Felipe Montoro Speaks of Better Public Utility Services after Concessions

The Brazilian government made a pronouncement concerning its intention of making concessions in conjunction with BNDS (the Brazilian national social and economic development bank). The area of basic sanitation is optimistic about this public statement. Felipe Montoro Jens is adamant that Brazilian public utility services will most definitely improve in the areas of structure, management, as well as its available resources.

In Brazil, the smashing majority of 90% percent of utility water supply in the country is distributed by federal and state companies. The private sector is expected to deliver utility water supply alongside governmental bodies and is expected to produce synergy and be able to reach the objective of water supply utilities to become 100% capable of providing much better quality services to the industries and population.

The Government in Brazil has demonstrated indications that the private sector can expect additional resources and have the latest technology systems and equipment. This should help in the managing of water services throughout Brazil. It is very important that more investments be found and secured for the present sewage treatment networks. Promoting essential improvements that public institutions require in order to move forward are just as important.

A fairly large group of analysts have no doubt that governmental and private institutions are only rated as satisfactory in the providing of water utility services in the country. Another group of analysts focuses on how resources are used in relation their services while taking into consideration the demand level that is required in Brazil. Felipe Moro Jens believes that concessions will most certainly be the answer to supply Brazil’s demand for public utility services.

Felipe Montoro Jens worked for Terna S.p.A. (Enel Group S.p.A.), Enron and also for PricewaterhouseCoopers. He earned a Business Administration degree at Fundação Getulio Vargas (FGV). He also got his Master’s degree in International Management at Thunderbird (the American Garvin School of International Management).

Felipe Montoro Jens is currently focused on writing articles. He also gives speeches considering matters of the private sector as well as a few other governmental sectors.

Achievements met by Lori Senecal

Her robust personality has helped her in attaining global recognition in the scope of creating adverts and the knowledge on marketing trends. She is a pioneer in the area of developing and coming up with innovative models all geared towards growth and development. Specializing in sophisticated and fundamental technology resolutions helps in solving tricky business challenges. The firm came into existence in the year 1988 in Miami, Florida. She is the former Global Executive Manager of Kirshenbaum Bond Senecal (KBS). She likes the comfort zone and always geared towards bringing the best in herself.



Contributions made



Lori helped in the expanding KBS with the vision of gaining global recognition. Her adherence to actual ethic requirements brings more about the dynamic growth and development of a company. She earned her degree at McGill University. CP+B is a fully developed and focused firm that creates more of integrated adverts tailored with ensuring consumer satisfaction. Companies such as Xbox and Coca-Cola have always embraced her services in the advert business. It is clear that her work is reputable as these two companies continue to be leading brands global. She has acquired over 20 years experience in digital advertising helping develop branches across the globe. Lori has offered flexible working hours in CP+B that promote the right working conditions and achieving a diplomat relation with her employees.



Skills and Qualifications



Lori Senecal has excellent leadership skills that help in generating great success in the field of management. She is creative and has contributed in fuelling collaborative and efficient business culture. Lori intense focus on the market penetration helps her firm in creating competitive advantage strategies remaining as a market leader in advertising as well as consultancy services. Leadership qualities are always what make a company in attaining its goals and objectives. She believes in the ideas of a great idea is always great when it happens in real life situations. Focus and execution are one of her many attributes. Plans should still be tangibly realized. Tremendous impact continues to be manifest under her leadership influence. You can follow her on Twitter to see more.


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How EOS’s new crystal vegan lip balm has become an instant hit coast to coast

There are hundreds of different, styles, brands and flavors of lip balm on the market, so many that finding the right one can be a daunting task. One brand that has stood out in recent years is Evolution of Smooth, more commonly known as EOS. They have recently released a brand new product, a vegan, crystal clear orb of balm featuring new flavors.

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This product has been released for the benefit of users that could not previously enjoy their non-vegan offerings. Many were concerned that by changing the formula the company couldn’t maintain the quality of their moisturizers, leaving the product less than smooth. Not only was this not the case, this new vegan blend truly was an evolution of smooth; not only did it improve the ingredients but many customers feel that it improved the quality of their skin as well, see here.

The product was an overwhelming success. First supplies at smaller pharmacies such as Walgreens and CVS sold out, then big box retailers such as Wal-Mart ran out of supply. Even back online, Evolution of Smooth was struggling to keep up with the demand.

The new product continues to come packed in the classic dome-shaped packages that we’ve come to identify EOS from, and at $5.49 the packages have not dramatically increased in price either, refer here on imabeautygeek.com. This was because the only ingredient they needed to remove was beeswax. Because evolution of smooth already used so many organic and vegan ingredient, making the change was simple.

Currently, there are only two vegan crystal flavors available, hibiscus peach and vanilla orchid but they are more in the works. With the success of hibiscus peach, rumors are currently spreading bad the next flavors will be focused on citrus as well.

Altogether, the vegan crystal line of products from Evolution of Smooth is off to a strong start, all about leaving little different about the products. Customers don’t need to take a risk, it’s almost everything you love about the lip balm is still here in this round colorful package.

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