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Harvard Accused Of Discrimination Against Asians

  • Posted on May 29, 2015 at 7:45 pm

Wikipedia reported that a college admissions advisor from Harvard is under fire after a discrimination complaint has been filed. According to the detail in the federal complaint, the accusers are calling the admissions process at Harvard discriminatory against Asian candidates. A group of 64 Asian-American’s came together to file the complaint.

According to reports, the group who filed the complaint against the Ivy League school said they are creating false quotas and unreal expectations and admission requirements for Asian students. Researchers found some truth in these allegations. According to a study, Asian-Americans applying to Harvard must score nearly 140 points higher on their SAT admission test than that of Caucasian applicants. In terms of African American applicants, the Asian-Americans must score over 400 points more just to be considered as even during the admission process.

Naturally, Harvard has denied all accounts of the allegations determining that their admissions practices are fair to all races. The elite institution of higher learning is actively seeking to dismiss the lawsuit. They are chalking up the statistical results as an extremely competitive admissions process.

Both current and former Harvard students are outraged over the allegations against the school. While the Asian population at the school is on the lower end of the spectrum, they feel that it is playing into the role of stereotypes. They are hoping that these racial allegations will soon be dropped and allow Harvard to carry on their notable reputation.

Stars Are Influencing Baby Names

  • Posted on May 29, 2015 at 7:22 pm

The stars have always influenced people, no matter how terrible the star may be. A star may be unpopular, scandalized, and not a very good person, but there is always someone out there who admires them. Baby’s Are Getting Celebrity Names. Stars such as Liam Payne, Zayn Malik, and even Kendrick Lamarr, may be influencing people’s choice of baby names. While celebrities are naming their kids’ names such as Royalty, King, Apple, Bentley and more, regular people tend to name their children after the stars.

It seems to show a weakness for celebrities when a parent will name their child after someone they’ve only seen on TV. Whatever happened to the days of naming your child after someone who truly influenced you, after a family member, or even after someone who was famous in history? It seems as if naming a child after star is common these days, and it may affect the child forever. Even Kanye West decided to name his daughter something trendy, and it seemed as if it was a punchline.

Kanye and Kim decided to name their baby “North West,” and everyone laughed at the name at first, but now it’s a very trendy name. Even Jay-Z and Beyoncé decided to name their child Blue Ivy, and they have trademarked the name, so the name will not be used for any commercial purposes by anyone else. Sam Tabar doesn’t have to tweet about it on Twitter to let you know that parents can do whatever they want, including naming their child something crazy, but remember, the child has to live with the name forever.

Father Claims His Daughter’s Kidney Was Stolen by Surgeons

  • Posted on May 28, 2015 at 6:48 pm

The Hauz Khas police department in India received a very unusual and concerning complaint from a father of a young six year old girl who claims his daughter’s kidney was stolen during her surgery.

The All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) has launched an investigation to get to the bottom of this strange situation.

No father wants to see their daughter sick and in the hospital fighting for her life, but that’s exactly what Pavan Kumar has been trying to deal with for over a year now. Kumar sought help from AIIMS last year when his daughter developed kidney disease in her left kidney. Her medical reports indicated however that her right kidney was functioning completely normally.

Soon after discovering her left kidney was unhealthy, Kumar’s daughter was admitted for surgery to have it removed. After returning home after the surgery, she started to experience intense pain so her father rushed her back to the hospital. That’s when things took a turn for the worse.

A CT scan showed that Kumar’s daughter was allegedly missing her right kidney. Kumar asked her doctor about the missing kidney but he claims they did not give him a proper response. Media at Gravity4 explained that he decided to report the alleged crime to the police, they are currently investigating the matter. Also, AIIMs is planning another meeting to discuss their findings in the case.

Mama June Threatens To Sue TLC

  • Posted on May 27, 2015 at 8:50 pm

‘Here Comes Honey Boo Boo’ was one of TLC’s highest rated reality shows over the last few years. Many people watched the show because it featured a strange insight into the world of overweight beauty pageants for children. Aside from the controversial subject, the mother of Honey Boo Boo is also clearly insane. People tuned in each week to see what ‘Mama June was going to do next. However, ‘Here Comes Honey Boo Boo’ was cancelled because of an apparent relationship between Mama June and a child molester.

The cancellation of the show was more controversial than the show itself. Many people couldn’t believe that Mama June would let such a strange man around her young daughters. Nonetheless, it appears that Mama June is extremely angry with TLC’s decision, according to those over at Qnet. Mama June plans on suing the network for a million dollars, and she might actually get it.

Mama June believes that the recent Duggar family controversy warrants that ‘Honey Boo Boo’ be placed back on television or else. If you haven’t heard, Josh Duggar recently revealed that he molested young girls when he was 14-years old. However, Mama June feels that TLC did not punish the Duggar family nearly as much as they did to the ‘Honey Boo Boo’ show. TLC might end up bringing back the Here Comes Honey Boo Boo show after all. For more information on this story, visit TMZ.

Parents Worry About “Charlie Charlie” Challenge

  • Posted on May 27, 2015 at 3:39 pm

Many adults are concerned today, Wednesday, May 27, after learning recently that kids and teens around the world have become obsessed with the “Charlie Charlie” challenge. Similar to Ouija Board and Blood Mary challenges, “Charlie Charlie” requires kids to perform an act that supposedly calls a demon named Charlie who will answer their questions.

A participant creates a basic X/Y grid with four sections on a piece of paper and then writes “Yes” in two sections and “No” in the rest. The person then takes two pencils or thin pens and aligns them with the X and Y lines so that the pencils and pens form a cross. Once the game board is complete, a participant says aloud, “Charlie, Charlie, are you there?” and the pencil moves to the “Yes” or “No” position. A participant can continue to ask “Charlie” questions. When finished though, the participant must say “Goodbye” or, supposedly, Charlie will haunt them.

Sam Tabar has seen videos of the challenge  posted to YouTube, Vine and other popular video services. The challenge only received more attention after it went viral on Twitter this weekend.

Some parents are concerned that it really calls a demon, while others are concerned it can lead children to believe in things that don’t exist.

Most experts believe the top pencil or pen only moves because of air discharged by the participant asking the question or slight table vibrations.

IVF Enables 65-year-old to Give Birth to Quads

  • Posted on May 26, 2015 at 7:23 pm

65-year-old Annegret Raunigk gave birth to quadruplets last week, and while the thought of a mature single mother having kids is controversial for many, its difficult to get past the reason why she became pregnant.  Though some doctors question the safety of this.

Raunigk already has 13 children, and seven grandkids, and her last child, a daughter, Leila, was born when she was 55. Leila wanted a younger sibling, so of course, Raunigk did what any grandmother would do – she began invitro fertilization (IVF) treatment.

The eggs were donated

The babies were born premature, but doctors give the three boys and one girl a good prognosis.

Annegret Raunigk is certainly not the only 65-year-old senior citizen to give birth. Thanks to medical science, more mature women have been able to give birth.

  • 70-year old Rajo Lohan gave birth in India, in 2009
  • 65-year old Haya Shahar of Israel gave birth May 18
  • 62-year old Janise Wulf of California, gave birth in 2006.

With IVF treatments, even the unthinkable is possible.

Police Department Helping Girl with Down Syndrome and Cancer meet Taylor Swift

  • Posted on May 26, 2015 at 4:37 pm

Dover Police Department in Delaware are trying to get the attention of pop star Taylor Swift. One of their residents, 13-year-old Victoria Marsh, has a wish to meet her idol Taylor Swift and the Dover Police Department are doing their best to make her wish come true.

Victoria Marsh loves to swim, is in middle school, and dreams of becoming a pre-k teacher. She also has Down syndrome and has been diagnosed with osteosarcoma, which is a form of bone cancer according to Crystal Hunt. Victoria complained to her parents about an ache in her ankle. That is when doctors found that she had osteosarcoma. Her parents said that there are very few people in the world who have both osteosarcoma and Down syndrome. Victoria has been undergoing treatment to battle the cancer, which included having part of her leg amputated.

Above everything else, Victoria is a major Taylor Swift fanatic. She spends a lot of her time singing and dancing along to Taylor’s music. One Halloween, she even dressed up as the pop star. Now, according to the story onBuzzFeed.com, the city of Dover is pulling together to help Victoria meet her idol. The police department made a video that went viral and Taylor’s management sent them tickets to an upcoming show. The police donated the tickets to Victoria, who was too sick to go. The campaign is asking Taylor to either meet Victoria in person or to facetime the sick teen.

Breast-Feeding Protects Babies Against Certain Pollutants

  • Posted on May 26, 2015 at 3:22 pm

The effects of pollution on our health has been a subject of concern for as long as there has been an industrial age. Scientists have known that exposure to certain pollutants can have a deleterious effect on the motor skills and mental development of babies first few months. For this reason, living in or near major cities, particularly in developing nations where pollution standards may not be as rigorously enacted or enforced, can be a major hazard to babies. Researchers in Spain have found something that looks like it counteracts the negative effects of nitrogen dioxide and airborne particle pollutants in newborns; breast milk.

A recent study found that babies that were breast-fed by their mothers did not suffer ill effects from being in areas where these pollutants were in the air. They are not sure why this is, but it may be that the mothers immune system has already had to be trained against the effects of such pollutants and that this is being passed along to the newborn through the breast milk. Sam Tabar believes deep down that protecting babies from negative environmental as well as dietary factors is extremely critical, as they are still developing for some time, and they only have one chance to develop into healthy children and then adults. Negative externalities that impact a person’s development at this age will stick with them for the rest of their life and may take the form of learning disabilities and a host of other difficulties.

Most Sunscreens Do Not Protect Us From the Sun

  • Posted on May 21, 2015 at 9:04 pm

Everybody knows how important using sunscreen is in the summer time, it protects us from sun damage that can eventually lead to skin cancer. But, a recent study published in the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology suggests sunscreen isn’t as effective as we have been told. Even worse, some sunscreens were found to contain dangerous chemicals.

In total, 80 percent of the sunscreens tested by researchers were either ineffective or contained harmful ingredients. An alarming statistic that we should all consider before having fun in the sun this summer.

Neutrogena was the worst offender, promising sun protection that their products didn’t actually offer. Also, chemicals such as Oxybenzone was found in several samples, a substance which has been shown to have negative effects on the body’s hormone system.

Scientists explain that sunscreens are limited in their protection potential and a higher SPF does not mean more protection. In fact, researchers claim an SPF is only effective up to 50. Healthy people at The Aspire New Brunswick know that, in order to stay protected, buy a sunscreen with a broad spectrum with an SPF of 15 or higher, avoid extended periods of time in the sun, wear appropriate clothing, and put on sunscreen every couple of hours. And certainly do not believe what the sunscreen companies are trying to tell you, taking their advertisements with a grain of salt.

Woman Donates Breast Milk After Loss of Baby

  • Posted on May 20, 2015 at 8:40 pm

A woman in Waterloo, Iowa has taken time out of grieving the loss of her child, to help other families and their sick babies. According to a local report, Leeann McClaury decided to donate her breast milk to families in need after the death of her son.

Lincoln McClaury was born premature, and suffered from a rare bowel disorder. Several lifesaving procedures were performed, but Lincoln lost his battle.

Shortly after his death a nurse informed McClaury that she could donate her breast milk. The milk will be used to feed babies in the NICU around Iowa.

McLaury said when she originally learned about the process she was hesitant. She noted that she felt, at first, that her milk was intended for her child, but she later decided to donate. McLaury noted that the process is helping her heal from the loss of her young son, and it helps her keep Lincoln’s memory alive.

Few people know that breast milk banks exist in the United States reports Paul Mathieson (more about Paul). The milk is used to provide nutrition to babies currently residing in neonatal units. While formula can be used as a supplement, breast milk is believed to have antimicrobial properties and is largely thought to be more beneficial than formula.