All that you need to know about Drew Madden

Are you aware who Drew Madden is? Perhaps no, this is why we thought it necessary to for to known of lucky career persons in the 21st decade. Drew Maden is a common name in EMR projects, having worked in the field for over ten years where his impact can be felt. His primary role has been advising, optimizing and management of the EMR projects. His vast experience in the industry united with project management skills has modeled him to become one f the best healthcare helper. His consultative skills have placed him to become the best part of the epic implementation team

Madden saw his career start at Cerner Corporation where she spent four years providing healthcare solution to different patients across Chicago. Later he moved on to the position of Business Developer.

In 2016 Drew served Nordic Consulting (one of the most known Epic consulting firm globally) in the role of President. Given the size of the company is a big step for Drew given his age. Under his leadership, the firm has received lots of performance awards. The wards have been brought by hers excellent skills in the recruitment for the talented person, improvement of the customer relationship, and the overall management of the operations of the firm. During her tenure, she has mainly played the role of relations maintenance across all the nations. His excellent leadership skills and have seen a rapid growth in the firm. Presently it has employed 725 employees’ from the previous addition the company saw growth of the employees from the last 3 to around 160.the result of this endeavors had been an increase in the annual revenue from $1m to about $130 million which signifies that the firm is determined to go far.

Other than his job Drew is determined in having a success-oriented team. He hopes to achieve this through the buildup of an attractive and unique company that will have a culture of trust to all its clients. He believes that having served in great cooperation and having achieved great success is a factor that has enabled him to understand the EMR projects better.

Drew is a BSE industrial engineer holder majoring in medical systems from the Lowa College. The success level has been high which has made him perceive as the best in the industry.

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