A Review Of The New Successful EOS Lip Balm

In order to obtain success in the very competitive lip balm industry, a company must bring something new to the public. Something that the consumer has always desired in a product. Enter EOS or the Evolution Of Smooth. The very innovative company created a completely redesigned lip balm product that included nourishing, natural ingredients like Shea butter, jojoba oil, vitamin E, and vitamin C. Recently, they added a new lip balm product to their collection, the clear vegan crystal flavored lip balm that has attracted even more EOS lip balm fans, available here on amazon.de.

New Successful Lip Balm

The clear vegan crystal flavored lip balm attained immediate success because it is clear, organic, and does not include any animal byproducts. Of course, the new lip balm also fits in with the company’s high production standards too. Fans take note. The new lip balm is also packaged in the company’s iconic little orbs that are easy to carry around in a pocket or handbag. It’s also interesting to note that the new lip balms are selling out as quick as they are added to websites or stocked on shelves in local stores.

About The Evolution Of Smooth

What are the two best selling lip balms in the country? Certainly, Chapstick and Burt’s Bees held those titles for a number of years. They provided consumers with lip balms in a cylinder shaped tube with bland flavors. EOS changed the game by producing an organic lip balm with wonderful flavors that were fun to apply to your lips. Today, it is one of the most popular lip balms produced.

The small, New York company EOS started back in 2006. The founder was Craig Dubitsky. Over the last several years, the lip balm company has continued to rise to great heights in popularity because of their focus on only producing lip balms that include organic ingredients.

Getting Mental Health Help In Your Pocket

It is now possible to get the mental health help that you may require right from the very smartphone that you use for just about everything else. A recent study out of South Korea showed that as much as ten percent of the teenage population is at risk for depression. Services like Talkspace hope to help that growing population get the help they so desperately need.

What Talkspace offers is entirely different from the traditional therapist experience. Rather than going to a professional’s office to have them listen to the issues that you are having, Talkspace makes it possible for you to talk with the person that you need to talk to from the comfort of your own home or wherever. They offer services such as video conferencing, phone conversations, and even text message therapy.

Magellan Health thinks that the service is a legitimate one as they have signed on to a deal with Talkspace to partner with them to provide even more therapy services to their clients. Megellan Health clients will soon be able to access the Talkspace programs to receive the electronic mental health therapy that they may require as well.

This is a service that will certainly benefit the time-crunched among us (who isn’t at this point in life?!). It is something that does not require a formal appointment or travel of any kind. It is designed specifically to fit into the lifestyles of those who have a busy life all the time.

The plans for Talkspace start at $32 per week. This entitles the user to one session with their therapist via text per day for the week. More expensive plans allow for more sessions per day, and even some video-conferencing. These plans are enjoyed by many who require the services of a therapist but may not be able to do things the way they used to be done.

My review of EOS’ New Crystal Lip Balm

EOS released a new Crystal lip balm in August 2017 and I finally got a chance to try it after I ordered it online, refer also here on makeupalley.com. I tried both the new peach hibiscus and vanilla orchid flavors, which are the only two flavors for sale under their Crystal line.

EOS Crystal is the new vegan line of lip balm from EOS. While most other lip balm manufacturers sell vegan lip balm, EOS doesn’t as their lip balm contains beeswax. Beeswax is a high quality ingredient and EOS has long sold high quality lip balms that are based on high quality emollients like all natural oils, as compared to other manufacturers who use petroleum jelly. Petroleum jelly is technically vegan, but doesn’t last as long as the EOS lip balms and doesn’t protect lips as well as EOS’ lip balm does.

Of course, a superior product is part of what has made EOS such a success in the lip balm industry, in addition to their wide range of flavors and unique shaped applicators. While EOS tweaked these aspects of their product for the EOS Crystal line making their containers less round and more shelf stable (in not tipping over), EOS is releasing the same quality product under their Crystal line as under their other product lines. For consumers this is a good thing as EOS Crystal is a premium product and shows when you use it.

Vanilla orchid has a rich flavor that is complex yet applies smooth and doesn’t have the off flavors that many competitor products have which are laden with artificial flavorings. EOS only uses all-natural and mostly organic ingredients in their lip balm and this truly is on display in this lip balm. Peach hibiscus also applies smooth and provides a unique combination of fruit and floral flavors that is very effective, yet complex and unique.

See usmagazine.com and read more interesting news.

Both of these Crystal lip balms from EOS get a thumbs up and are worth trying for vegans and lip balm lovers alike.

Head over this link, https://imabeautygeek.com/2017/08/14/eos-crystal-lip-balm-review-and-chemist-interview/.


Lime Crime’s Hair Coloring Products

Lime Crime is a vegan and cruelty-free online beauty store that sells a variety of beauty products for girls and boy who aren’t afraid to be themselves. Lime Crime sells lipsticks, eyeshadow, highlighter, pop on nails, makeup brushes, and hair color in all shades within the rainbow. For $16, there is an array of colors such as:

Much more colors at include within LimeCrime hair color, along with four new colors that recently made a debut this past Halloween. The new four shades added into the rainbow are Chestnut (a deep maroon), Squid (a scary purple), Charcoal (a dusty grey) and Sea Witch (a mermaid tail green).

  • Anime (candy blue-full coverage)
  • Gargoyle (stone grey-full coverage)
  • Jello (tropical green-full coverage)
  • Bunny (baby pink- tinted)
  • Sext (nude-tinted)
  • Cloud (periwinkle blue-tinted)
  • Pony (violet purple-full coverage)
  • Valentine (crimson red-full coverage)
  • Mint Ice (frosted mint-tinted)
  • Tweet (chick yellow-tinted)
  • Strawberry Jam (muted pink-red-full coverage)

To apply the color onto your hair, apply on freshly washed and unconditioned hair, massaging into the strands of hair. For full coverage color, leave on for 30 minutes, and for tinted colors, leave on for 45 minutes, no heat/cap required. To extend the wear of color, use shampoo for color-treated hair between coloring. All of the LimeCrime hair colors have no animal derived ingredients and is PETA verified vegan and Leaping Bunny certified cruelty-free.

Sussex Healthcare, Senior Living Home

Sussex Healthcare, Senior Living Home is a place for seniors to continue living an independent lifestyle with others of a similar age. The seniors at the facility are encouraged to continue living a vital and independent lifestyle, while they receive supportive services from the facility. Family members select Sussex Healthcare, Senior Living Homes because they realize that the facility provides a completely safe, secure, and comfortable place, allowing their loved one to live a completely normal life in an around the clock care facility. Thus, taking the stress off the family members and the senior by providing this caring and supportive environment.

Experienced Health Care

Sussex Health Care is a highly regarded senior living facility with 25 years of experience in caring for seniors that only require minimal support services to seniors that require more complex supportive services to meet their needs. We realize that selecting just the right healthcare facility is a difficult task for the senior and family members. We invite you to take a serious look at Sussex Health Care, Senior Living Home. We are backed with the right experience and a kind and caring nursing staff who have the skills and training to work with seniors.


Our facility realizes that it’s important to take care of the seniors’ physical needs and stimulate their mind too. Consequently, we provide a wide range of interesting and fun activities for our seniors. For example, handcrafts, music, cookery, and art therapy are only a few of the special activities that are planned for seniors at our facility throughout the year.

Other Services

We encourage family members and seniors to inquire about our other services. We supply experts in several fields to the seniors for various treatments. Seniors have direct access to physiotherapy, occupational therapy, reflexology, and more. In addition, mealtimes are a very special time for our seniors. We have professional chefs prepare delicious meals for seniors that are composed of only the freshest ingredients.

At Sussex Senior Care, Senior Home we are truly dedicated to providing the highest quality care to seniors. We believe that our medical staff is one of the finest in the healthcare industry. We offer the family and seniors the support and care that they can rely on for well into the future. We treat each senior as an individual and with the dignity and respect that they truly deserve. Our facilities are specifically tailored for their comfort and to live in a peaceful environment. Please contact us today for more information.

To kn0w more visit @: www.sussexhealthcare.org/neurological-care.html

Dr. Jennifer Walden Established A Successful Cosmetic Surgery Practice In Austin After Leaving New York

Dr. Jennifer Walden has been a plastic surgeon for eight years, with an exclusive focus on cosmetic surgery. She additionally performs minimally invasive procedures including soft-tissue fillers and Botox. She is one of few female plastic surgeons, and in her state of Texas, she is one of only twelve. Dr. Jennifer Walden believes the reason plastic surgery is dominated by men is the five years spent in post-medical school, and the additional years spent in fellowship. The field is rough, can postpone having children for women, and is not considered welcoming for women and cosmetic surgery.

Most plastic surgery is performed on women, and Dr. Jennifer Walden’s patients have state they feel more comfortable speaking to another woman. She understands many women are ashamed of the changes in their body since they had a child, the spreading of the abdominal walls due to pregnancy, and the parts of the body that have started to sag. Dr. Jennifer Walden is always kind, and never judgmental. She emphasizes with her patients and has shared many of the same experiences. She saw the changes in her body after she gave birth to her twin sons. She readily admits she has used Botox to tighten the skin in her face and more

Dr. Jennifer Walden moved to Austin after working in New York for more than seven years because of her children. As a single mother, she felt it was important they were close to the family. She was both surprised and delighted at how quickly her practice grew after the move. Her biggest worry was there would not be enough business in cosmetic surgery in Austin. By the time she arrived, two patients had already booked her for cosmetic surgery. She found the Austin residents very receptive to plastic surgery, and has already built an impeccable reputation in the city.


Fabletics, the company that lets you decide what you want to wear

It is normal for consumers nowadays to go through reviews to determine whether or not they will purchase a certain item. Consumers have grown to trust reviews on products the same way as personal recommendations. For you to thrive in business currently, it has become important to base your marketing strategies around consumer reviews.


Fabletics is a brand that has come to grow out of consumer reviews. The company has recorded over 200% growth since it launched in 2013. This growth can be equated to a revenue of $235 million from over one million active members. Fabletics take a keen interest in driving their sales and retaining their customers by ensuring they get good reviews from their customers. The company came to realize that most people prefer doing business with a company based on their online reviews.


Authentic reviews tend to drive the search rankings of businesses and in turn, bring about an increase in revenue. Companies have ventured into incorporating their customer’s thoughts into the products offered. This creates a customer-centric service which in turn brings about repeat and loyal customers to the business.


Research companies Moz and The Local SEO Guide conducted a search ranking survey that looked into the impact of reviews on search rankings. The study found out that having positive reviews on your products had a direct impact on the brand’s ranking on search engine Google. Positive reviews bring about extra attention from consumers. This leads to more potential customers getting attracted to the what is happening on the websites.


Since reviews bring about repeat customers, it could be wise to address the issues that come up from the customer’s reviews. Having to incorporate the user’s sentiments on products shows them that you take their opinions seriously. Fabletics actively collects, manages and replies to customers reviews on their products. This has helped Fabletics in refining their products to meet their customers’ needs. Reviews have made companies focus on customer satisfaction and transparency. This is because they now must put themselves in their users’ shoes whenever they come up with products.


When the founders of Fabletics, Don Ressler, and Adam Goldenberg came up with the idea of the company, they were faced with a predicament of whom to use as a brand ambassador. Kate Hudson was their solutions given her personality, fame, and love of keeping fit. She has been key in the improvement and development of Fabletics, the athleisure brand for women.


Kate aims at empowering women to keep fit regardless of their age, shape, or size. Through her regular input, she has contributed hugely in foreseeing the company’s growth from a little startup to a $250 million company. Kate oversees the design process. It is her duty and the design team to ensure that the design of the clothes remains fresh. She also reviews the company’s budgets and decides on what social media marketing strategies ought to be implemented.


Before you sign up for Fabletics, you will be required to take a quick quiz. The company uses this data to determine what prices to charge their products, and create products that people want. Therefore, you will be in charge of what you wear and how much to pay for it by completing the quiz. That is how customer-centric Fabletics is.

Achievements of Jose Auremo Neto

Jose Auriemo Neto happens to be the famous Chief executive officer and the chairman of JHSF and has been on the frontline working towards the progress of the famous Brazilian economy. He is an expert in the real estate field since he was young. He has always desired to have a better life and has been on the frontline working for the progress of a business. He is known to have been a very brilliant student while he was in high school and University. He has a bachelors degree from the famous university of Armando Alvares Peteando. He later joined the company after graduation whereby he applied all the skills he learned at the college.

Jose Auriemo Neto is believed to be a person who seemed to believe in himself and has been on the frontline ensuring that he works for success. He believes in his instincts and that has made him raise the standards of JHSF to great levels. In Brazil, real estate happens to be the fastest growing industry. People have been able to apply their knowledge and skills in the sector. He is no doubt one of the leading world investors who has applied their skills and dedication to the achievement of the industry.

Many Brazilian investors have ventured into the real estate industry but Jose Auriemo has done everything possible to beat them in the sector. He has invested his skills and technology all in a mission towards ensuring that they help the company expand. The company has several branches that are all on a mission towards ensuring that the company keeps on growing. They have constructed so many shopping complexes, offices and even hotels. They have developed so many including the famous Cidade Shopping Complex. These properties have been developed through the maximum partnership with great investors.

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jos%C3%A9-auriemo-neto-8b1910148/

Clay Siegall’s Seattle Genetics: A Company Focused On Antibody Research

Seattle Genetics is a company that has redefined what it means to be a prominent member of the pharmaceutical industry. The company was founded by Clay Siegall and today stands as one of the top research and pharma companies in the state. Seattle Genetics has gone down the unconventional route for its research and focuses on human antibodies and using that as a way to fight a number of diseases and disorders. The company has made an incredible amount of progress since its inception and has come out with life-changing drugs that have aided people diagnosed with these disorders. The company first started its research in the field in 1998 and since then has managed to create a mark in the industry. Today, the company stands as one of the biggest biotech names in the state of Washington. Seattle Genetics currently has over nine hundred employees, with the number steadily growing each year. The company is valued at $10 billion as of July 2017.

One of the main disorders that Seattle Genetics focuses on is cancer. The company has been conducting its research to try and find a way to combat this disease that millions of people all over the world face. Through their research on antibodies, the company aims to take a new approach to cancer treatments, which is something that not a lot of research and pharmaceutical companies are currently doing. Seattle Genetics has come out with various flagship drugs that only they are allowed to produce currently. Numerous doctors all over the country now depend on Seattle Genetics to supply them with the right medicines to help treat the patients who have been diagnosed with cancer.

Clay Siegall has been the backbone and driving force of the company since its inception and is the reason that Seattle Genetics has such a big name in the industry today. Being heavily invested in the field of cancer research, Clay Siegall wanted to build a company that would take a new approach in cancer treatments. Starting up a company of this kind was not easy, and Clay Siegall had to work hard to convince potential investors to invest into the company. He also conducted numerous fundraisers and raised over a million from that alone which went towards the development of Seattle Genetics. Clay Siegall is also an incredible business mind and has been able to guide the company to a position of success in the industry.

James Larkin heroism to the workers

On 21st January 1897, that’s when James Larkin was born. He was born in Liverpool, England. James Larkin was born and raised in the slum of Liverpool. So he didn’t have the best education. He worked odd jobs in his youth so that he could be able to help his family. Eventually, he landed a job at the Liverpool docks as the foreman.

James Larkin believed that workers were being treated unfairly. In 1905, that’s when James joined the (NUDL) National Union of Dock Laborers, and he decided that he would be a full-time organizer of the trade union. Learn more about Jim Larkin: http://www.bbc.co.uk/history/british/easterrising/profiles/po08.shtml and http://www.historyireland.com/20th-century-contemporary-history/big-jim-larkin-hero-and-wrecker/

The NUDL didn’t like the strike methods that Larkin was coordinating, and they were alarmed, so he had to run for his life that’s what lead to him being transferred to Dublin in 1907.

While in Dublin he became the founder of the Irish Transport and General Workers Union. The main aim that the union had was that it would bring all the workers in one community it didn’t matter if they were skilled or unskilled. Read more: James Larkin | Biography

Larkin later came up with the Labour party, which was responsible for most of the strikes. They carried out so many strikes, but the most significant one was the 1913 Dublin lockout. Nearly eight months 100,000 workers went on strike but they later won, and they got the right to fair employment.

When the World War 1 was taking place, James Larkin arranged for the anti-war demonstration, and that was in Dublin. In 1920, he traveled to the United States with the motive that he would raise funds that would help in the fighting of the British.

Which lead to him being convicted with the arrogation of criminal anarchy. He was later pardoned after spending three years in jail and deported to Ireland. In Ireland, he formed the worker union of the Ireland