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Dr. Jennifer Walden Has Gentle Hands that are Giving

  • Posted on July 30, 2015 at 7:22 pm

When women feel the need to turn to a cosmetic surgeon for enhancement, many of them prefer Dr. Jennifer Walden. Dr. Walden has a stellar reputation that is acknowledged nationwide. She is extremely popular in Texas, as well as in New York. Dr. Jennifer Walden is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon by the American Board of Plastic Surgery with fellowship training in Cosmetic Surgery.

Dr. Jennifer Walden possesses remarkable capabilities in aesthetic cosmetic surgical procedures. She is renowned for being one of the Texas Super Doctors and she has been rated as being one of the nation’s 24 Best Beauty Surgeons in the United States. Her flawless reputation has been announced numerous times by major media resources for being one of the most prestigious surgeons in the U.S.

One reason that Dr. Jennifer Walden is preferred second to none in Austin Texas is the fact that she is an astounding surgeon that creates remarkable transformations. Women from all walks of life prefer Dr. Walden because she offers a more personal and feminine approach to corrective and enhancement procedures and surgeries. It is easier for most women to relate to another woman when discussing and planning their beautification procedures.

Dr. Jennifer Walden specializes in aesthetic and reconstructive surgeries of the breasts, face, and body. Her office provides excellent patient care in an environment that is both private and comfortable. Dr. Jennifer Walden dedicates herself to offering a special personalized approach and takes her time with each patient so that she can better provide exactly what each woman wants.

The compassion and special attention she offers have earned her five star patient ratings with nearly every patient she has. When searching for a gifted surgeon that truly listens, understands, and is genuinely compassionate, Dr. Jennifer Walden is the perfect choice. Though she specializes in breast augmentation, her other procedures are also touted as being the best available.

Many of her patients boast about her having gentle hands and how they experienced little pain or down time with even the most invasive of procedures. Her gentle hands are also known for always striving to provide excellent results with minimal scarring. This is extremely important to all women who undergo cosmetic surgeries of any type, and Dr. Jennifer Walden provides everything they desire and more.

Along with her impressive professional attributes and accolades, Dr. Jennifer Walden is also well known for her philanthropic efforts. She offers monetary support to many causes, as well as reconstructive surgical procedures to those who are in need. Her continuous philanthropic efforts are graciously received nationally, as well as internationally. Dr. Jennifer Walden is a phenomenal surgeon with gifted hands that are giving.

Online Reputation Management May Save Your Business

  • Posted on July 30, 2015 at 2:56 pm

In this modern day what is being said online about your business matters more than just about anything. When there are bad things being said about your business online you will start losing customers immediately. People care what others have to say, and they most often look for reviews of a company online. And, if they see something that they don’t like, then they most often don’t use that company’s services or buy items from that company.
Online reputation management is important if you want to see to it that your company does well in this modern day. If you want to be able to know that your business will succeed in everything that it is doing, then you are going to have to make sure that the image that it has online is a good one. You are going to have to carefully watch all that is going online and do as much damage control as possible.
There are people that can help you to do that. People like Darius Fisher. He is a man who dedicates his time to helping clients appear good and clean online. He has a lot of advice to offer to the people that he serves, and one of those things is to be as private as possible online. He says that there is no need for you to have your phone number and address listed online. And, he also says that it is important to be as clean as possible online.
When a company begins to get a bad reputation online there is no stopping it. If there are bad things written about a company online people are going to find them. And, they are going to start boycotting the company. Darius Fisher warns of this. He says that it is important not to have anything negative written about you online, so that it can’t one day blow up in your face.
So, if you own a business and you want it to do well in this modern world, then you are going to have to be careful about all that is being said online. What happens on the internet might have more impact on your business than you ever realized.

Joseph Bismark Marketing Genius

  • Posted on July 29, 2015 at 9:56 pm


Recently, I ran across an article that was on the WordPress blog Just Judy and Her Dog. The article was about businessman, Joseph Bismark. We are all well aware of the impact that the Internet has on marketing. However, Joseph Bismark has taken a step further. This very successful marketing genius serves on the board of directors for QI Group. Certainly, this is a marketing genius that has achieved great success with his own unique philosophy. He believes in combining spirituality with business. 

Combining Spirituality 
Certainly, combing spirituality with business is a very unique concept that is not held by most business people. Still, it is easy to understand why Bismark combined both together to achieve his amazing success. The entrepreneur comes from a religious background. Wouldn’t it be a wonderful and very inspiring way for other business people to operate and manage their business. Clearly, his strong beliefs have placed him in a position of leadership and allowed him to do wonderful things for people across the world. 

Achieving Success
The average entrepreneur would like to discover the key to great success. Certainly, this remarkable man has discovered the key to success was in his own spirituality. Still, this successful businessman lives a very simple life, while inspiring others. He is a true success story.

Securing the Best Mobile Wireless Services

  • Posted on July 28, 2015 at 3:27 pm

Staying connected to mobile wireless services is one of the biggest concerns and worries for everyone these days. From basic cell coverage to seamless internet, having these resources is more about staying connected for most, but also about conducting business and maintaining a level of safety. As more services are needed, larger plans come into existence and wireless fees continue to rise, but this does not always have to be the case. There are some mobile wireless services that are both reliable and affordable for individuals to check out when they are looking for a new service or something that is just a better fit.

If you haven’t heard of FreedomPop yet, or even heard mention of it, but wasn’t sure it was a real thing, be assured that it is. FreedomPop made news when it was first released because it offered reliable mobile wireless coverage for just $5 a month. Almost no one else offers the same service at rates that low, so there must be a catch to securing such a great rate when everyone else is paying ten times that amount per month. The service is unique in the way it works, but it does work so signing up can be a great way to make sure you always have access to the internet and save huge on your monthly bill.

By accessing hotspots all over the country, something most phones and services already do, but just don’t make an option for users to benefit from, you can stay connected. The $5 a month fee turns your phone into a hotspot connector, always looking for the nearest wireless connection and then paying a fee to those providers to ensure that FreedomPop users are able to use those services. That is what the $5 a month fee covers, and for most its hard to believe that the fee is so low considering it can cost as much as $5 per hour to use the same service directly through the same providers. FreedomPop has worked out some great contract deals that help keep the price low when there are hundreds and thousands of people all signing up to use the service.

When you can secure the best wireless service in any corner of the country, no matter who you sign up under, isn’t that service better? So many carriers have an area of coverage that it excels in, so using this new type of service you are always able to go with the best coverage where ever you are at, regardless of who dominates in a specific area. As this type of service grows in popularity and proves that it is a reliable way for users to stay connected to wireless internet, more hotspots over more area will be added in order to extend the network even further. This entirely new way of using the resources that have already been created is smart, efficient and more cost effective.

Despite Tough Times Atlantic City Could See Major Housing Development in the Future

  • Posted on July 24, 2015 at 4:14 pm

From a story originally published by Press of Atlantic City

Despite suffering a tumultuous economic upheaval last year that saw three casinos go out of business, Atlantic City could still see a major housing development go through. The development is led by Boraie Development LLC, which already has a stronghold foothold in New Jersey. Boraie Development has had great success in New Jersey with a landmark redevelopment in Northern New Jersey in the city of New Brunswick. The development company led by VP  Wasseem Boraie is confident that they can succeed in establishing a housing community aimed at millennials in the South Inlet neighborhood of Atlantic City. 

The Casino Reinvestment Development Authority is hoping that Boraie Development LLC is up to the task and will deliver on its grand plan to build a residential property that will have 250 brand new apartments surrounding a courtyard with a pool. The development property is being called The Beach at South Inlet referring to the neighborhood in which it will be located and the proximity to the Atlantic City shore and boardwalk.

Previous plans of the Boraie Development company for blocks 132 and 133 in the South Inlet neighborhood included an entertainment complex that would consist of movie theaters and ice skating rink were put on hold in 2013. Now the focus of Boraie Development LLC is to get approval for its plans to built the residential property called The Beach at South Inlet. A number of positive breakthrough for the development company have gone through including crucial loans from the state housing and mortgage finance agency, low-income housing tax credits and Hurricane Sandy recovery funds. Both Boraie Development and the CRDA have agreed to construct at least 50 units that would be subsidized and considered affordable housing in order to secure much needed financial loans and tax credits. 

Blocks 132 and 133 are part of a section of the South Inlet neighborhood that is called by locals as Pauline’s Prairie. Its history is a poignant one. In the 1960’s head of the Atlantic City Housing Authority Pauline Hill, destroyed an entire residential neighborhood in the South Inlet to create space for commercial developments such as malls, hotels and amusement parks. The neighborhood was razed, thousands were displaced but no developments ever occurred. Pauline’s Prairie is now an empty lot and a sad reminder of the displacement and lack of development in Atlantic City.

The Casino Reinvestment Development Authority must now vote on whether to approve the Beach at South Inlet Project. The recent upheaval in Atlantic City has placed doubts on whether such a project is feasible. However if anyone can successfully complete the project and help revitalize struggling Atlantic City, it is Omar Boraie and Boraie Development. The company has revitalized downtown New Brunswick also located in New Jersey and turned it into a vibrant community with a mix of residential, commercial and office properties. The article on Atlantic City’s latest housing project was originally published on Press of Atlantic City and can be viewed in full there.

Erotica Doesn’t Have To Be Abusive: 50 Shades of Alternatives

  • Posted on July 2, 2015 at 6:37 pm

After the recent fun Twitter users had on schooling 50 Shades of Grey’s author E.L. James on what constitutes a healthy, consensual and trustworthy relationship, some of you might be wondering about what to read. If you want to read erotica (smut), there are many options that would offer you a better bang for buck instead of 50 Shades of Grey. Here are some amazing options to try out –

The Camelot Series – Written by Ruthie Knox, this series is full of amazing characters who seem real and matured. Plus, the erotica bit of the writing is absolutely amazing. Ruthie knows how to make her readers relate to the characters, fall in love with them and lust after them as well.

The Lucky Harbour Series – If you are not a reader of fanfics and regular erotica, you don’t want to get into a handy book that doesn’t allow you some warm up time. This is why this series by Jill Shalvis is so amazing. It is tailormade for new erotica readers and offers everything you could hope from a novel – crazy fun, great humor, hot sex and nice sitcom-like setting.

Unteachable – Leah Raeder’s book explores the illicit but much loved trope of the student-teacher relationship. Most people can relate to having a crush on a teacher and Raeder writes it beautifully.

Honorary mention goes to Tara Sue Me’s “The Submissive Series” which is a peek into real dom-sub relationships.

Private Schools not Getting Money

  • Posted on June 30, 2015 at 3:55 pm

A court in Colorado believes that funding that is received publicly should not be used to support private schools. This is a decision that is irritating many parents as the private schools need money just as much as the public schools. Some people Daniel is familiar with even wanted funds to go directly to parents so that they could choose which school system the money should go to, but this idea was struck down as well. Private schools are often more expensive, and many parents know this when they send their children to these schools. If they know that it requires more money and that it’s set apart from the public school system, then there shouldn’t be any disputes about how money is received. If private schools want more money, then they should hold fundraisers or other events. However, counties should give each school system the same amount of money, and if it’s not enough, then the responsibility should fall on individual schools.

Qnet’s Direct Selling Model has Resulted in Increased Sales

  • Posted on June 26, 2015 at 4:40 pm

Known for an effective multi-level business model,
international ecommerce company Qnet, strives to deliver wellness
products and services through trained independent
representatives. With the help of training tools and
materials, Qnet’s unique direct selling approach enables sales
associates to compete with traditional wholesalers and retailers.
Essentially, this renowned company’s marketing strategy facilitates
trust based relationships between the distributor and consumer which
ultimately results in more sales. Most importantly, Qnet believes
their direct selling and multi-level business model is a key component
to their international success.

According to Qnet, a DS/MLM model is a powerful approach in engaging
the producer with the consumer and most markets will eventually adopt
this revolutionized method of selling. One major advantage to direct
selling is the reduction in company costs. Moreover, common expenses
related to overhead and advertising are eliminated because the
company’s products are sold by a group of qualified
independent representatives who serve as distributers and marketers.
Notably, by reducing traditional company expenses, Qnet’s prices
remain highly competitive. These fair costs ultimately
result in loyal customers and just recently, Qnet’s founder and CEO,
Vijay Eswaran, established a loyalty rewards programs in which
consumers earn points for repeat purchases. Exceptional customer
service along with reasonable prices strongly contributes to Qnet’s recognition as Asia’s leading direct selling company.

In addition to company costs reduction, Qnet’s strategic marketing
approach has also greatly expanded their vision for wellness. Today,
this prominent and highly profitable business is in over 100
countries including Africa, Asia, Europe, and Russia. Qnet’s
well-known success is accomplished with Independent Representatives
who refer their products and services both locally and globally. In
return, each sales associate is compensated on the sales volume of
their referrals and the revenue of other team members. With hundreds
of offices around the world, Qnet employees receive ample support in
expanding the company’s life enhancement mission.

As a flagship international direct selling company, Qnet strives to
deliver exceptional products and services to encourage a healthy
lifestyle among their consumers. Undeniably, their uniqueness lies in
highly trained independent representatives who work diligently to
enhance each customer’s quality of life. Remarkably, Qnet maintains
over thirty beneficial product brands and services ranging in
skincare, homecare, nutrition, and jewelry to education, media,
travel, and financial consulting. Most importantly, their life
enhancement philosophy has influenced thousands of loyal customers all
around the world.

To Swim or Not to Swim

  • Posted on June 25, 2015 at 4:22 pm

To swim or not to swim; that is the question on many minds for those who live along North Carolina’s coast this morning. Yesterday, yet another shark attack happened off the coast of NC. This time it was an 8 year old boy in Surf City and he was only in water up to his knees stated Stephen Murray CCMP Capital. The boy only had minor injuries to his lower leg, his heal, and ankle. He was one of the lucky ones. This is the fourth shark attack in the span of two weeks in the same area so one may wonder; how many swimmers have to be injured before warning signs get posted? Not even two weeks ago a 12-year old girl and a 16-year old boy both lost limbs in similar attacks. Officials said the new case wasn’t serious and no warnings have been issued. This boys injury may have been minor but when you have that many incidents and you have kids losing limbs, a warning at minimum is necessary. The first attack by a shark happened on June 11th, to a 13-year old girl who was on a boogie board. She was luck to have received relatively minor injuries like the boy from Wednesdays attack. So, how many kids have to lose limbs before warnings go up? If the boy had received more grievous wounds would officials be taking this more serious?

EMT Saves Baby Born in Driveway

  • Posted on June 25, 2015 at 1:06 pm

It is not uncommon for some pregnant women not to make it to the hospital before giving birth in the not-quite-so-ideal locations without proper medical attention. A woman in North Adams, Massachusetts recently gave birth to her baby girl right in her driveway. The newborn, who her parents named Savannah, had come out so unexpectedly that she ended up hitting her head on the pavement. In a panic, her father called 911 immediately for help.

That is when, according to the story on Mass Live, the North Adams Ambulance Service was dispatched to their home said Brian Torchin. Assistant Chief Amalio Jusino along with his crew that included EMT Kevin Stant and Lt. Amanda Tobin made it to the home within 90 seconds. The team noticed that the baby was not breathing correctly and immediately went to work helping her. They kept both mother and baby warm and comfortable while they rushed them to the hospital. There it was found that Savannah had a fracture to her skull. The doctors there determined that the baby would heal just fine on her own. Both mother and child are now doing well.

Jusino said that the call was an emotional one and it was hard to hold back his tears however he is relieved that there was a happy ending for everyone involved.