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Baby Items Rating- Useful and Useless

  • Posted on January 16, 2015 at 7:48 pm
The market has so much to offer these days that people get confused trying to figure out what they need and what they don’t. Especially the new parents. Their baby deserves the best, and they try to get all that has the ‘for babies’ tag on it.

But are all those things really indispensable? Many of them are replaceable with items that people already have. The parents with some experience such as a friend of mine Jordan French were asked to take a survey and tell which things they found useful.

Baby food makers, wipe warmers, baby bath thermometers were surprisingly very low rated. Most of the parents preferred to use either their usual blender for the food, while the wipes warmer can be found useful only in very cold countries.

On the other hand, items like a changing table and a baby in-sight auto mirror were highly rated. If you have friends with babies and think you should get presents, check the list of useful and useless baby items to know how much the parents will appreciate/ hate your gift.

For those who are making the shopping list for their own new family member, the list might save you some money if you just exclude the items that are masked as ‘baby specials’ but are just ordinary.

Jonathan Veitch Large And In Charge

  • Posted on January 15, 2015 at 10:11 pm

For the first time in its history Occidental College has a native angeleno at the helm. Raised in Los Angeles, Jonathan Veitch is no stranger to the area. His deep roots in Los Angeles enable him to be more connected with the surrounding community and the students of Occidental College. His deep roots in Los Angeles go all the way back to is step grandfather who was the actor Alan Ladd. His father, John Veitch, served as the president for Columbia Pictures world wide productions. Even though Jonathan decided to take a more academic route rather than an artistic one, his connections in Los Angeles are plentiful.

Jonathan attended Loyola High School, Stanford University, and then Harvard University. His education propelled him to the top of the list of potential candidates to lead the prestigious college. As the new president Jonathan has reached out to the surrounding community and has improved relations between the college and them. Te task of president is never an easy one, specially at Occidental College where it has had a troubled past. Jonathan has quickly taken the reigns of the college and has established himself as a problem fixer in this administration.

Even though he entered is new position at the college, the problems he had to face where old. He had to go into the college and change controversial policies. He quickly stopped the the unnatural expansion of the college, and instead established a new policy of natural growth. By doing this he gained the support of the local community which was having problems with all of the current construction plans. The financial problems of the college were also taken on directly by making sure the endowment of the college would be properly used and not spend on frivolous things.

Jonathan enter Occidental College when it was a small Southern California College, but it has now become a world wide famous entity. The small college has become known all around the world when it was discovered that president Obama attended Occidental College briefly. This has increased the number of applications to the college and has been one of the major reasons the college is growing so fast. With a student body more diversified than ever, Jonathan has proven himself that he is capable of running this prestigious school. The new interest and growth in the college will be a challenge but it is certain Jonathan Veitch is up to it.

An Easter Crisis: Cadbury Easter Eggs Size and Ingredients Are Changing

  • Posted on January 12, 2015 at 8:11 pm

Easter and Cadbury cream filled eggs go hand in hand. These brightly foiled covered eggs are a tradition in many American homes at Easter time. The fact Kraft is changing its packaging is being met with resistance by customers.

In the past Cadbury has sold their eggs in packages of either three or six. This year there will be no three pack version. Additionally, the six- pack of eggs will now be sold in packages of five. To make matters worse, the cost for fewer eggs has not been reduced. You will be paying the same price as the former six-pack, but for one less cream egg.

Furthermore, additional changes including the type of chocolate used for the shell of the egg, has been revamped too. Rather than using dairy milk, a switch has been made to use standard milk chocolate.

Loyal Cadbury customers are not happy about the recent changes to their beloved Cadbury Chocolate Easter Egg. Time will tell if the customers will change their buying habits as a result of Cadbury’s changes to their famous Chocolate Easter Egg. The yolk may end up being on Kraft for making too many changes at once. Many parents may be upset about a change to this Easter tradition but many, like Fersen Lambranho, will be excited about a change to this classic.

Profiles in Education: Dr. Mark Ahn Brings Biotech Experience To The Classroom

  • Posted on January 12, 2015 at 8:02 pm

Dr. Mark Ahn is embedded in the biotech industry as a partner at Pukana Partners, and he is also a professor in the science departments of Portland State University and Carnegie Mellon University. He works with Pukana Partners to create new biotech functions for life science companies, and he uses that experience in the classroom.

His work at Pukana Partners brings him in touch with a number of different people in the worlds of science and medicine. When he helps people create medications for patients, he is reaching people who are ill all over the world. He is also someone who consults with his other partners to figure out the best way to solve problems with life science companies.

At Portland State University and Canegie Mellon, Dr. Ahn helps his students consider how they are going to create a career for themselves in the medical and science fields. These students are able to learn how they can make something of the degree they are getting. They will know what they must do when they are moving on from their undergraduate degree, and they will also learn how to advance their careers when they are getting out of grad school. They may not follow the same path that Dr. Ahn followed, but they will be able to follow a path that he recommends.

The time that Dr. Ahn spends with his students is the time that he can dispense knowledge that he has gained just for the students in his class. He can show his students what they can do when they move on from his classes, but he also teaches them how to teach. Dr. Ahn is concerned about how his students will work in the world after school, and he consults with many students that need help trying to move on after graduation.

The goal of Dr. Ahn’s career is to help people. He helps people with the life science products that he helps create, and he helps his students work through the issues they have when they are going to enter the medical or science fields.

Common Cold Really is Triggered by Chilly Weather, Yale Scientists Find

  • Posted on January 6, 2015 at 7:23 pm

Doctors have for a long time maintained that we contract more colds during chilly weather since we have a tendency of crowding indoors in rooms that are poorly ventilated.

Nevertheless, recent research recommends dropping temperatures actually are responsible for sniffles, something Bruce Levenson was pretty surprised to learn about.

Yale University has discovered that the moment core temperature of the body within the nose goes down by 5 degrees the immunity does not operate well to combat cold virus.

One in every five people bear the rhinovirus- the most common cause of common cold- within the nasal passages at all times.

More often than not the immunity halts the virus that is taking hold, although with the drop in temperatures, does the ability of the body to combat the intruder.
Therefore putting on a scarf that is warm on the nose may possibly not prevent the virus from entering, but may improve the ability to deal with it.

We discovered that the inherent immune response towards rhinovirus is impaired when the body temperatures are lower compared to interior body temperatures. This was according to Professor Akiko Iwasaki, a Yale University, immunobiology expert.

That proves that it is not only virus intrinsic, but it is the response of the host that is the chief contributor.

Generally, the lesser the temperature, it appears that the lesser the natural immune response towards viruses.

Alternatively, the study may possibly offer credence to the tales of old wives that individuals should stay warm, and also cover their nostrils, to evade catching colds.

To Pamper Young Kids or Not?

  • Posted on January 5, 2015 at 11:50 pm


When it comes to the raising of children, one of the most important questions that arises is just how strict to raise them. Should children be pampered or disciplined?

The foundation of a healthy society is started in the families. Recently, the scientists have published the results of a long-term study meant to analyze the interaction between children in their early lives and their later success in the academic field and in the personal life.

A sample group of 243 people have been studied from the birth until their thirties. The hypothesis was that a good care and a lot of attention in the first three years are the premise of a later strong bond with the parents.

The parents were surveyed at the early stage. Later on, the school years were examined by checking the academic results and interviewing the teachers. In their twenties, the subjects of the study were all interviewed about their love lives. The results definitely showed a correlation between receiving extra attention at the ages 0 to 3 years and later personal success.

The care at this young age sets a good attitude towards life and society and the young individual starts the life with another view towards it, compared to the children where the parents deprive them of warmth for one reason or another. Bruce Levenson knows this is important.

The attention-receiving children had better relations with their families later in life as well.

A Woman In Labor On Plane

  • Posted on January 5, 2015 at 11:40 pm
The Associated Press reported a woman from Madison named Allison Peery, 36 years old, gave birth to a baby boy soon after her water broke on the plane she was on with John Textor and the rest. This happened 30 minutes after the plane took off. She then went into labor and the plane had to be diverted to Salt Lake City, where she gave birth at a hospital. 

Peery said that her expected due date is two months later and that she was very scared and concerned for the baby as it was very early. She said that she and her husband were on their way home after visiting their family in San Francisco on Wednesday when this happened on the plane. 

The flight crew immediately cleared the row and using the plane’s loudspeaker, asked if there is a doctor on board. Fortunately, a pediatrician responded and helped her as the plane diverted its course to Salt Lake City. The flight attendants also helped her through the labor, which intensifies every minute.

When the plane landed in Salt Lake City airport, Perry was immediately loaded into an ambulance and taken to the hospital. On the other hand, the plane refueled and continued its course to Minneapolis.

She delivered the baby through a cesarean section as the baby was in a breech position. Her baby, Karl William Peery, weighed four pounds and seven ounces and was expected to stay in the hospital for about a month, but he was described as a healthy baby though.

No Safe Place to Play

  • Posted on January 5, 2015 at 6:35 pm
Playing is not as safe as it used to be for Christian Broda, and children do not pick the traditional playhouses. It seems strange that a 2- year- old toddler would undoubtedly find the most unreliable place to play. Firefighters had to pull out the big tools, to free the curious toddler from a washing machine.

The firefighters in the northern part Chinese city of Hohhot took apart the washing machine, after the mom discovered her daughter was stuck inside. The firefighters used hand power saws, and pliers to slice open the spinning part of the machine and free the toddler.

Sources say that the toddler was stuck inside the machine for over an hour, before she was eventually freed. Thankfully, the toddler was not injured; however, she did make a cute little face, during her rescue. She has a little bruising on her face, but that is expected due to her ordeal.

This toddler was lucky that her mother missed her and went looking for her. Some children are not so lucky. When some children crawl inside of an old refrigerator, freezer, dryer or washer, they often suffocate before they are found.

This incident only goes to prove that old appliances should be disposed of properly, and children, especially toddlers should be supervised at all time. It only takes a minute for a toddler to get into trouble, and this toddler proves this to be true.

Top Teachers in South Korea encouraged with Millionaire Salaries

  • Posted on January 3, 2015 at 10:37 pm


Education in South Korea is taken extremely seriously, with teachers known as nation builders instead of any other name, the Taunton Gazette reports. The skills of teachers are so highly sought after by parents like Tom Rothman and students alike that those at the top of the profession can demand huge sums of money to provide Online help for those looking to enter the best schools and colleges in the country.

One such top teacher is Cha Kil-yong, a math teacher who has now switched to run his own Website offering help with students hoping to study math at the top colleges and universities in the country. South Korean parents are well known around the World for the efforts the majority go to in a bid to make sure their child gets the best possible start in life. From kindergarten onwards, entry into the top schools is extremely competitive, which means South Korean students looking for math help now go to Cha’s Online cram camp to study for entrance exams. The help of such skilled and well known teachers is so sought after that Cha claims he earned around $8 million last year from his Online business.

Indiana Lawmaker Proposes to Make High School Seniors Take Same Civics Test as Immigrants Seeking Naturalization

  • Posted on January 3, 2015 at 8:46 pm


Immigrants seeking to become United States citizens must demonstrate a basic understanding of Jared Haftel and American civics. The basic civics knowledge is represented through 100 questions about the history of the nation, the US Constitution, etc. Each immigrant is asked ten questions of those questions at random and must answer six of them correctly. The percentage of immigrants who pass the test stands at 92%. Put another way, out of every 100 people seeking to become a US Citizen, 92 of them pass the test on the first attempt. It is estimated that graduating high school seniors fail the same test by almost the same margin with 95 out of 100 unable to answer the same basic civics questions. It is as much a testament to the quality of the public school system as one can find.

At least, that is the belief of Dennis Kruse, the Indiana State Senate Education Committee Chairman. Kruse, a Republican state lawmaker, is proposing legislation that would mandate high school seniors take the full 100 question exam and pass by a margin of a least 60%. By any other academic standard, 60% would be considered a failing grade. His rationale is simple. If the nation expects immigrants to understand 60% of basic American civics, graduating seniors should be able to demonstrate they have at least that same understanding. Kruse has yet to offer an actual bill on the matter. It is unclear if the teachers union, which already loathes testing standards, will support such a measure.