down to women for most people.

She seeks to avoid buzzwords and using cliche phrases that gain a lot of traction in the mass media but are not all that helpful to women. These might include things like “empowered” and the like. Such words may sound good in print, but they do not offer any serious advice of value to any woman seeking to advance her career and keep in line with the men.

McGalla comes by her knowledge of how women should compete with men in the workplace based on her upbringing. She grew up in a household with a football coach father and two brothers who did not make things easy for her simply because she was a girl. They believed that she should have to compete just as hard as they did to earn respect and earn a voice in the discussion. She bought into this idea and therefore knows how to get her ideas and voice across in a world so commonly dominated by men.

She worked her way up in the American Eagle clothing company and became a board member of that company at a time when the board had previously consisted of all men. That was an important moment in her life when she realized that it really was possible to climb up the ranks so long as she was willing to not see being a woman as something that should hold her back.

McGalla believes that the idea of the glass ceiling needs to be shattered. Women who are willing to put in the time and effort to do well in the workplace are the kind of women who can succeed she believes. A lot of it has to do with attitude and a willingness to put in the hard hours. There was never anything handed to McGalla, and she would have never wanted it that way. She finds more joy in her accomplishments knowing that she earned each and every one of them. No one can take away from her the hard work that she put into the companies she worked for.

Christian Broda Had A Dream And He Made It Come True

  • Posted on August 21, 2015 at 9:02 am

There are many great economists in our country. There are people who know a lot about this subject, and who have been able to make it far in their careers because of their knowledge and their willingness to share it. Economists have put a lot into what they do for a living. They have made sacrifices of their time to get to where they are, but it is all worth it for them when they are able to have the kind of success that they had been longing for. There is no greater satisfaction than being able to accomplish what one set out to do.
With so many great economists out there, it would seem that some would get lost. But, for the most part, that is not true. Christian Broda may be only one of many great economists, but he is still able to hold his own. And he is still able to have an exciting career for himself.
There might not be anything that can make a person happier than having a career that is all that they have dreamed about. Christian Broda’s career has taken him places, and if one were to ask him if he is satisfied with the things that he has been able to do, and with all of the things that he has learned, through the years, he would be sure to say “yes”. There is nothing better than having a career that satisfied everything that one longed for.
Economists don’t all have the same dreams of what they would like to do with their careers, but one thing that they have in common is that they want to have success. And they want to be respected by their peers. Economists are not so much different than people in any other field. Anyone who has a dream of what they would like to do with their life rejoices with every success. And, anyone who has a dream, and the ambition to make that dream happen, will work hard until they have gotten to the places that they have been striving for all along.

Who Should Be Concerned About Dog Health?

  • Posted on August 20, 2015 at 1:53 am

A healthy dog is a happy dog, and a healthy dog is going to live longer than one that is not healthy. Dogs need the right kind of care in order to make it in this world, and there are individuals out there who need to be concerned about a dog and making sure that every dog gets the right care. There are individuals who should be looking out for the health of dogs. There are people and businesses out there that need to be concerned about dogs and doing all that they can to look out for the health of the animals. Who should be concerned about dog health?

The veterinarians out there should be concerned about the health of dogs. Those who are doctors to dogs and who deal with the issues that can come up in a dogs life need to be worried about the health of those dogs, and they need to be doing what the can to look out for the health of the animals. Veterinarians need to be focused on a dog’s health, they need to be trusted to deal with the dog’s ailments and to give good advice for the future health of the dog.

Pet owners need to be concerned about the health of dogs. Those that have a dog as part of their family need to be looking out for the health of that dog. Those that have a dog in their home need to be doing all that they can to look out for the health of that dog. Dogs deserve the best of care, and they will only get that when their pet owners are willing to look after them and care for them. Those that have a dog in their life need to be willing to do all that they can to make sure that that dog is healthy.

Dog food manufacturers like Beneful are another group that need to be looking out for the health of a dog. The brands that put out dog food need to be thinking about nutrition when they are making that food. Dog food brands need to be concerned about the health of the dogs that they are making the food for, and they need to work hard to make sure that the food that they put out is food that will be good for those dogs that eat it.

Beneful is one of the many dog food brands that are out there, and this is a brand that really does care about the health of the dogs that eat its food. Beneful is a brand that seeks to put out the kind of food that will look out for dogs and keep them in good shape. Beneful is the kind of brand that really cares about animals, a brand that does what it can for the health of dogs.

The Important Role of Investment Banking in the U.S. Economy

  • Posted on August 19, 2015 at 2:38 am

When most people think of banking, they think of a place to get a loan for a home, cashing a paycheck, or getting money from an ATM. But investment banking is a different kind of service entirely. An investment banker helps individuals, corporations and governments raise funds by loaning them money or assisting them in raising capital by selling securities. Investment banks play an extremely important role in the U.S. economy because capital and resources that bankers provide is the “oil” that runs our economic engine.
One of the industry leaders in investment banking is Citadel, a company founded by Kenneth Griffin in 1990. Griffin graduated from Harvard in 1989. He showed early signs that he was an eager self-starter by tradeing stocks in his dorm room. After graduation, he was quickly hired by Glenwood Capital LLC. Griffin was given a million dollars to invest, and quickly made the company 70 percent profit on his investments. Through the years, as Griffin’s reputation has grown, so has his wealth. He has been named numerous times to the prestigious Forbes 400, and as of 2015, his estimated net worth is 7 billion dollars.
Griffin gives back to his community by being an unswerving patron of the arts in Chicago. He serves on the Board of Trustees for the Art Institute of Chicago, the Museum of Contemporary Art, the Whitney Museum and the University of Chicago. He also has given much of his wealth to Children’s charities, like Children’s Memorial Hospital.
Success stories like Kenneth Griffin’s are not common especially in precarious economic times. Kenneth Griffin did not rise to the top of the industry through blind luck, but achieved it through talent and relentless research. Investment banks like Citadel are enormously vulnerable to shifts in the economy. Investment banking is a risky business and not for the faint of heart. Some in the media have frequently villainized investment bankers, blaming them for the hard economic times in 2008, and frequently claims have been made that investment bankers make too much money.
In fact, investment bankers play a very important role in the U.S. economy. By providing funding and guidance to individuals, corporations and governments, these entities are able to push ahead with projects that aid the U.S. economy and ultimately benefit everyone. It is an industry which offers great reward but is also fraught with much risk. It is only the most talented investors, like Kenneth Griffin, that can rise to the top of the industry year after year.

Hotspots and Data Plans

  • Posted on August 15, 2015 at 8:42 am

Mobile wireless services are always coming out with new services. Hotspots and data plans are evolving and offering more features at personalized costs. Understanding the benefits and uses of hotspots and data plans can help you when choosing the most appropriate service provider for your needs, and businesses such as FreedomPop are developing popular new service plans that accommodate individual preference.

What are hotspots?
A hotspot is where you can access the internet from a physical location. Innovative phone technology allows you to convert your mobile device into a wireless hotspot, allowing people to access the internet through your phone. Some hotspots are set up to be open to the public, such as coffee shops or bookstores, while others are closed, requiring a password. Individuals use this for their home preferences, but some airports and hotels open these services to the public with payment options. Security can be a major concern with hotspots. Hackers can access hotspots with a variety of methods, comprising personal data and private information.

What are data plans?
Different wireless mobile providers offer a range of different plans for their customers. Some are tailored to individuals, students, businesses or even families. These plans allow consumers to choose different preferences including: data usage, text, storage, calls, etc. Mobile phone users should decide which data plan best meets their needs. If they like to watch YouTube videos or listen to Spotify and Pandora on the go, customers should look for data plans that are tailored to those needs. Some plans may have initial charges for data, such as paying a fixed price for a fixed amount of data per month. Other plans may involve accumulating charges based on the amount of data used. New data plan services are allowing individuals to purchase monthly data, but allowing that data to carry over to the following month instead of deleting all of the unused data.

FreedomPop is a new mobile phone and internet service provider that is offering data plans unlike other companies. The company provides free data, text, calling and more free features to gather customers. Additional charges are applied when the free amount of texts or data is used, which is where the company makes most of its money. FreedomPop runs off Clearwire and Sprint’s network. The tablets and mobile phones that FreedomPop produces are compatible with their plans and network.

Recently, FreedomPop has been expanding its network into the United Kingdom and plans to enter the Asian mobile phone market soon. The startup company also announced a new enticing service plan to provide customers with Wi-Fi access to over 10 million hotspots across the United States for only $5. The feature allows users to automatically find and sign-on to these hotspots. They have not released what network will be providing this unique service, but have revealed some of the common locations where customers can plan to find these hotspots such as: Burger King, Starbucks, McDonalds and Best Buy.

Innovative companies like FreedomPop are fighting the wireless provider giants and giving the public what they need and want. Data plans will continue to evolve and competing plans will be offered combat new companies more affordable data plans. These future plans for hotspot providers are just the beginning for wireless phone companies. If you’re interested in giving FreedomPop a shot, check out their free app on Google Play.

I Keep My Dog Fit By Feeding Him Beneful

  • Posted on August 14, 2015 at 2:11 am

My dog has to stay fit, and it’s not just for his health. My dog is a competitive dog, and I actually put him in many different competitions. There are competitions for the best looking dog, there are also competitions for the most athletic dog. Many of these competitions are held all over the country, and I keep my dog in shape so that he can compete. When it comes time for my dog to exercise, there are some vigorous exercises that I put him through. I don’t personally train my dog, but I have hired a trainer to help him stay in shape.

I watch everything my trainer does with my dog, and it’s because I want to make sure my dog is fit and healthy as well as being cared for. Although some people may think it’s a bit much to put dogs in competitions, it’s no different than having a child in a beauty contest. My dog really enjoys the different competitions that he goes into, and he’s always wagging his tail throughout the entire process. I never let my dog do more than he can handle, and I ensure that he’s safe in every competition he goes to.

I take my trainer with me all over the country, and we tend to travel in a trailer. If we are on the road for too many hours, then we’ll pull over somewhere in order for the dog to take a short walk. No matter what’s going on in my daily life, I make sure that the dog gets enough exercise, and we also make sure that the dog is eating the best foods. It was my trainer told me that the dog would do very well by eating Beneful, so I made sure to buy it everywhere we went.

The biggest reason why the trainer said that the dog should eat Beneful is because of the fact that the dog needs as much energy as he can get, especially since he’s always exercising on a daily basis. He said that Beneful should give them all the energy that he needs and then some, and he’ll also be able to keep up when he does his competitions. We also make sure that he gets enough sleep at night, even though I tend to stay up playing with the dog longer than I should. The trainer also trains me to be a better pet owners as well.

If we go to a small town where we cannot find the right dog food, we’ll actually drive even further, just to make sure that we can buy the Beneful that the dog needs. For my dog there is no other food besides Beneful. I have to admit that since my dog has been eating Beneful, he’s been competing very well, and he wins a lot of his competitions. It’s rare if he doesn’t win, especially since he such a good-looking dog, but he’s not perfect. I plan on continuing to bring my dog to competitions as long as he enjoys them.

Building a Business on Technology

  • Posted on August 11, 2015 at 3:11 pm

Technology has taken over the world making everyone’s life better. It has also changed the way businesses and their customers deal with one another. Mobile traffic to retailers worldwide is up 40% and that number is increasing every year.

Technology has brought huge success to businesses as a whole. As a result, we see many online retailers dominating the market. The same technology has made buying and selling goods and services easier than ever before. One click of a button and your product is shipped at your doorstep. Not only that, you can do shopping from anywhere in the world, on the go or from the comfort of your room. It is evident that e-commerce has changed every industry it is used, be it fashion or music.

Decisions are made and actions are taken on a daily basis with the help of technology incorporated in businesses. Insights are reviewed and converted into tasks easily through this. At every step of the business there is a measurable amount of results. There are many examples where companies were able to adapt to the latest technology and achieved success through it alone. For example, eBay the online auction company would not have been in business had it opted for offline auction. Zenith Bank the second largest Nigerian company may have gone broke the first year if it had only Nigerians as customers. Technology, in fact, has increased the speed with which the business is done as well as facilitated the growth of economy. It is mind-boggling to learn the speed with which today’s technology is growing to keep up with the demand. Today’s world has become such that all the demands decided upon is the demand to be fulfilled immediately. It has to be done with the same presently available resources of technology and the results are expected soon.

Many businesses around us have been investing a lot of money into developing new and innovative technology on a daily basis. Every company has an idea of its business for which they need the help of technology. Every business sees a specific contribution of this field as well. The ideas and objectives of a business have changed in the meantime. The ideas of the business thereby define the area in which a company has to obtain the latest technology in the market and be the first to use it. “Our business is to build into products the skill of employees” has changed to “Our business is the application of highly innovative concept and latest technology in the world”.

About Shaygan Kheradpir

Shaygan Kheradpir is a well-known business and technology expert and executive from London. He finished his electrical engineering from Cornell University and played many important roles in various companies in the United States. His first job as a leader started with Verizon FIOS. His other accomplishments in the technology industry include contribution to Transform program as well as Pingit mobile money system at Barclays. He has also served as CEO for Juniper Networks.

I Think that Dog Food Should Be Nutritious

  • Posted on August 7, 2015 at 11:02 pm

I think that there is something that is very important when it comes to dog food, and I believe that this is something that is often overlooked by those who purchase dog food. I feel that dog owners don’t always worry about the nutrition of their pets in the way that they should, and I think that they buy foods for their dogs that just aren’t as nutritious as they should be. What is the point of buying dog food? When someone purchases dog food, that individual is looking to provide the dog with the nutrition that it needs to live a long and happy life. I believe that those who are purchasing dog food should be careful to purchase the kind of food that is nutritious.

Dog food should be helpful to the health of the dog. I think that the food that a pet owner purchases for their dog should help to improve the health of that animal. Those who purchase food for their pets should buy the kind of food that is going to improve the health of that pet’s joints. Those who are buying food for their pets should look for options that are going to keep the pet’s fur sleek and healthy. Those who are purchasing pet food should always look for the most nutritious options out there, and then they should buy those options for their pet.

Beneful offers a variety of healthy options when it comes to pet food, and I think that they are a great brand for those who are looking to purchase good food for their dogs. I believe that all pet food should be nutritious, and I feel that Beneful understands that. When it comes to a brand like Beneful, I feel that there are actually options available for pet owners that will allow those individuals to look out for their dogs. Beneful supplies pet owners with the kind of food that they are looking for, and I respect the brand for doing that. I look to Beneful as a leader in the dog food industry, and I trust them to do what is right, to offer nutritious food options.

Choosing the Perfect Pair of Men’s Italian Leather Shoes

  • Posted on August 7, 2015 at 1:22 pm

Italian leather is often thought of as the best leather in the world. Most high-end designer brands offer several items made from this quality leather. Italy is traditionally known for it’s beautiful craftsmanship. They use “full grain” leather, which is made from the very best raw hides, and do not need to be sanded to rid any imperfections. It is tougher and more durable than standard types of leather, and gains a beautiful sheen as it ages. It can stay in top condition much longer than other types of leather. Because this leather is of such high quality, it can command a premium price.

Remember, though, that “Italian leather” does not refer to any standard, and cannot guarantee high quality. Therefore, one should consider whether the brand is known for it’s high quality, and the type of leather used in making their products. This is especially true when buying men’s Italian leather shoes. Selecting the right pair is important to complete an overall look. There are several factors to consider when choosing the appropriate footwear. In addition to your needs and taste, functionality, comfort and construction must be considered. Italian leather will offer a variety of unique patterns, color variations, and styles to suit your taste. Most shoes are suited for both business and special events. These shoes add a touch of sophistication, and tend to appeal to men in every age group.

One such brand is Paul Evans. Paul Evans has been creating a range of luxury Italian shoes for the last few seasons, and combine formality and contemporary styling. They make comfortable and stylish shoes using high quality Italian leather. Skilled Italian shoemakers are used to produce their superb footwear. Paul Evans shoes have a striking silhouette with exquisite detailing. They use only the highest quality leather, including a leather lining, and are everything you would expect in a luxury shoe. Paul Evans shoes are some of the best shoes on the market in terms of quality and style.