EOS Reveals Strategy For Success in Exclusive Interview With Fast Company

In this exclusive interview with Fast Company, EOS (Evolution of Smooth is the company’s full name) reveals information that they have previously kept rather quiet about their journey to success in a mere seven years.

Lip balm has been packaged, marketed, and sold basically the same way for more than a century. The familiar tubes about two inches long or so that sit in little packages or boxes in the drug store, such as Chapstick or Blistex, are essentially the same as they have always been.

That’s a large part of EOS’ success – they aren’t the typical drugstore lip balm. The creators knew the industry was ripe for something new, but they didn’t want to create something gimmicky or a passing fad, obviously. So they set about to design a fresh form of packaging that engages all five senses, and thus, the iconic EOS containers were born.

By creating something different, the EOS’ team had struck figurative gold. But getting the product into Target superstores wasn’t easy at first. Like most great ideas, they were shot down more than once before finding someone who thought their product would sell.

It wasn’t long after their lucky break that EOS lip balm exploded in popularity. Now the funky little lip balms are only outsold by Burt’s Bees, and their future looks to entail more growth and greater profits.

EOS also succeeded in striking figurative gold in their targeted demographic: millennial women. Their success is evidenced by shots of celebrities using their products and the lip balms being mentioned all over beauty magazines and blogs. The company also maintains an active presence on social media, a key part of their strategy.

To learn more about EOS and how they succeeded in a century-old industry, read their full interview here.



Conferences Offered at The Wessex Institute of Technology

The Wessex Institute of Technology has around 25 different conferences each year. The institute is located in the South of England and is a premium research location for many students. Each conference has a different subject matter and expert researchers are able to come together and exchange ideas on a variety of subjects.

Many of the Wessex Institute of Technology conferences are international and a great way for like-minded people from all over the world to discuss subjects they are passionate about. Subject matter for each conference varies and some of the included subjects are “Waste Management and the Environment”, “Modeling, Monitoring and Management of Air Pollution”, “Flood Risk Management and Response”, “E\nergy Production and Management in the 21st Century”, “Sustainable Tourism”, “Railway Engineering Design and Operation”, “Structures Under Shock and Impact”, “Defense Sites: Heritage and Future”, “Islamic Heritage Architecture and Art”, “Urban Transport and the Environment”, “Harmonization between Architecture and Nature” and many others. There is wide variety of topics available, and sure to be a subject of interest for many people.

Securus Technologies Advocates Remote Video Visitation

Securus Technologies recently announced its decision to launch a campaign for remote video visitation in US correctional facilities. The criminal and civil justice tech solutions provider launched the service in 2014. Many people have taken to remote video visitation due to its numerous benefits.


Benefits of remote video visitation


Securus connects well over 2000000 remote video visitations per year. Mr. Richard A. Smith, the CEO of Securus Technologies, is very excited about the concept of connecting inmates to their loved ones when it would have otherwise been impossible. Birthdays and anniversaries no longer have to be missed, fathers can now help their children with homework and inmates can now celebrate Christmas and Thanksgiving with their loved ones.


Inmates in almost 200 US agencies have access to the service. It is very affordable; on average, it costs $2.72 per visit. Consumers get to save more than $100 per visit when they use remote video visitation. The app has been downloaded more than 200000 times since it was launched. Many people are embracing this service as it has made things much better for inmates and their loved ones.




Securus’ remote video visitation service is just one of the many ways in which the company strives to improve conditions for inmates and their loved ones; and the company’s efforts do not go unrecognized. In May 2016, it received an A+ rating accreditation from the Better Business Bureau for its excellent services and its continuous efforts to make conditions in correctional facilities safer for inmates and wardens and to make the community as a whole a safer and better place for everyone.



Sharing Wisdom as a Kabbalah Volunteer

One of the great things about being human is the opportunity to share knowledge with others. When people are able to share their understanding of the world with other people, they get many benefits. Those at the Kabbalah Centre know just how rewarding it can be to share hard earned wisdom with other people. They know that it is possible to use volunteer work as a way of enriching a person’s true understanding of their own lives. This is also particularly true of those who are sharing their understanding of spiritual matters. Such spiritual insights allow people to become better at living their own lives and become more patient, loving and caring of others at the same time. Volunteerism can ultimately be a life changing and highly satisfying experience.


Sharing With Others

When a volunteer works with someone here, they are working with people who have sought out a greater attempt at learning about the world and learning about both the body and the soul. Any volunteer knows that they can show others what it is that they have learned in their own lives.


A Happy Experience

When someone chooses to volunteer at The Kabbalah Centre, they are given the chance to become part of a group of people here who are dedicated to the creation of spiritual knowledge. The teachers at the centre know that it is possible to find answers in places like the ancient texts that form much of the study of Kabbalah. With their assistance, any person can learn how it is possible to seek the world in a new light. Those volunteers can aim for growth for themselves and for all those who work with them at the same time. This is why so many people have found it delightful to help work here and offer assistance to students at this spiritual center.

Class Dojo’s Platform Has Made Great Impacts On School Environments Around The Country

Since first launching back in 2011, the company Class Dojo has been making many waves in the schooling communities. This is thanks tot he educational platform that they developed and put forth to improve on the quality of education for students all around the world. Class Dojo vastly improves on the available communication that all students, teachers, and parents have with each other, which goes a long way in improving how engaged students are in the classroom. When released, the app also came out with growth mindset videos, which teach students important and basic principles of learning and of life. Today, the platform has become a pretty big success, with more than two thirds of the schools in the United States jumping on board.

By greatly improving on the available communication that all parties involved with schooling have, it allows parents to be more involved and students to feel more connected, which goes a long way in building confidence and the desire to partake in school activities. Parents are able to look in on their children while they are in school and see their performance as well as their overall behavior from day to day. At the same time, teachers have never had it easier to stay in contact with parents and tell them how things are going with their child, as they can now stay in direct and constant contact through the Class Dojo platform.

All of this also comes free of cost for everyone who wants to participate, and the company has no plan to ever involve a fee with the base program, as everyone deserves a better education and schooling experience. All one needs is an invitation from a classroom instructor and a device that can connect to the internet, and their in.

Class Dojo was made with easy in mind, which is why the platform has been set up so that even children can operate it. It supports a wide range of different languages as well as devices for maximum compatibility. All of this comes completely free for all users, and all planned feature updates and maintenance of the platform will come at no cost to parents or teachers. Many people have been excited to see what Class Dojo has been doing in classrooms all over the country, and in the future, it is Class Dojo’s hope that their platform will be able to change education for the better all around the world.

Magnises Can Improve Members’ Social Circles

Millennials love to go out on the town. Younger persons are not exactly known for a desire to sit idle. They enjoy visiting the best nightclubs and eating at great restaurants. With their fingers on the pulse of entertainment and pop culture, millennials are big on concerts and other live events. The one thing that keeps millennials from doing as much as they would like would be cost. Things can be a bit expensive and expenses are impediments. Or they were impediments before the arrival of the Magnises card.

The Magnises Black Card is the perfect doorway to all sorts of adventures. The card reflects a membership in an amazing discount club. With Magnises club, an incredible array of discounted deals are available for the taking.

Interestingly, Magnises promotes itself as a source for increasing its members social network. Some might not pay too much attention to this particular benefit, but it is one best not ignored. In fact, the ability to enhance and improve social circles has numerous positives associated with it.

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People do need friends. Meeting new friends, however, can be a bit difficult if you are not headed out the door and visiting equally new places. It is pretty difficult to expand one’s social circles when being surrounded by the same people all the time.

A trip to a museum, a special gathering at a coffee shop, or a unique exhibit at an art gallery all open doors to meeting someone totally new and special. As previously noted, cost can keep someone from venturing to numerous events. Social circles do suffer as a result. Even if they do not outright suffer, social activities end up being limited. Getting out and about is critical to gaining the full enjoyment of one’s social life and all the things that go with it.

An improved social life does not just end with making friends. Business relationships can be developed by meeting new people. Those who invest in a Magnises card might not realize they can be “repaid” by seeing their professional horizons improve. Such an outcome is not out of the realm of possibility for a person who becomes a member.

Magnises is experiencing an incredible growth in popularity. New reports about the card membership reveal Magnises has a lot to offer those who want to enjoy themselves. Probably the most revealing fact would be the amazing amount of money the service can save people.

See the Benefits at Magnises.com

How an Entrepreneurial Duo Used Innovation to Create a Successful Venture

During the first few months of 2016, Handy co-founder and CEO Oisin Hanrahan dreaded Tuesday mornings. The on-demand cleaning company used to hold its strategy meetings on Tuesday mornings at its headquarters in New York. Oisin’s fear used to arise from the fact that most of the strategies that he was championing were backfiring. The upstart was also in the middle of an internal restructuring process, which Oisin had also championed.

In the end, Hanrahan helped roll out an Internet-based on-boarding process in 28 of the company’s major markets. His co-founder Umang Dua did not initially buy this idea because he feared that qualified candidates would not be able to finish the application process without human help. However, the two decided to carry out a restricted test run to determine whether the process could be widely implemented. It was rolled out in Washington D.C and Miami in January 2015 before being implemented in other markets.

How the Online Onboarding Process has Worked

Despite the skepticism that was associated with the online on-boarding process, it has proved pivotal to the company’s success. It has enabled the company to seek venture capital. Initially, investors were wary about plowing their money into Handy because the upstart was facing an uncertain future. The corporate environment was similarly unfavorable since many upstarts were failing.

Handy.com‘s online on-boarding process was not initially popular as the duo thought.  The company was consequently forced to cancel a significant number of bookings because demand was outstripping the availability of services. This caused complains to skyrocket, something that was threatening to dent the company’s image. Nonetheless, the two turn this debacle into profitability.  So far, they have raised over 110 million dollars in venture capital.


Talk fusion receives the communication solutions product of the year award

Talk fusion are the creators of one of the most interactive video chat apps in the market. Their programmers made their app in 2008 out of the need to create a platform where business people would communicate to one another across the board. There have been improvements on this application, with the most recent being the upgrade that made it possible for users of android and IOS phones to connect with one another via the app. The app is also available to people that do not have accounts and across the globe.

These are the changes that have earned the app makers an award for being the best in solving communication problems in the world of business. The award was made to monitor and reward all the products that facilitate voice, data and video communications in the world of business. The CEO of TMC stated that he felt honored to present the award to the makers of talk fusion because their model reached and surpassed all the criteria they needed to award a product.

The app is made in such a way that even a person without an account can log into it as a guest and make the communication they want to from whatever part of the world they are operating. The App is available on both iTunes and the app store for android user. It is free to download and you get a 30 day free trial. During the trial, you get to judge the pros and the cons of the app to see whether you would like to subscribe. The quality of the audio and the video are another plus for the application.

The founder and CEO of Talk Fusion, Bob Reina stated that this was just the start and that they would be unveiling bigger and better improvements to their programs as time went by. The chief technical officer, Ryan Page also commented on the app and the award, stating that it was an indication of how innovative and efficient the team that made the application is. They were hopeful that in the coming years, things would get much better.

White Shark Media Is An Intriguing AdWords Service

Relying on an AdWords campaign to boost revenue and sales is a good move. Attempting the process without the experience necessary to perform the work properly might not be the best plan. There is no reason to try and muddle through the process without help since assistance is available. White Shark Media is a company located in Miami that specializes in helping people with their AdWords campaigns. Complete management of the campaign — from inception to closing — can be handled by the search engine marketing (SEM) specialists who work for the firm.


No campaign is going to be overlooked by White Shark Media. Small businesses or self-employed persons absolutely can access the talents of White Shark Media’s professionals for their online strategies. Large businesses and even corporations can become clients of White Shark Media as well.


There are quite a number of factors to consider in an AdWords campaign, which is why it is necessary to have someone with experience managing it. Budgeting is very critical. The campaign has to be run in such a way that the money is spread out effectively and increased — or decreased — at appropriate points.


Anyone looking to expand online marketing strategies may realize Google or Bing AdWords campaigns can be extremely beneficial. They just don’t know what is required to succeed. White Shark Media provides a free evaluation on any existing campaign and for those who have never worked with AdWords before. The evaluation alone could assist potential clients learn what possibly may be done for them.


White Shark Media can also help with other online marketing related tasks. Search engine optimization evaluations can be performed. Such evaluations could assist in changing direction on a SEO strategy that isn’t doing much. Logo design work is one other service White Shark Media can handle. A good logo should never be dismissed. Logos may play a strong role in branding a business and drawing the attention of customers.


White Shark Media has also worked to enhance its communications systems so clients are able to stay on top of their campaign. SEM specialists can be reached via phone to discuss campaigns when asked. Enhanced tracking systems allow for better reporting of sales lead stats including those they may derive from customer phone inquiries.


A company that works hard to provide the best service to clients and to make new and prospective clients feel welcome is one that should instill confidence. White Shark Media tries to do its best on both fronts.


Find out more about White Shark Media:



Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water is Changing What Motivates Bottled Water Consumers by Giving Back to the Earth Through Charity and Business Practices with Environmental Awareness

Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water is one of a kind. Unique in many ways, but

for starters it is naturally filtered through porous lava on the Mauna Loa volcano

at Waiakea Springs. This natural filtration process takes place through 14,000

feet of water flow down the mountain, while enhancing the water with naturally

occurring minerals and electrolytes. Potassium, sodium, calcium and

magnesium found in Waiakea water is essential to creating the unequaled flavor

of this extraordinary water.


Waiakea has seen incredible growth since its inception in 2012. A major focus

in the Waiakea brand is to bring about a intentional change in consumer choices

when buying bottled water, encouraging a focus on “drinking ethically” as well

as putting an outstanding emphasis on health and sustainability in the consumer

marketplace. They do this by in part by packaging all products with 100%

recycled plastic.


Responsible packaging is one of many options Waiakea has purposefully

chosen in proving their commitment to sustainability. Following this and other

environmentally conscious conventions, they are standing firm to genuinely

make a difference by remaining certified carbon neutral as well as participating

in regional reforestation.


International expansion is increasing at a rapid rate for Waiakea water as they make an

impact on consumers who want to support this project aimed at the Earth’s

sustainability. By gathering a group of consumers and supporters with their

authentic respect for the Earth’s resources, they are changing the face of

business and personal standards by setting a standard of admirable ethics,

rather than focusing solely on profits.


Another incentive for those who are motivated to encourage Waiakea’s message

comes in the form of charity. For each liter purchased Waiakea water donates a

generous 650 liters of clean water is disadvantaged communities through a

charity called Pump Aid.


African communities who suffer due to the lack of clean

water are welcoming the life changing benefits from this charitable project. Proof

positive that Waiakea is unique and sincerely dedicated to the mission of

benevolence by delivering not only a high quality product but also by restoring

hope and peace in human lives every day. They are truly one of a kind.


It’s obvious Waiakea water  is not just selling great tasting, quality water, but rather they

go above and beyond the call of typical business as we know it by making a

measurable difference in the world. They stand strong with environmental

concerns as a guide. In a day and age where so many take the Earth and its

resources for granted, Waiakea stands out among the competition with its

dedication to quality, ethics and participation in charity efforts.

Learn more about Waiakea water: http://www.newyou.com/health/fresh-volcano-water/