Wen By Chaz Dean Is Helping Woman Have Great Hair Days

Chaz Dean and his team have created a new line of hair care products known as Wen, and the number of positive reviews has continued to grow each day. Their product is an all in one formula that is usable on all hairstyles. Bustle Magazine author and YouTube blogger Emily McClure posted a published a review on the product over on Bustle because of all the hype around the product.

This review detailed her experience while using the product with before and after pictures on her very fine hair. Though skeptical at first, based on prior bad experiences using styling products on her fine hair, Emily was delighted to see that the product was living up the the reviews and faster than she had expected. She showed the increased level of volume and shine in her hair and stated she even say less hair fall while taking showers. This was an achievement for her because she has tested many products over the years and many of them did not work for her.

The unique 5 in 1 blend of Wen products means that they can take the place of many other products for hair care. Wen’s cleansing conditioner can take the place of traditional shampoos and conditioners as well as detanglers and leave-in conditioners. Wen is a healthy product that comes with a nice almond scent and is free of all sulfates. It is sold online via Amazon. Using the product is pretty straight forward, especially for those accustomed to using styling products, but even so, Wen products come with a detailed guide on how much and how often to use it.

Need Wen? Click here: http://www.wen.com/chaz-dean.html


Avi Weisfogel: The One Kind of Dentist

These days, so many dentists have an assembly line type of business. They want to get the patients in, get them out, and that is that. They might care, but they are more focused on getting as many people in as possible to make the most amount of money. However, that is not Avi Weisfogel. He cares about each and every patient that enters his office. He doesn’t make them wait around forever or sit around for a long period of time, waiting for him. He knows that when he sets up an appointment, it is important to keep it.  He explains everything in a way they can understand and feel comfortable with, so they know exactly what is happening and nothing is a mystery.

However, one thing that should be getting more attention in regards to Avi Weisfogel is his GoFundMe Campaign set up with Operation Smile, an international medical charity providing free surgical procedures for children. This way, they don’t have to worry for one second about the money. Many children don’t get things done because their parents can’t afford it and things happen to their teeth that sometimes can’t be fixed because it is too late. Now, it can be fixed right away as opposed to later in life. Why wait to get it done? The time is now and with Operation Smile, you can get it done now and not have to wait any longer.

This also applies to young adults that are battling cleft palate, cleft lips and other facial deformities. The goal is set at $2,000. However, I have a very strong feeling with Avi in charge, it is only going to grow and grow. Avi said in a recent interview that every child deserves to have a bright future. After all, the children are the ones that are going to be our leaders and be put in important positions. Because of this, it is important to take care of them now as opposed to later.



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Summer Fashion Choices From JustFab

Summer is all about letting go. Like so many others at this time of year, I know I want to put my heavy clothing away and bring out the soft, sexy items. I look forward to the chance to bring out a summer wardrobe that allows me to feel light and full of sunshine. Like so many others, I typically buy a few pieces each summer to help update my existing wardrobe. Even a few new items can make a difference. I look to places that allow me to shop and find what I want from a group of many pieces. This way I can see what might work in my own wardrobe. The internet has made this process now easier than ever before.

JustFab Has The Looks I want
One of my favorite places to shop for items each summer is JustFab. This cheery site is devoted to providing shoppers with items that are right for the new season. The emphasis here is always on looks that are well thought out and work well with under a wide variety of circumstances. Each summer brings a round of parties that I just love attending. I typically spend hours at barbecues and other outdoor events. I want to look good when mingling with my friends and family on a lovely summer day. With the help of JustFab, I can do that simply by shopping online at their store.

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JustFab Shoes are Just Fabulous! Get Just Fab shoes Now at Heels.com

Perfect For My Budget
Many people just like me are on a budget. We all want to look fashionable but we have to be mindful of getting the best bang for our buck. This is also why I turn to JustFab. At JustFab online retailer, they are also mindful of the needs of budget shoppers. They work hard to find bargains all over the world that are perfect for our needs. It is easy to look through the shop online and find the best possible look for any particular occasion during the summer.

Coordinated Items
The site also suggests items that can help shoppers pick out a look that helps tell a coordinated color scheme. Style is everything. Part of style is being able to chose colors that work together in a very subtle way. At JustFab, company officials here are aware of the need to find items that coordinate well. I want colors during the summer that are a blend of the bright like red and the more understated like turquoise and darker shades of green.

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Sam Tabar’s Career as an Attorney and a Capital Strategist

The PRNewswire recently wrote an article about Sam Tabar, a man who has made quite the name for himself as a lawyer and a great business person. Sam Tabar is a prominent attorney and a capital strategist based in New York City. Before settling in business development and capital strategy, Sam practiced his law career as an associate at Skadden, Arps, Slater, Meagher and Flom LLP.

Tabar is popularly known for going against all odds to achieve great milestones after starting his career in the legal field. Sam has been reported to be at his best when working as both an attorney and a capital strategist. He is known to work extra hard to meet his clients’ expectations.

Sam’s current place of work is in New York City where he works at FullCycle Fund. His extraordinary skills and talents have provided him with plenty of job opportunities. He became employed at Skadden, Arps, Slater, Meagher and Flom LLP majorly due to his skills as an attorney and a capital strategist. During his tenure at the law firm, Sam used to carry out a range of activities including counseling clients on the hedge fund structure, investment management agreements, and employment issues among other roles. By the time he left the law firm in 2004, he had escalated it to greater heights regarding business development.

After leaving his law career, Sam joined Sparx Group/ PMA Investment Advisors in 2004. He was given the position of the company’s counsel before being promoted later to act as the Managing Director and Co-Head of Business Development. While at PMA Investment Advisors, Tabar was in charge of a two billion U.S Dollar hedge fund. He managed all the sectors of the global marketing together with investor relations under the hedge fund. He used his experience and skills to help the Investment Advisors Group to flourish.

Tabar then moved to work for the Bank of America Merrill Lynch after leaving the PMA Investment Advisors. He decided it was time to take his career to greater heights. Tabar served as the Director and Head of Capital Strategy while working at the Bank of America. He used to work with the Asia-Pacific Region during his tenure at the Bank of America.

The Remarkable Achievements of Solo Capital Founder and CEO Sanjay Shah

Solo Capital is a London based boutique financial services company with an international outlook. According to the Solo Capital Shah website, the company offers a wide portfolio of services including corporate consulting, professional sports investments and proprietary trading. The consulting division focuses on human capital, performance and investments while the proprietary trading division is involved in commodities, derivatives and forex trading. Under the professional sports investments division, the firm undertakes performance management, talent acquisition and commercial representation and advising. Solo Capital founder is Mr. Sanjay Shah, a seasoned investor, financial strategist and philanthropist.

On March 2015, Solo Capital Partners recorded a networth of £15.5 million and cumulative assets in the region of £67.5 million. Besides Solo Capital, Shah controls over 3 dozen other companies in London, Malta, The Cayman Islands, Dubai and The British Virgin Islands. Before the incorporation of Solo Capital, in September 2011, Shah started out as an astute businessman. He remarkably earned £19 million in March 31, 2011 and took over Old Park Lane Capital 3 years later. Old Park Lane Capital is an invitation only stockbroker focused on natural resources. In January 2016, the company had a networth of $280 million. Shah’s record breaking earnings in 2011 came as a surprise to many because many companies at the time were pushing for salary freeze and giving profit warnings.

Shah started his career by studying medical student before changing his mind to pursue finance and investment. Over the years, Shah has served as an accountant in various leading banks, including Credit Suisse, Merrill Lynch and Morgan Stanley. During the global financial crisis of 2009, Shah lost his job and made a life changing decision to start his own brokerage firm, Solo Capital. Outside his corporate engagements, Sanjay Shah supports various societal causes. One of the organizations close to his heart is Autism Rocks, which he founded in 2014. According to the online magazine Global Citizen, Shah established Autism Rocks after his 2 year old son Nikhil was diagnosed with the disease. The organization stages musical gigs around the world to raise funds to support people with autism through research.


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George Soros, New Movement

George Soros, one of the greatest investors of all time, has recently come back into trading on the stock market. Whenever he lays down his hand on the stock market, everyone listens, so this news has woken people upon the state of the economy. At one point George Soros bet against the housing market, which ended up netting him one billion dollars in profit. Now, his move was to buy gold and shares in gold miners, and this means that he doesn’t believe in the current economy and rather put his money into gold which will keep its value.

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Here’s How George Soros’s Latest Predictions Have Played Out

That move doesn’t say anything good about the future of the economy, as George Soros is usually right where he puts his money. George Soros previously stated that he felt the current financial market situation reminds him of 2008. That statement is something that puts everyone in a state of alert. He sees the problems coming from overseas this time, though. He has said to the Wall Street Journal “China continues to suffer from capital flight and has been depleting its foreign currency reserves while other Asian countries have been accumulating foreign currency. … China is facing internal conflict within its political leadership, and over the coming year, this will complicate its ability to deal with financial issues.”

With so much trust in his movement, he is a leader regarding where to put your money in this economy. Only time will tell if Soros is right this time, but in his previous venture, he has proven himself a rather trustworthy person to follow, a real leader of the stock market.

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New Challenges With Energy

Due to the recent economic crisis in Venezuela, residents are facing desperate times. According to Open Corporates, energy is being rationed. Residents can only use electricity at certain times of the day and for a certain period of time.  However, if this were true, then how are government officials able to provide electricity to their homes and offices? Granted, there are many public offices that have been asked to close for a few days during the week in order to save electricity. Even if the offices are closed, there will still be electricity used as the people will simply use it at home, predicted Adrian Jose Velasquez. Many people can’t imagine living in a country that has a large oil supply and dealing with some of the difficulties that the people in Venezuela are facing on a daily basis. Full story posted on Dateas.



Hit the Beach with JustFab Swimsuits

A bathing suit is the most controversial piece of clothing, and has been throughout history. Women used to receive tickets if their suits were too revealing, and nowadays, it is a fashion crime to be too covered up when on the beach or by the pool. This is also the most tolerant time in the history of the world, and all body types are not only accepted today, but appreciated for what they are. Basically, if you got it, flaunt it in a swimsuit! JustFab marries the idea of flaunting it with the appreciation for all body types, and has created a swimwear line that will have you dread the end of summer more than ever before.

Crochet One Piece

A lace-covered stomach and an open back allows for women to feel sexy yet comfortable in their own skin. An edgy black color tends to be the most popular for this piece, but it is also offered in a delicate white, too.

Peplum Halter Tankini

The style of this suit was designed to fan out at the belly and upper hips–thus allowing women to feel comfortable without feeling too exposed. Certainly a classy piece, this swimsuit is offered in a slimming black and a royal blue.

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JustFab Summer Shop

Mesh Halter High Neck Two Piece

By only covering you in the necessary places, this suit is ideal for sunbathing. The mesh additions allow for the freedom of movement and swimming without the worrying associated with a lack of support. Hot coral is the best seller, but that beloved black falls closely in line.

Mesh High waisted Bikini

Cutting your skin off at the waist creates an elongated appearance that will have people asking you which gym you belong to. This piece screams sophistication while maintaining a scandalous vibe, and is equipped with removable straps perfect for when you are feeling reserved or a little dangerous.

Banded Halter Bikini

A little sporty and a lot of fun, the banded halter bikini by JustFab is ideal for the beach. Volleyball, surfing, and a dive into the ocean are no match for this sturdy swimsuit, and the dual ties further validate that theory.

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Kevin Seawright and RPS Solutions Helping Baltimore Prosper

In a recent PR Newswire report the actions of Kevin Seawright and the RPS Solutions LLC. in the Baltimore real estate market were examined. Seawright and RPS want to see the Baltimore area on equal footing with the rest of the state’s percent of ownership of properties.

Kevin Seawright is a professional located in Baltimore diligently working in the fields of accounting and project management. He is experienced in the workings of local government and the complexities of the real estate markets in Baltimore and the Washington, D.C. areas.

Seawright was asked by LocalTalkNews why he is interested in raising the city’s current home ownership ratio to become equal to the state’s home ownership ratio. He stated that it is his firm and long held belief that homeowners provide a stronger sense of commitment to neighborhoods and communities than renters, and by increasing the number of homeowners in any area he is helping to make that particular area in Baltimore safer and better suited to survive the numerous problems connected with city and inner city life.

RPS Solutions LLC. was co-founded by Seawright and coordinates and connects families or individuals seeking a home, often for the first time, with the appropriate mortgage lenders who can provide the necessary financing. RPS Solutions, founded in 2015, also, constructs and renovates affordable homes for those wishing to live in the Baltimore area.  For more about Seawright himself, check out his bio page on the Newark CEDC website, or visit him on SoundCloud.

Alexei Beltyukov’s Solution To The Stagnating Russian Economy

The Russian economy has stagnated due to a number of factors. One of the key factors is the conflict in Ukraine in which the west accuses Russia of supporting rebels who wish to breakaway from Ukraine and join Russia instead. The supposed support of Russia to rebels has resulted in crippling sanctions that have harmed the economy. Investment has dried up and actually flowed out of the country.

One figure states that up to $70 billion dollars had left Russia in the first quarter of 2014. That compares with $63 billion dollars leaving the country for the entire previous fiscal year of 2013. Clearly the beginning of 2014 has not been good for Russia. Dipping oil prices have also hurt the economy and a falling Russian ruble has made even ordinary Russians feel the sting of the stagnating economy. The ruble is the currency of Russia.

Russia’s ruble has already dropped by about 9% compared to to the dollar in the first quarter of 2013. The dropping ruble, conflict in Crimea and the Eastern Ukrainian cities of Donetsk and Lugansk have further dampened the economy of Russia.

Trouble is looming for Russia’s economy but Russian entrepreneur Alexei Beltyukov believes he has a solution. Alexei Beltyukov believes that Russia’s entrepreneurs and startups are the future of the country and the cure for Russia’s economic woes. Mr. Beltyukov is one of the founders of the Skolkovo Foundation, which is a government sponsored organization that promotes entrepreneurship throughout the country. It provides assistance to Russian entrepreneurs in the form of business consultations, funding, networking, tax incentives and technology development.

Mr. Beltyukov is an entrepreneur himself and has started numerous ventures in Russia. His startups include a car repair shop chain called Mechanicus, a fuel production company called New Gas Technologies and even a financial investment company called Endemic Capital. Alexei Beltyukov believes that entrepreneurs will drive Russia’s economy back to a boom instead of the stagnation that country finds itself mired in. He believes that the government should do more to support entrepreneurs particularly in the fields of technology and computer science. Mr. Beltyukov believes that providing assistance which he lacked when he was growing up can help spur economic growth, create jobs and make Russia more competitive and stronger on the global front.  Read more about Alexei’s illustrious career at CrunchBase, and read more about his new initiative Solvy right at the source.