Arthur Becker’s Meticulous Approach to Investing

Arthur Becker has quickly become a juggernaut in the New York real estate scene thanks to his aggressive approach to finding projects, moving to development, and simply making things happen. However, for Becker things haven’t always been operating at this high of a level. Becker is one of those rare entrepreneurs who worked his way up the ladder in order to pursue his industry of choice, allowing him to chase the passionate work that he believes in. Let’s look at Becker’s history including some of his best investments.

To start things off, Becker came upon his first fortune while buying tech companies as a stockbroker back in the early ’00s. Becker hit the jackpot and was immediately able to start looking at other opportunities as they became available to him. Many people, at this point, would play it safe and only invest in a few rock solid ways but that was never Becker’s style. What came next was as interesting as it was exciting and as successful as it was nail-biting.

Becker has invested in a ton of different industries over his career. He has, of course, been making a name for himself in real estate thanks to his work as a Managing Partner at Madison Partners LLC. Other than that, Becker has never been shy about reaching out and trying something on a whim. Becker famously was given a lead by a friend that had him investing heavy money into a macadamia nut farm in Hawaii. This investment would turn green when Mrs. Fields came calling to purchase up the farm. Becker has also found success pursuing his passions: artwork and currency. Becker has invested in foreign currency from ancient countries like Nigeria and Cameroon. He has also invested in his own artwork, creating origami structures that he would go on to sell to high profile investors on Wall Street. Visit Bloomberg to know more.

According to NY Daily News, the recurring theme with Becker is that no matter where you go or what you does success will follow — so long as you prepare yourself. Becker is meticulous in his approach and tireless with his work ethic and that makes him a successful investor.

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