InnovaCare Health Under Rick Shinto Records Massive Growth

The healthcare industry has been experiencing massive changes over the years with new firms getting into the scene to capture the new opportunities that came with government reforms.

One of the firms that has proved to offer unique and reliable services across the North American region is InnovaCare Health, which has been in the healthcare industry for over one decade. The company made changes in 2012 and this phase saw them get new leaders to steer different functions.

With new leadership came new skills and benefits that have elevated the company to rank among the most preferred in the market. Many people living within Puerto Rico and the entire North America region enjoy the services of this growing company.

Their Medicare Advantage plans offer affordability and quality and they have great customer service that allows everyone to access high quality care. All these achievements have been possible due to the professionals who took over power to handle the affairs of the company.

Rick Shinto

Rick Shinto, MD, is the current President and CEO of the company and since he took over in 2012, many changes have been made. He is an experienced clinical science expert who has served at several leading companies including NAMM California and Aveta Inc.

At Aveta, he served as their CEO for a period of four years before he moved to InnovaCare Health in 2012. Rick Shinto has also authored books and journals addressing the problems ailing the healthcare industry. Working in the industry for more than 30 years has been a privilege that adorns him to better serve as a leader at InnovaCare Health.

Penelope Kokkinides

Penelope Kokkinides has built her career as a biological health expert for more than 20 years. She works as the chief administrative officer of the company and has been working with the CEO to ensure all the administrative functions are handled seamlessly. She also worked at Aveta Inc., as the deputy CEO/President.

About InnovaCare Health

Founded more than one decade ago, InnovaCare Health is a managed healthcare services company that has been serving the Puerto Rico region. It is the most preferred provider of Medicare Advantage plans in North America due to the great support they offer to customers.

Affordability coupled with service quality has helped to steer the company to rank among the best. According to Manta, InnovaCare Health embraced modern technological methods that were integrated into the working structure of the company hence improving service delivery.

How Evolution of Smooth Has Become The Ultimate In Lip Balms

When it comes to oral care products, there are literally thousands of brands and products on the market at this very moment. Lip Balms are very popular because they’re practical, convenient, and easy to use. Thanks to this new eclectic brand known as Evolution of Smooth, the industry is experiencing a rebirth and sales are up dramatically. The thing about EOS is that it has an eclectic sense of style and hosts a huge list of beneficial ingredients compared to the competitors. As of today products are the second best selling lip balm on the market behind Burt’s Bees.

Many of the other top brands such as Chapstick and Blistex are good products, but they contain high amounts of chemical additives. These additives can cause the lips to dry out with consistent use. Evolution of Smooth stands out because it comes from an organic source. Jojoba oil, antioxidants, shea butter are all present in this unique formula. Many people are more health oriented these days and are seeking healthier alternatives on all levels. Over $1 Million of EOS lip balms are bought each and every week. That’s right! Expected projections by the year 2020 is looking to be around $2 Billion in sales. Some of the most famous celebrities have been spotted applying the products. Kim Kardashian, Demi Lovato, Jennifer Lopez, Miley Cyrus, and more has caused a strong surge in sales.

According to Fast Company, strategic Marketing has helped to boost the sales as well and many people under the age of 30 years old make up for the majority of sales. Though it may have a feminine appearance to it, Evolution of Smooth is considered a unisex product. Overall this is the best lip balm brand on the market today and who knows what the future holds for this contemporary product line.


After Left Faces Loss George Soros Rethinks Strategy

The Comeback Year
Although George Soros has a long and storied history in politics on, the last few years have seen little political activity from Soros. First, the 2004 victory devastated Soros and pushed him away from politics. The election of Barack Obama renewed his hope for American politics, but that quickly dissipated when Obama’s policies proved too conservative for his liking. This all changed in 2016 when Hillary Rodham Clinton won the Democrat nomination. Seeing a chance to support a more liberal politician, Soros once again entered American politics.

The Trump Effect
A major reason behind Soros’ return to politics is the presidential campaign of Donald J. Trump. From the announcement of his campaign last June until his victory, Trump made no secret or minced words of his promises. He explicitly targeted immigration, crime and other controversial issues with stances that George Soros stands firmly against. Hoping for Hillary Clinton to successfully defeat Trump, George Soros donated $8 million to her campaign. His efforts, and the efforts of many other progressive donors, would prove fruitless in the end. Despite losing the popular vote, Donald Trump was able to eek out an electoral victory.

Trouble Brews In Europe
Outside of America, George Soros’ ambitions focused on supporting the recent wave of migrants moving into Europe. Devastated by the recent surge in warfare within the middle east, the migrants have moved to Europe for both political and economic reasons at Unfortunately, Europeans responded to this migration with hostility and derision. Despite this nativism, George Soros saw hope for the migrants. He donated $500 million this year to efforts aimed at educating migrants and helping them start new businesses on Forbes in Europe. It is too early to tell exactly what fate the migrants will meet, but Soros undoubtedly tipped things towards their favor.

The Plan For Tomorrow
After seeing everything this year had to offer liberals it might seem like Soros is ready to call it quits again. However, his plans are to do anything but repeat his 2004 withdrawal. Instead, George Soros is currently meeting with other progressive donors to formulate new strategies for the left. With conservatives reaching new levels of power, Soros has all energy focused on protecting the progressive legacy from efforts to erase it. As the most powerful liberal donor in America, the world’s most successful hedge fund manager is in the perfect position to defend progressive gains.

Brown Modeling Agency Guide on Becoming a Print Model


About Modeling Agency

The Brown Modeling Agency is committed to offering models in its network the full service. It has grown to be an industry leader whose aim is to set industry standards for modeling that have previously not been seen in Central Texas. Since the agency began its operations, it has opened the door for models from Texas to work with such brands as Toyota, Louis Vuitton, Dell, and many others.
The agency’s models have graced runways at events such as the Dallas Fashion Week, New York Fashion Week, Miami Swim Week, Austin Fashion Week, and many other top shows. The Brown Agency president believes that the agency has only been successful because of hiring the best. They go through a painstakingly difficult process of hiring only the most professional and committed models in Central Texas.

Tech and Fashion Infusion

A recent article written by Chris Burch discusses how technology can combine with fashion to provide a range of beneficial products that can largely excel the quality of life for the upcoming generations. He highlights the growth of the two separate industries in the past and the unification of the industries at present. This means that there are a lot more innovative product developments to be expected in the future from the combined efforts of both the fashion and technology industries.



Generation of Current Tech and Fashion Combination Ideas


In the past, the evolution of technology was not always limited to its category. Apart from bringing easiness, accessibility, and mobility to the hands of its consumers, technology appeared to popularize a sense of fashionable outlook as well. From the origination of the first portable music player of the 70s, the boom box, people began to purchase music-playing technological devices not solely for the purpose of listening to music. People bought these devices also because it allowed them to express a stylish otherwise termed to be “cool” or “hip” persona. Whether it was the Walkman or the latest Apple modernisms, the technology industry successfully proliferated the overall idea that owning these products would make one appear chic and modern, hence being popular or acceptable enough in society.



At present times, these ideas are being transformed into more advantageous products for the benefit of all societies as higher benchmarks are being set for the products being developed. Now, modern consumers demand products with attributes of high practicality, adaptability, transportability and longevity while also maximizing security, enhancing personalities and perhaps having a societal or environmental benefit as well. All modern consumers look for these traits in an ideal product before purchase. Thus, both the technology and fashion industries are taking these attributes into account and recognizing that these traits can easily be fulfilled with the unification of both the industries.



The Creator of the Main Article, Chris Burch


Chris Burch is a successive entrepreneur and an investor specialized in an array of different business backgrounds and industries. He is currently the Founder and CEO of Burch Creative Capital. He is the Co-Founder of a luxury brand known as Tory Burch.



Chris Burch’s entrepreneurial journey had begun in his undergraduate study period at Itchica College. He is widely noted for his large contributions in expanding the fashion, luxury and technology industries. Chris Burch’s current work resides in sensational brand portfolio development that portrays his 40 years of experience in developing a strong work ethic. He believes in employing marketing ethics, brand strategies, and personal creativity or imagination to develop unique products and markets that will overall have a positive impact on society. His work can be exemplified in his brand portfolio involving Nihiwatu, Ellen DeGeneres, Cocoon9, and Poppin.

How Investment Banking Benefits the Economy

Investment banking benefits the economy, specifically businesses in profound ways. Without investment banking, our economy would be stagnant and new businesses would lack the capital they need to expand. This would create a lack of news jobs and production would suffer as a result.

To explain in more detail, investment banks are big investors or lenders of money to businesses. The reason most businesses take on loans or credit is so that they can invest that money into a new plant, a new office or new product. This often results in new jobs being created or a better product. In the end, the economy benefits as a whole.

As you can see, investment banking is vital to the health and well being of our economy. Just imagine, if you saw most investment banks disappear overnight. Who would provide businesses with much needed loans? What would happen if these businesses stopped getting access to investment banks? It is not an exaggeration to say then, that investment banks are a crucial part of our free market economy.

Investment banks do many other things besides just loaning out money to businesses. They help to move goods on the market. They will buy and sell stock, items and commodities. One of the common tasks of investment banks is not only lending money to companies, but appraising their value and then issuing shares for sale. Once the share are issued, the investment bank can then sell the stocks in exchange for a commission.

Investment banks also act as direct investors in properties. They can buy out properties entirely and renovate them. They can then sell them or have them managed on their own behalf.

Martin Lustgarten is an example of an investment banker who has achieved considerable success. The name of the investment bank that Martin Lustgarten works at is called Lustgarten Martin. He is the founder and director of the company which is based out of South Florida.

Martin Lustgarten’s investment bank is focused on investment in the Latin American markets. Mr. Lustgarten has spent significant time working and living in Latin America, so he has developed a keen eye for smart investments in Latin America. He is also fluent in the Spanish language, culture and business practices.

Some Goettl’s Helpful Tips for Residents

During last summer Goettl Air Conditioning gave some worthwhile tips on how to protect our pets safe in the summer. This longstanding, Las Vegas based, HVAC company who are experts in keeping cool gave some great advice for our best companions as follows:

1. Keep the paws off the pavement- asphalt, cement, and truck beds can be hotter than they seem during the summertime. So, the American Veterinary Medical Association recommends staying off hot surfaces because they can burn your pet’s paws. Walking should be done in the morning or late evening.

2. Applying pet safe sunscreen- especially for pets with short, light colored coats, pet safe sunscreen should be applied to the pet’s nose and ears 30 minutes before going outdoors.

3. Get your pet properly groomed- as recommended by the American Veterinary Medical Association, this is for temperature relaxation and better circulation.

4. Water for drinking and splish-splashing- pets are unable to sweat like humans making it harder for them to cool in the summer. Therefore, they must have access to shady places and fresh and cool water during this time according to the Humane Society of the United States. Doggie pools are also great for them to stay cool and play in.

5. Keep them away from the garage- with the danger of antifreeze leaking due to vehicles overheating during the summer and the danger of some garden products and fertilizers, it’s crucial to keep pets away from the garage.

For more information concerning these tips, click here.

About Goettl Air Conditioning

Goettl Air Conditioning has been in business since 1939. Their founders are Gust and Adam Goettl. The company moved to Las Vegas Valley in 1968. Then it moved away from Southern Nevada in 2007 due the recession. Ken Goodrich bought the company in 2013, and a branch was opened in the new owner’s hometown of Las Vegas in 2016.

Recognized for excellence in the service and installation of heating and air conditioning since the beginning, this company has succeeded throughout seven decades of technology and business changes. And it is still going strong today serving the greater Tucson and Phoenix metropolitan areas. They offer a full range of residential cooling services, heating services, and indoor air quality. They also have 24/7 emergency service for their customers.

Selecting An Online Reputation Management Firm

Are you worried about potential online threats and attacks on your business? Want to take proactive steps to ensure a great reputation for your business or organization? Perhaps you are researching online reputation management firms and the vast range of services that are available.

Online reputation management is an intricate process, so it is advisable to invest the time to locate an online reputation management company that could render exceptional solutions. Keep in mind that not all online reputation management companies provide the very same high quality of solution, so in order to get the most effective possible result, the company you select should have the top resources and also experience to offer impressive service.

If you are encountering a credibility or reputation issue, or if you have a great reputation yet want to protect your profile from threats and foreshadowing assaults, it’s a good idea to enlist the services of the specialists at a reliable reputation management company. A good firm will have a team of experts that have an established history of handling various kinds of credibility or reputation matters effectively. If they have a huge list of satisfied clients, that’s proof that they know what they’re doing.

The capability to develop as well as publish content is necessary. While search engine optimization technique is a major part of online reputation management, search engine optimization could not work by itself. Search engine optimization requires quality, relevant content in order to help you achieve leading position in Internet search engine results pages and also improve your online track record.

Because online reputation can make or break your company, it is strongly advised to choose a team of seasoned experts.

Along with possessing great knowledge of common search engine optimization strategies, an excellent online reputation management firm will also have great expertise in other marketing and promotions methods. Regardless of whether your business requires authoritative web pages or high-quality blogs, a reputable online reputation management company will have a goo understanding of the best ways to produce unique, initial, top quality material that will provide the excellent outcomes you desire.