Jorge Moll Has Changed Healthcare Forever

Jorge Moll has changed the world with his successful career in the medical field. During his schooling years he chose to go to the Federal University of Rio de Janiero and after completing he earned his MD in Neuroscience. A while after he studied at the São Paulo University where he earned his Ph. D. in Experimental Psychopathology.

Jorge Moll grew up knowing that he wanted to to help people who are affected by illnesses that disrupt their everyday lives. Moll has became the President and board member D’Or Institute of Research and Education. With his education and experience, Jorge Moll also went on to become the Director the Cognitive & Behavioral Neuroscience Unit and the Neuroinformatics Organization. He also decided to stay with his family in Rio de Janiero.


Passion and Dedication

Moll has always dreamt of creating high quality research, education and healthcare in his home country. He has successfully turned it into his real life passion and long term goal. He spends his time in meetings and speaking with a lot of scholars, affiliates, moguls, medical scientists, and more that stand for a lot of different companies and organizations. He feels that it is very important to meet with a have free conversation of ideas while collaborating.

Moll also loves the subjects of the cognitive system, artificial intelligence(A.I.), and how technology and our brains can work together. He feels intrigued by all of the new growth in regenerative medicine and gene therapy. He also feels very strong about the change in our lives we can have by merely doing interesting thing. He believes that it can have a real good impact on our lives and in the industries.

Jorge Moll has dreams in the future of creating a organization that helps people and helps making the hospital way more simpler, pleasant and memorable.


Desiree Perez Signs a Letter that Addresses Female Discrimination witin the Music Industry

Chief Operation Officer of Rock Nation, Desiree Perez, signed a letter addressing the remarks made by the NARAS President at the 2018 Grammy’s. NARAS President, Neil Portnow, stated that women needed to “step up” if they wanted to win more Grammy’s and to advance their careers. Many female entertainers were extremely outraged by his comments. Other female members of the music industry were upset as well.The letter issued to the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences (NARAS) to let them know that Portnow’s comments regarding women in the industry were not well received. Many powerful female executives and behind the scenes workers were very upset that this sexist attitude is present within the music industry.

The 2018 Grammy’s revealed that women in this field still have a long way to go. Female artists were nominated for many categories. However, they only won 17 of the 86 categories that were presented. Many female artists feel slighted because they know they are much better (or at least on equal standing) with the males in the industry. Traditionally, female performers have been an important driving force within the music industry. Powerful performers like Beyonce Knowles, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Pink and Sheryl Crow all spoke out against female discrimination. The letter that Desiree Perez signed was addressed to NARAS board of trustees.

In the letter, Perez and other leading female music industry exes told the Recording Academy they are out of touch with the industry and society.Desiree is a leading female executive that works for Roc Nation. She has been called the heart of Jay-Z’s empire. Desiree ensures that Jay-Z’s organization is running on all cylinders when it comes to their financial dealings. She is considered a powerful woman within the industry because she is capable of getting things done for the female entertainers and athletes on Rock Nation’s roster. Perez’s inclusion in the letter to NARAS is warranted because she is one of the many women in the music industry who influences the people and trends related to this field.

Susan McGalla Continues Efforts to Promote Diversity

Susan McGalla is a very successful businesswoman that has worked for a number of different prominent organizations over the course of her career. This includes working as the president of American Eagle and being the former CEO of Wet Seal. Beyond her role as the leader of those organizations, she has also been heavily involved in the oversight of a number of non-profit organizations. Presently, she is also in the front office for the Pittsburgh Steelers.

While Susan McGalla has had a very strong career and helped to improve the lives of many people, she is also very focused on helping other woman and people succeed in the workforce. One area of concern that she continues to have is the lack of diversity in many organizations across the globe. She has recently given a number of interviews where she discusses the issue of diversity and how it can be changed.

During her interviews, McGalla is very quick to point to all of the benefits that come with diversity. Not only is it the right thing for a business to do, but those that focus on diversity when hiring and promoting employees will find that they are able to do better than their competition. She has noted that those that focus on gender diversity will outperform the competition by more than 15% while those that focus on racial-diversity will outperform by more than 30%.

While there are clear benefits that come with incorporating a diversity focus into the business, there are still many changes that are needed to ensure that more companies focus on it as well. One solution that she has continued to promote is to have a sponsorship and mentorship program at these organizations. While it does not have to be a formal program established by the company, organizations should encourage sponsorship and mentorship. Younger women that are looking for ways to grow in the company should seek out the advice and assistance of more senior staff members. Furthermore, those that have reached the higher levels of a company should look out for promising young women to further coach.

Dr. David Samadi Discusses Options for Those with Prostate Cancer

Mitt Romney, the 2012 Republican Presidential candidate, recently revealed that he had surgery for on a slow growing tumor in his prostate. Dr. David Samadi, a renowned urologist, wrote a piece for the Huffington Post about the surgery and the options that men have after getting a prostate cancer diagnosis. According to the article, sixty percent of men who are diagnosed with prostate cancer are 65 and over. It is estimated that in 2018 alone, there will 164,690 new confirmed cases of prostate cancer in the United States.

There is good news for men who suffer from prostate cancer, however. Recent technological developments in robotic surgery have increased the survival rate and quality of life for men that develop prostate cancer. Dr. David Samadi pioneered the Samadi Modified Advanced Robotic Technique, which has yielded exceptional results for his patients. In the article he discusses radiation treatment as compared to surgery for prostate cancer. He recommends surgery for the majority of his patients, as long as the cancer has not spread to other areas of the body, for a number of reasons. The primary reason he recommends surgery is that the survival rate for those that choose surgery are almost 100%, while those who choose radiation treatment are twice as likely to die from prostate cancer. Those that choose radiation are more likely to die earlier than those who opted for surgeries, according to numerous studies. Another reason that he is an advocate for surgery from the start is that operating on the prostate after a patient has undergone radiation treatment is extremely difficult. Complications from radiation treatment may also cause the patient to get a secondary form of cancer, likely bladder or rectal, which statistically have a lower survival rate than prostate cancer. One of the foremost experts on prostate cancer in the country, Dr. Samadi has training in oncology, open, larascopic, and robotic surgery, which he regularly uses in his practice at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York.

In fact, Dr. David Samadi has performed over 7,000 robotic surgeries on his patients. Regular checkups and continued awareness are both critical factors in catching prostate cancer before it spreads to other organs and becomes inoperable. This expert says that finding a well qualified oncologist with years of experience will be a man’s best chance in the battle against prostate cancer.

Glen Wakeman and the World of Startups

Glen Wakeman is a legendary figure in certain parts of the business world. During his career at GE Capital, he climbed the corporate ladder and made it look easy. Wakeman is something of an expert at the life cycle of businesses. He’s founded some of his own, including Launchpad LLC and Nova Four. He worked in business development for a long time, and became an expert in mergers and acquisitions. These days, he’s helping startups get off the ground.

Ĺaunchpad LLc is a software that helps startup founders come up with a coherent business plan. Wakeman understands the challenges facing startups better than many founders do themselves. Over the past several decades, he’s seen plenty of businesses come and go. What he’s learned is that often people who are great at inventing things or developing apps have great specialized knowledge. They know their product and the problem it solves inside out. But the nuances of the business world elude them. is proud to help the next generation of influencers put some structure into their businesses. Once he helps them formulate plans and put up some scaffolding, they can more easily build the company they’ve dreamed of. Wakeman has never lost his natural curiosity. It takes him down some unique roads, but he knows that asking questions is key to solving problems. Because he’s always growing and learning, startup founders find that they understand the way he thinks. He’s not trapped in stasis. Wakeman is always exploring the world around him.

These days, Glen Wakeman is excited to see what technology has in store for our society. He’s inspired by the people he’s met on his journey to the top. Wakeman finds value in the unlikeliest experiences, and values every type of work. His outlook is both open and structured. This combination has left him uniquely prepared for success.


Market America for At-Home Workers

We all want to make money from home, but it can be downright impossible to find a reliable money-making method that will work for years. With Market America, you’re able to own your own company, sell high-quality products and have something you can rely on for years to come. Market America is a lot different from other companies you might have used in the past. If you’ve worked from home in the past but were responsible for buying the products you were selling, Market America is a different method of selling items. Instead of buying the products, you will choose the line that you want to promote on your website and then the company itself is responsible for taking those orders and shipping them out to customers.

When selling through Market America, you will keep a large percentage of each purchase, which brings in quite a bit of money if you’re able to get a lot of customers to come to your site. You will also be responsible for advertising and marketing your site so that people are able to come to it and utilize your services. There are a range of different ways for you to advertise your site, from using social media campaigning to affiliate linking. However you choose to advertise, Market America will be there to help you along the way.

With Market America, you are never alone in your journey to become an entrepreneur. If you ever have any questions or concerns, you can email or call the company directly to see if they can help you out. You will be well on your way to becoming your own business owner once you make the decision to go with this agency. The beauty about choosing this company over many others is that you are not responsible for anything more than running a website. You don’t need to buy products, deal with refunds and exchanges or ship out the products to your customers. This saves you tons of time and hassle, but it has nothing to do with the amount of money you will be able to earn.

Bob Reina Introduces New WebRTC Technology.

Bob Reina is a name that should almost immediately perk up the ears of savvy investors and entrepreneurs around the industry. Reina is the founder of Talk fusion and one of the most prominent video marketing and direct selling professionals in the business today. Reina, a former sheriff’s deputy, saw the power of video marketing early on and this led him to establish Talk Fusion ahead of much of his competition. Talk Fusion has been working out of Florida since 2007 and the company is currently on the rise thanks to a slate of new, game-changing marketing tools. Their latest release, as announced by Bob Reina via the press, is the Live Meetings application.


When Bob Reina and his team, led by CTO Ryan Page, work on a marketing solution they try to bring something to market that meeds needs while changing the way the industry operates. For Talk Fusion, this meant bringing about Live Meetings. Live Meetings is a video conferencing application that operates in a one-way aspect, delivering video to an audience of up to 500 viewers at a time. Through Live Meetings, companies can have a rotation of hosts taking turns sharing video in order to maximize their conferencing ability. This kind of application has instant value to companies that are looking to teach or otherwise inform their audience in a single video broadcast.


Live Meetings, according to Ryan Page and Bob Reina, was developed with WebRTC technology. WebRTC technology allowed Reina and the Talk Fusion team to make Live Meetings in an efficient and effective manner. Live Meetings is easier to access than other contemporary video marketing products and it is more efficient as well, with improved audio and video quality during the actual streaming application. One of the best parts of the Live Meetings application is that it has enhanced compatibility, meaning that you don’t have to download special software or rely upon browser plugins in order to make it work. The Live meetings application is merely point and click.


Talk Fusion has been pushing to establish themselves on the forefront of video development for marketing purposes over the past decade, and this means that they’ve used WebRTC tech on other applications. Talk Fusion first got into WebRTC tech with their Video Chat application which ended up winning numerous industry awards. Talk Fusion is looking to further expand their library of WebRTC technology in the coming years. Learn more:


Jorge Moll Believes In Changing Lives, Here’s How

Ever want to do something great? That is exactly what Jorge Moll has achieved.

Jorge Moll is the head member and president of D’Or Institute of research, an organization founded on the principles of helping people to improve their lives. Check also this profile on his account.

Jorge Moll loves to help those who suffer with health conditions. His desire to help people was the fuel that inspired him to receive his MD in Neuroscience. After completing his residency, he then received a Ph.D. In Experimental Pathophysiology from Sao Paulo University.

It was later on that he found the idea for the D’Or Institute. This institute’s purpose was education and research to improve lives. This idea stemmed from his desire and passion to have an institution to cultivate an institution with the best healthcare, research, and education in his home country.

Day to day, Jorge Moll’s schedule is full of events that help improve the lives of others. Even mundane activities such as meetings cover many topics with the overall goal of aiding to improve the quality of life of those in need. Jorge Moll speaks with many individuals across a variety of professions. These professions include associates, students, scientists, and more. With covering a wide variety and range of organizations, Jorge Moll is able to seek inspiration from a collective group of professionals.

Aside from helping others, Jorge Moll also expresses strong interests in topics such as cognitive systems and artificial intelligence. He loves to contemplate the potential in the future of machines and human minds working together.

From a business side, Jorge Moll is extremely goal oriented. With simplicity being at the forefront of his beliefs, he believes the best way to work optimally as a businessman is to be skillful and transparent with his work. He also doesn’t like to hold onto ideas for very long. If he is inspired by a thought with an idea in mind, Jorge likes to act on it fast, or pursue the next idea.

Jorge Moll has a passion that we can positively impact the lives of others, by doing interesting things.

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Lessons to Learn From Glen Wakeman

It is not common to come across a man like Glen Wakeman. From his exceptional work record, one can tell that he is a person who believes in achieving greatness. Glen has an impressive record in all aspects of his work. He is a successful business person and has also thrived in the finance sector. After two decades of working hard, he has accumulated experience and skills, discover more.

Glen does not want to keep this knowledge to himself. He is mentoring other business people and interested individuals. This is a positive attitude because he appreciates the reality of tomorrow. If we want the future to be promising, we have to determine it today. By teaching others the skills, they will continue with trend even after Glen and his peers retire from working.

Glen’s experience is a combination of his time in the several companies where he worked. He worked for GE Capital, which was a crucial opportunity for him. He enjoyed working abroad and encountering the diverse cultures. Working abroad has also taught Glen that business has different environments. This was yet another important lesson that played a major role in his success.

Glen is the CEO of LaunchPad Holding LLC, refer also here at He began this position in 2015. His CEO position entails a lot of responsibilities, but he has majorly focused on helping budding entrepreneurs. He desires to see other business come up and thriving in the competitive business environment. Glen helps with business plans. Since he is a writer, Glen is capable of designing a viable business plan, click here.

Glen did not get where he is without optimism. He has tried many things before, and they failed, but he did not give up. He kept a positive attitude, and finally, it yielded good results. No one becomes good at everything they do without an effort. Glen ensured he is thorough in whatever he decided to do. Achieving all-round success is possible, learn here.

Get determination and ensure you perfect the areas you want to excel. Just like Glen, successful people need to get time to mentor others and finally pass the baton when they retire. This technique guarantees a good future for those left in the field of work.

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The Great Effort of Larkin of Lacey in Fighting for Justice in the Society

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin are among the great philanthropists that have marked colossal transition on matters of human rights and justice in the society. They were known before to be journalists. They were then moved by the state of the immigrants in the United States. Most of the refugees who were seeking asylum in the United States were living under oppression.

The part which was holding the more significant numbers of immigrant and had the incident of discrimination was the city of Arizona. Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin saw the need to address the matter, and they came up with an agency by the name Phoenix New Times and Village Voice Media. The prime reason for the formation of the foundation was to create equality in the community through several programs.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin set up all the needed requirement to raise the operations of the organization and make them flow along the right line of expectation. The two major areas that Phoenix New Times and Village Voice Media had concentrated its attention on was the human rights and democracy.

The foundation also helped other small organizations and unions which were fighting for the human rights in the community. The support of the body was through funding the programs run by humble foundations in the field.

Furthermore, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin organized forums of teaching the management of such unions on how to steer their goals for them to attain target mission. The unique factor that made Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin overcome the usual challenges in the field was the experience they had and the commitment to work for the society. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

The other part that the agency took to counter the rising discrimination was the sensitization of the refugees in the various parts of the United States about their rights. The step built unity among the immigrants and made them fight for a common agenda.

There was an accomplishment of most targets of the agency through the excellent leadership of Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin Perfect networking between small organizations across the United States was also attained.

The step of Larkin and Lacey was supported by the human rights bodies worldwide. The system of the group integrated the team of experts specialized in various filed to foster the success of the agency. The role played by Larkin and Lacey was the delegation of duties to their subordinates.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin were ordered to be arrested by Sheriff. The incident happened during the night while the two were exercising their journalistic duties. The reason for the arrest was the statement they had made to the public through their magazine about the proceeds of the grand jury. Read more: Michael Lacey | Twitter and Michael Lacey | Crunchbase

The primary reason for publishing the article was to alert the people on the matters taking place. The incident created an uproar on the public that was demanding their release.

The judges finally drop their cases, and Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin paid $3.75 million that they used to boost the mission of justice and human rights in the community.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin have played a significant role in transforming the society using various approaches.