After Left Faces Loss George Soros Rethinks Strategy

The Comeback Year
Although George Soros has a long and storied history in politics on, the last few years have seen little political activity from Soros. First, the 2004 victory devastated Soros and pushed him away from politics. The election of Barack Obama renewed his hope for American politics, but that quickly dissipated when Obama’s policies proved too conservative for his liking. This all changed in 2016 when Hillary Rodham Clinton won the Democrat nomination. Seeing a chance to support a more liberal politician, Soros once again entered American politics.

The Trump Effect
A major reason behind Soros’ return to politics is the presidential campaign of Donald J. Trump. From the announcement of his campaign last June until his victory, Trump made no secret or minced words of his promises. He explicitly targeted immigration, crime and other controversial issues with stances that George Soros stands firmly against. Hoping for Hillary Clinton to successfully defeat Trump, George Soros donated $8 million to her campaign. His efforts, and the efforts of many other progressive donors, would prove fruitless in the end. Despite losing the popular vote, Donald Trump was able to eek out an electoral victory.

Trouble Brews In Europe
Outside of America, George Soros’ ambitions focused on supporting the recent wave of migrants moving into Europe. Devastated by the recent surge in warfare within the middle east, the migrants have moved to Europe for both political and economic reasons at Unfortunately, Europeans responded to this migration with hostility and derision. Despite this nativism, George Soros saw hope for the migrants. He donated $500 million this year to efforts aimed at educating migrants and helping them start new businesses on Forbes in Europe. It is too early to tell exactly what fate the migrants will meet, but Soros undoubtedly tipped things towards their favor.

The Plan For Tomorrow
After seeing everything this year had to offer liberals it might seem like Soros is ready to call it quits again. However, his plans are to do anything but repeat his 2004 withdrawal. Instead, George Soros is currently meeting with other progressive donors to formulate new strategies for the left. With conservatives reaching new levels of power, Soros has all energy focused on protecting the progressive legacy from efforts to erase it. As the most powerful liberal donor in America, the world’s most successful hedge fund manager is in the perfect position to defend progressive gains.

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