Relying on an AdWords campaign to boost revenue and sales is a good move. Attempting the process without the experience necessary to perform the work properly might not be the best plan. There is no reason to try and muddle through the process without help since assistance is available. White Shark Media is a company […]


Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water is one of a kind. Unique in many ways, but for starters it is naturally filtered through porous lava on the Mauna Loa volcano at Waiakea Springs. This natural filtration process takes place through 14,000 feet of water flow down the mountain, while enhancing the water with naturally occurring minerals and […]


Investment banking is a private brokerage firm that provides various financial-related services to individuals, organizations, corporations, and governments. Investment banks are responsible for helping companies raise capital and serve as the intermediary in the issuance of publicly traded commodities. Moreover, investment banking also provides advisory services to companies during amalgamations and restructuring. They also offer […]

EOS lip balm, currently a $250 million company selling 1 million units per week, is the brain child of Sanjiv Mehra with partners Jonathan Teller and Craig Dubitsky. Seven years ago they saw a perfect market for something new and innovative in the ho-hum tubes of mint and cherry lip balm, and the luckyvitamin drug […]

I don’t think I have to tell you, but I will, anyway, that the world can sometimes be a place that likes to bring people down and have lots of negativity out there. People seem to thrive on it, live on it, and have a fascination with it. The worse the story is, the more […]

Many people are increasingly being diagnosed of cancer. This has been the concern of pharmaceutical company. They are now under pressure to produce effective and safe treatments for cancer patients. Seattle Genetics has been the leader in the fight against cancer. Clay Siegall develops antibody conjugates that aid the treatment of cancer. Through the support […]

In a makeup tutorial that was posted to Youtube, celebrity fashion vlogger Wengie, explains how to achieve a cute makeup look and a sexy makeup look. There are quite a bit of difference between the two looks so she breaks it down step by step.   For the cute look, she uses a powder foundation […]