Achievements met by Lori Senecal

Her robust personality has helped her in attaining global recognition in the scope of creating adverts and the knowledge on marketing trends. She is a pioneer in the area of developing and coming up with innovative models all geared towards growth and development. Specializing in sophisticated and fundamental technology resolutions helps in solving tricky business challenges. The firm came into existence in the year 1988 in Miami, Florida. She is the former Global Executive Manager of Kirshenbaum Bond Senecal (KBS). She likes the comfort zone and always geared towards bringing the best in herself.



Contributions made



Lori helped in the expanding KBS with the vision of gaining global recognition. Her adherence to actual ethic requirements brings more about the dynamic growth and development of a company. She earned her degree at McGill University. CP+B is a fully developed and focused firm that creates more of integrated adverts tailored with ensuring consumer satisfaction. Companies such as Xbox and Coca-Cola have always embraced her services in the advert business. It is clear that her work is reputable as these two companies continue to be leading brands global. She has acquired over 20 years experience in digital advertising helping develop branches across the globe. Lori has offered flexible working hours in CP+B that promote the right working conditions and achieving a diplomat relation with her employees.



Skills and Qualifications



Lori Senecal has excellent leadership skills that help in generating great success in the field of management. She is creative and has contributed in fuelling collaborative and efficient business culture. Lori intense focus on the market penetration helps her firm in creating competitive advantage strategies remaining as a market leader in advertising as well as consultancy services. Leadership qualities are always what make a company in attaining its goals and objectives. She believes in the ideas of a great idea is always great when it happens in real life situations. Focus and execution are one of her many attributes. Plans should still be tangibly realized. Tremendous impact continues to be manifest under her leadership influence. You can follow her on Twitter to see more.


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