Why Are Hypoallergenic, Natural & Organic Lip Balms So Popular?

Artificial lip balms can include numerous man-made preservatives to make them last longer. Unfortunately, some of these artificial ingredients might be harmful to more sensitive customers. In order to appeal to these sensitive customers, “Hypoallergenic,” “Organic” and “Natural” lip balms have arisen.

Advanced brands are realizing that some of their customers have very sensitive allergies. The “hypoallergenic” lip balm is likely to have ingredients which are less likely to react with your skin. Common allergens include milk, eggs, gluten, nuts and alcohol.


Each nation is different, so the definition of the term “natural” in the beauty industry can vary. In Brasil, “natural” cosmetics might only mean that 5% organic ingredients are used. These organic ingredients might include beeswax, carnauba wax, castor oil, cocoa butter and paraffin – all of which are moisturizing. The University of Sao Paulo noted that Benzoic Acid is a natural preservative and Vitamin E is an antioxidant, popular in lip balms.


Healthy consumers are turning to organic products. The term “organic” means “of living matter.” Thus, organic lip balms do not contain artificial preservatives. During the growing process, pesticides are not used for organic lip balms. In Brasil, at least 95% of the ingredients must be organic, before a product receives this purer designation.

“Organic Evolution of Smooth”

The organic egg-shaped Evolution of Smooth (EOS) lip balm on Ulta allows you to protect your delicate lips in a natural, sustainable fashion. Don’t worry about breaking out with an allergic reaction. Allergic reactions could cause redness, blisters or swelling. They could ruin your day.

Mix-and-match to reflect your moods. EOS is the advanced lip balm for the most discerning. Evolution of Smooth lip balm products can be found at major retailers that have personal care sections, such as Walmart and Target, or online via Racked.com.

Learn more about EOS, watch this YouTube video tutorial. Visit the website: https://evolutionofsmooth.com/


The Texan Star Surgeon: Jennifer Walden

Mother and Cosmetic Surgeon Jennifer Walden has been a long-kept secret amongst the Austin elite, but it seems that her reputation preceeds her as she hits Harper’s Bazaar top 24 list of beauty specialists.

The mother of two was born local, the daughter of two seasoned veterans of the medical field, Jennifer Walden still managed to gain her fame by graduating as salutatorian in her classes in the University of Texas. Keeping her momentum, she then moved to take on a fellowship in the aesthetic surgery branch in the Manhattan EET before moving on to make waves in the Big Apple’s Upper East Side. There she took work and rubbed shoulders with the rich and famous while participating in clinical trials that lead to re-implementation of silicon implants for cosmetic surgery.

After giving birth to her two sons, she settled down back in her hometown of Austin and set up her office in Marble Falls. Her reputation not only extends to the aristocratic however, she’s a well known and highly regarded academic of her field serving as expert commentator by several news branches including ABC, VH1, and E!

Along with being the go-to expert in the field, she’s also co-authored the textbook “Aesthetic Plastic Surgery,” which, in combination to her various public appearances, cemented her among the academic elite and provided yet another contribution to the field.

Her revolutionary implementation of 3D imaging technology and temperature-controlled radio frequency systems has pushed the field even further into the future by providing detailed 3-D images to provide an accurate B&A of the procedure.

Needless to say, she’s a trend setter and if her accomplishments thus far are not impressive enough, she serves as a consultant for several companies involved in the field including (but certainly not limited to) Venus Concept, Ideal Implant, and ThermiAesthetics.

Jennifer Walden’s expertise in the field is unrivaled and anyone who fancies themselves to be on the cutting edge of health and beauty would be very wise to give the the star of Austin’s rich and famous a call.
Read more about Jennifer Walden:


Why You Need the Kabbalah Centre

Having a wonderful spiritual experience can be a lot more difficult than you think especially since there are not many facilities out there where you can visit and have this type of experience. This is why it might be a good idea for you to think about visiting the Kabbalah Center, since this is one of the top spiritual centers in the country for you to make you so for yourself and for your loved ones. This is a wonderful facility that Millions upon millions of people have made you some since its Inception many years ago. This is why does a good idea to consider making use of this facility for yourself as well if you would like to have a more spiritual experience while also being able to connect with other people who share the same thoughts and beliefs as you do.

The Kabbalah Centre has its own website and it can be easy and quick for you to visit it when you want to learn more about the facility. The website also has a lot of information when it comes to different services that are being offered by the Kabbalah Centre throughout the year. You can check the calendar to see what types of events are happening so that you can make better use of the facility as so many other people have themselves.

There has never been a better time for you to have a spiritual experience than now because there is a place called the Kabbalah Centre that you can simply visit in order to learn more. This is why so many people have made use of the Kabbalah Center and are thrilled with the different services that are being offered by this amazing facility and the people who run it each and every day for the benefit of any member who makes use of the center.

Lovaganza: Bringing Global Change Through The Muse Of Art

Lovaganza from J-Scott on Vimeo.

Adventure and entertainment have a sort of similar feeling to the mind. There’s a happy anticipatory excitement that draws one’s full attention. As art can become mainstream, more means of adventurous entertainment can be produced on behance.net. Cinema took decades to get off the ground, primitive versions operating by a hand crank. Today, things have come full circle. From silent film to talkies to color to CINEMASCOPE to that ratty 3D of the eighties, to the blockbuster 3D of today, to music, video games, and the internet, moving pictures have transitioned up the technological ladder in an astonishing way over the last century.

Called IMMERSCOPE, Lovaganza will feature this new technology in eight locations across the globe simultaneously. Imagine a modern revision of CINEMASCOPE presented in a World’s Fairs-type setting. Oceania, America, Asia, Europe, Africa, and The Middle East will all host Lovaganza simultaneously over the course of four months in 2020.

Leading up to this event there is a traveling caravan that will bring the show to communities across the globe. Part of the idea of this caravan, this entourage, this convoy, is to inspire the population toward the underlying theme which links Lovaganza’s bohemian expression together. Strong themes of cultural unity and adventure will be tied to universal ideas, and linked together by a metaphorical convoy meant to spread this entertainment medium and its message globally. Indeed, with four months of presentation in eight strategic locations the world over, it will be difficult for Lovaganza not to have an impact.

The IMMERSCOPE glasses-less 3D technology uses a 180-degree screen to create a three-dimensional experience much akin to watching a proscenium live performance. Imagine the close, intimate nature of theatre with the ground-breaking visuals and special effects of Hollywood, and you’ve got a reasonable idea of Lovaganza.

For this event there are nine films planned, the first trilogy of which is currently shooting. The aforementioned caravan of Lovaganza will deploy next year, in 2017, and bring these new cinematic experiences to the world. Ramping up to 2020, the final event will feature expositions, presentations, live shows, interactive technology, and a host of attractions to wow the world and introduce new ways of thinking.

Originally slated for 2015, new technology prompted Lovaganza producers to delay unveiling until everything was properly streamlined, and now the show’s on the horizon.

Learn more about Lovaganza: https://www.instagram.com/explore/tags/lovaganza/