Better Hair And Back To Nature With WEN By Chaz Cleansing Conditioners

No-poo is not a problem. Many women have discovered the world of no lather shampoos, thanks to the pioneer of healthy hair washing, Chaz Dean. The famous L.A. celebrity stylist originated the no lather shampoo concept more than two decades ago, and since that time, has changed the way women care for their hair.

What makes no lather shampoos superior to regular shampoos can be found in the list of ingredients on the back of the bottle. Not every no-poo formula is the same, however, because some of them still contain certain sulfates and other harsh additives.

Some of these brands can dry hair out, instead of nourishing it with moisture. Others can deposit too much oil and leave hair greasy.

WEN By Chaz remains the leader of the no-poo gang because his luxurious formulas have been developed with zero sulfates or parabens and fortified with special herbal and other plant-based extracts. His soothing cleansing conditioners wear the gold standard and leave hair of any type and texture smoother, shinier and fuller.

Chaz Dean lives an holistic lifestyle, and that’s the way he approached the creation of WEN By Chaz, by studying nature’s bounty and the botanicals that have been proven for generations to add healthy properties to the hair.

Regular shampoos run rampant with nasty chemicals that eventually weaken the hair and strip away protective oils. Chaz Dean believes that the lathers in those shampoos are harsh and dulling the hair, and that’s why he launched a no lather shampoo system.

Forty million bottles of WEN’s cleansing conditioners have been sold so far, and it’s easy to see why. These one-bottle cleansers do more than thoroughly wash the hair. These exceptional products also condition, deep condition, de-tangle and act as a leave-in conditioner.

WEN is all about healthy hair.

Oncotarget Contributes to the Fight against Cancer for a Healthier Society


Currently, scientific research provides the best means for battling diseases. With the historical evolution of science, there have been various opportunities for scientists, physicians, and policymakers to generate potent drugs and therapies for various diseases. Since time immemorial, diseases like cancer have been mysterious and challenging to treat in any way. Many people have lost lives battling cancer because most of the time, it is arrested at a late stage where treatment and control of the living growing cells are close to impossible. Read more about Oncotarget at Bioxbio.


That is why many donors and the world as a whole have been camping in research institutes, the internet and banks to contribute in the battle against cancer. One such individual to actively participate in battling cancer, by all means, is Mikhail Blagosklonny. Blagosklonny is the chief editor of Oncotarget, a preview scientific journal, readily available for sharing and disseminating data on cancer and various diseases and infections globally. The role of Oncotarget in the society has been to fight cancer globally through the use of qualified physicians who publish articles on the same.


With the universal drive towards an infection free society increasingly rising over the years, many governments and health sectors have gained momentum in adopting many research-based methodologies like Oncotarget to fight diseases. Being a top-notch peer-reviewed scientific journal for articles, it has embarked on a mission focused on providing answers towards the cure of illness. Following this mission, Oncotarget has increasingly registered massive gains through publishing researchers surrounding advanced and at times strange but helpful discoveries on cancer and various diseases. Read more:


A recent article in Oncotarget highlighted that although e-cigarettes have for a long period been considered healthy, they have negatively adverse effects to gum. E-cigarettes cause bleeding gums hence, not entirely safe for users. Oncotarget proceeded to publish the new subtype of cervical cancer. Additionally, the journal explained that cancer treatment drugs contributed to weight loss. Being an open and easy to access preview journal, Oncotarget is involved in determining key issues linked to the dissemination of cancer-related information with the aim of offering treatment. With its weekly publications, the journal is bound to reach masses in the society. It, therefore, means that Oncotarget plays a key role in battling cancer and other diseases.

Equities First Holdings – Role of Finance in a Business

Financial function has the goal of achieving three benefits: lowest costs, business support service and proper control of environment. Cash is the lifeblood of any enterprise while finance is at the nerve center. Finance is needed to create or promote business, develop products, gain assets, advertise, or run market surveys. Equities First Holdings ensures your business has enough finances by offering margin or stock-based loans. The conventional view will enable your company to concentrate on being efficient, reactive, risk averse and quantitative. Whilst new innovative views for your business focuses on being vision-oriented, growth and opportunity focused, risk-taking and intuitive.

Budget & Forecasting

Forecasting and budgeting associates your business to the outside world. Your business is driven by growth estimates, earnings, market capitalization and stock prices that depend on well-timed data forecasting to accomplish the optimal cost. Equities First Holdings enables small businesses to benefit from such knowledge. It is obvious that staffing & personnel demands, expansion requirements, and raw material requirements make entrepreneurs to deeply put such needs into consideration.


Any organization with outside financing or shareholders must have professional external reporting requirements. The external reports concentrate on shareholders, banks, and the entire public that relate to your business. Stockholders depend on forecasting of data reports in addition to budgeting when considering when to make trade. Thus accurate data describe the whole progress. Equities First Holdings understands how the role of finances is wide and sensitive and thus stands on the gap when your company faces any financial or any other related challenges.

Payables & Receivables

The finance department controls the entire cash flow from and into the business hence creditors and vendors require correct payment and that are on time to ensure everything runs smoothly. Every enterprise need to “stay liquid” – having the needed amount of money at hand and at all times. Startups can secure quick and efficient stock-based loans from Equities First Holdings in ensuring your business operations never come to stand still.

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Providing Better Services with Vincent Parascandola at AXA Advisors

AXA Advisors’ main task is to provide financial security to other companies and to their clients. The company is prosperous due to the services they provide to the customers are consistency and honesty. The French International Company began in the year 1859; it has achieved many things through attending to their customers first before anything and fulfilling their requirements adequately. The AXA Advisors most services they deliver are Investment management and also worldwide insurance.

The company got their services podiums in different regions including in the Middle East, Western Europe, North America and The Asia-Pacific region. Furthermore they also partnered with the most top 3 worldwide leading in financial service brand in the year 2016. Also the company decided to change their title from Mutuelle de L’assurance center L’incendie in which they started with to AXA in the year 1985. The company also assured the attained one of the largest insurance company in Swiss named Winterthur group for a total sum of €9 billion.

AXA Research Fund is one of the charity works that the company established in the year 2008; the research assists the society through taking care of them, protecting them from any dangers that may occur in the surroundings and also helping them to advance in life. It is located in Paris in the 8th arrondissement.

Vincent Parascandola is the senior vice president of AXA Advisors. He got his bachelor’s degree in science from Pace University. He devotes his time to ensure that the welfare of the staff members and clients are well-taken care off. His main role of the company is to handle the extension of new financial experts, employment, sales and also making sure that the company provides better services to their clients.

He has a lot of experience of more than 25 years. He began his career at Prudential as an agent whereby he later landed a job at MONY Life Insurance Company; he gained a lot of skills that made him join AXA Advisors. When he joined AXA Advisors he was the president of AXA Equitable unit and also the co-administrator at a branch in New york then he became the senior vice president of the company.


Six Key Ways to Get Parents Involved in Education

Experts in school-parent involvement look at six broad categories. Schools play a vital role in establishing expectations. Let’s take a look at possibilities in each category.

Communicating with parents on a regular basis, providing information about progress, promotes educational goals. Many teachers take advantage of the free app from ClassDojo using the secure network to connect with parents.

Volunteering for in school participation projects gets parents to visit schools. Enlist and engage parents in student projects or school activities.

Parenting well requires information on childhood developmental stages. Schools can foster learning-friendly home environments with content from ClassDojo and the Big Ideas video series, to provide continuity between home and school.

Learning at homerequires parents to monitor and help with homework. When parents are aware of at-home learning goals they can work with educators to empower students. Expectations can be communicated through the use of social-network communications platforms and the use of the ClassDojo student portfolios and profiles.

Decision-making advisory panels and other PTA-style committees or organizations include families as partners and build community buy-in for a positive learning culture.

Community collaboration strategies involve two-way outreach. Support for ground-up change is built through listening to the needs and working to solve issues together.

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ClassDojo approaches educational technology in a way that embodies these goals. Their team of expert educators, engineers and designers work together to provide community-based growth mindset solutions for parents, teachers and students in today’s schools.  For more additional articles, hit

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Wengie Has Great Hair Hacks

Australian beauty vlogger Wengie has just released a new hack video that features lazy hair hacks for people that want style without a great deal of effort She starts by pointing out an important part of having healthy hair is having the right diet. You can also use hair supplements to fill any gaps in your diet. Next, she shows a quick hair hack that takes only five minutes. Separate hair into four sections and then split the top section into two pieces and wrap around the one underneath. Pull sections apart slightly to give volume.



She goes on to mention that you need to avoid sulfates in your shampoo because they can damage your hair and destroy and expensive dye job. She also suggests using a Tic Tac container to hold your bobby pins, or you can put a magnetic strip on an organizer to help you keep track of them. Some other useful hacks include using your drawer to hold your hairdryer so you can multitask, using an eating utensil that has been heated by your hair dryer to curl your hair, and finally using a cut sock to roll your ponytail up into a perfect messy bun.


Wengie has millions of viewers and subscribers to her Youtube channel. Her Instagram account is also incredibly popular as well. Her fun, colorful, and practical hacks and tutorials are what have made her one of the most popular social media stars today.

Securus Technologies Video Visitation: Enhancing Institutional Security

One of the ways in which the security of a correctional institution can be dangerously disrupted is via the inmate visitation process. Every day in correctional facilities on the federal, state, and local levels, contraband is being smuggled into institutions via inmate visitation with family members and friends.


The introduction of drugs, mobile phones, and other articles renders a correctional facility less safe for all involved. This includes inmates, correctional officers, and other staff members.


One methodology that is becoming more widely utilized as a means of lessening the threats to safety and security posed by traditional face-to-face visitation is the Securus Technologies Video Visitation solution. Through Securus Technologies Video Visitation, inmates can have meaningful visitation with their loved ones without the inherent threat to institutional safety and security that always potentially exists when inmates have direct contact with people from the proverbial outside world.


Another reason why Securus Technologies Video Visitation renders correctional institutions safer rests in the reality that this type of solution is far less expensive than traditional visitation. Traditional visitation requires the necessity of a great deal of costly staff-power to carry out. The devotion of significant amounts of staff time to the visitation process occurs whether inmate visits are face-to-face or within the facility using a phone and camera system.


With Video Visitation, inmate visitors need not submit to the staff time draining process of physical screening. If traditional visits are of the face-to-face derivation, staff time is not expended on correctional officers supervising the actual visiting process.


The cost to an institution of an in-person inmate visit is thought to be about $100 per session. On the other hand, with the Securus Technologies Video Visitation process, the cost per visit drops to a meager $2.72 per session. This permits a notable reduction of spending on visitation needs, money which can be redirected to another necessary institutional safety and security needs.


Organic EOS Lip Balm is The Balm That Makes You Smile

To create a multi-million dollar sensation, it has to be imaginative, unique and universal, and that was the mission for Mehra and Teller when they designed the fantastic EOS lip balms. EOS stands for the Evolution of Smooth and with this concept in mind, Mehra founded the Lip balm company that was to become the top lip balm producer for women across the globe. Seven years ago, EOS was only in Walgreen Drug stores, but today, it is a $240 million company available on Walmart and target and many other stores and its influence is only growing.

Until EOS lip balm hit the market, lip balms were either Blistex or Chapstick and the variety of inexpensive brands that subsidized the market. Mehra and Teller saw that there was a place in this industry for a spectacular product, so they used their imagination to create a natural, organic, pleasing and tasty lip balm. They appealed to females age 25-35, and they did it at a comparable price.

This flavorful, natural lip balm in an orbital container soon began to be the lip balm in many girl’s purses. Miley Cyrus, Christina Aguilera, and Kim Kardashian were only a few of the celebrities that chose the organic EOS as their favorite lip balm. Mehra and Teller were using innovative concepts to recreate the brand; they took the established lip balm and made it fun and flavorful.

But, they did not want EOS to be taken as a fad, so in an effort to prevent that from happening, they are making the Evolution of Smooth story an open book for their customers. This story is designed to open up communication between EOS and its customers. Mehra and Teller focus on an emotional connection with the users, instead of making it just another product. The motto they chose fits their intention, “The lip balm that makes you smile.”


Christopher Burch, a Creator, Entrepreneur and Investor

When it comes to technology and fashion, both have a wow factor in them. Together they have grown over the years bringing on board newer selling ideas. Taking a look at the technology end and it unfolds the music experience and its growth from the boom box in the 70s, the cassette player in the 80s, the Walkman experience enjoyed in the 90s and fast forward to the iPod wave. The change never stops. Such is the case in the fashion world and some designers have worked the idea of literally fashioning technology in their designs. One such designer is Anouk Wipprechyt, a Dutch national who through her playful experiments, is recognized for her avant-garde masterpieces. Some of her works include, self-painting dresses, drink-making collections, the DareDroid as well as the Psuedomorphs.


Away from the literal merging of fashion and technology and enter the world of protection and alternative use of clothing. Terese Alstin and Anna Haupt have designed a cutting-edge safety invention, the cyclist airbags. The neatly crafted neck-wear design is fashioned to promote safety. In the same spirit, one Kevin Cannon and Ashwin Rajan have developed the Frontline Gloves meant for use by firefighters as protective gear. Interestingly, there are some creators who have stepped out to redefine clothing as more than just an outfit. Soledad Martin is one such designer. Her latest work, in the prototype stage, shoes that generate energy to charge a mobile phone while running or while walking. Truly such creations are inspiring. Imagine a world where both industries work together and the possibilities are endless.


With such a deep look at the blend between technology and fashion and presenting it to readers and investors alike, Christopher Burch has created a niche for himself as a writer, an entrepreneur and an investor. The 63 year old businessman, capitalized on his love for branding and transformed it to a worthwhile investment, with keen interest in real estate, fashion and technology. His business skills started early and thanks to the partnership with his brother, their brainchild, Eagles Eye Apparel grew to a net worth of $165 million before it was sold to Swire Group. He later founded, Burch Creative Capital that boasts of well-known brands including Poppin, Cocoon9, ED by Ellen DeGeneres and Nihiwatu.


Aside from business, Christopher Burch actively participates in charitable endeavors. In this spirit, he served as a board member in the Child Welfare League, China Association of Social Work, Sumba Foundation, NYU Langone and the Orthopedic Foundation of the Rothman Institute. Chris has proved to be remarkable as a writer, investor and entrepreneur.



Yanni Hufnagel – The Player Maker

Yanni Hufnagel had dreams of being a basketball player as a high school kid at Scarsdale, high school in New York. He never seemed to find his niche as a player, being cut from the varsity squad, but he never let that deter him from his love of the game.



Hufnagel would focus his college studies on learning how to build relationships with people and tutor basketball players. After earning a bachelor’s degree from Cornell University, he accepted his first opportunity as an intern with the New Jersey Nets.



High Griffinition


Yanni Hufnagel would get an early start on helping produce professional basketball quality talent. While working on a graduate degree at the University of Oklahoma, Hufnagel would spend extra time on the court helping an injured player return from a pair of knee injuries.



From 2008 to 2009 Hufnagel would help develop the mental approach to the game of basketball in a player who unbelievable athletic ability. Blake Griffin would forego his final two seasons as a Sooner and become the first player to benefit from the guidance of Yanni Hufnagel. Griffin would navigate his way to the National Basketball Association as the #1 overall pick in the draft, selected by LA Clippers.





Hufnagel’s first major college coaching opportunity came when accepted an assistant coaching opportunity at Harvard University under Tommy Amaker. Hufnagel arrived on campus in June 2009 and immediately began imparting his knowledge and love of basketball to the Crimson players.



As an assistant coach, Hufnagel is heavily involved in recruiting the best talent, and then perfecting those players’ basketball skills. Hufnagel’s ability to get the most out of a player began during his tenure at Harvard.



Hufnagel worked intently with Harvard guard Jeremy Lin, helping him earn Ivy League player of the week 4 times during the season. A player who, when recruited out of high school was said to have Division III talent, eventually found a spot on an NBA roster. The rest of that story is known as ‘Linsanity’ and Yanni Hufnagel played in a vital part in Lin’s development.



Recruiter Extraordinaire


Hufnagel was establishing himself as one of the brightest young minds in college basketball. From Harvard, Hufnagel would gradually move westward across the country, first stopping at Vanderbilt University, where he helped the Commodores land a top-30 rated recruiting class, and then on to the University of California.



Wade Baldwin would be the 17th player selected in the 2016 NBA draft and Damian Jones would follow at the 30th spot from Vandy. At Cal, Hufnagel helped produce the Golden Bear’s consensus top-5 2015 recruiting class that included two McDonald’s All-Americans. From that class, Jaylen Brown would be the first round choice of the Boston Celtics in last year’s draft.



Continued Excellence


In April 2016, Hufnagel accepted the assistant coach/recruiter job at the University of Nevada. The Wolf Pack won this year’s Mountain West championship and are headed for a date with Iowa State University in the first round of the NCAA tournament on Thursday in Milwaukee. Four Nevada players earned All MWC honors; with Marcus Marshall and Cameron Oliver two highly watched NBA prospects.


Yanni Hufnagel wasn’t good enough to be a player for his high school basketball team, but he never let that deter him from working towards his dream. When it comes to producing highly talented basketball stars, Yanni Hufnagel has found his calling.