Yanni Hufnagel: Coach To Some Of The Best College Basketball Teams In America

Yanni Hufnagel is one of the most reputed coaches in the American college basketball scene. He has been the coach of some of the biggest universities and some of the best teams. He is known for his ability to groom the players and teammates in a way that they would perform to the best of their capabilities. Yanni Hufnagel started his career years ago and is at the peak of his work today. Last year, Yanni Hufnagel entered into an agreement with the University of Nevada, where he would take on the position of their assistant coach. The University of Nevada is a nine-time championship winner. The team has a stellar track record of being one of the best teams, and joining one of the biggest and best teams is something worth noting for Yanni Hufnagel. Yanni Hufnagel will be assisting the team’s current coach, Eric Musselman, who has had an enormous impact on the team’s success in their past seasons.


Yanni Hufnagel has a tremendous amount of experience as a basketball coach. After all, he was the basketball coach at Harvard University for a highly extended period. As the coach for the University, Yanni Hufnagel was instrumental in bringing in new talent and grooming them to play their best out on the court. During his time as their coach, he was instrumental in bringing in players who otherwise seemed like a rather unusual choice. But Yanni Hufnagel saw something in them and brought them to the team anyway, after which they saw an enormous amount of success. After working for Harvard University, Yanni Hufnagel decided to opt for a change of pace and help out a new basketball team. He then went on to join the University of California, Berkeley, where he helped their team reach high up in the ranks among the top college basketball teams.


Sujit Choudhry Talks About the Importance of Constitutional Change

Well known legal expert Sujit Choudhry recently sat down to talk about constitutional law in an interview. During this interview, Sujit would discuss his outlook towards the need for changes in constitutional law. When he spoke at his interview, he said that making changes to a constitution is very beneficial because it can help nations govern more easily. Changes in the constitution allow countries to address certain legal and social issues, maintain an equitable legal system that is fair and also make sure that governments do not exercise too much power. During his career, Sujit Choudhry has researched and provided insight to many people about the value of comparative constitutional law. More of this insight here.


Sujit has had a very long and successful career in the legal field. During his career, he has worked in both government and the educational sectors. At the very beginning of his career, he worked in government as an assistant to the head of Canada’s Supreme Court. At this position, he would routinely evaluate the constitution and make interpretations for the people in charge of the court. His insight proved very valuable as he helped Canada maintain a fair and just legal system for many years. Sujit’s recommendations also helped the Canadian government more easily address legal issues as well, see indiawest.com/news. His next career opportunity would be in education where he was a professor at the law school at the University of Toronto. He would teach constitutional law and also become the assistant dean as well. Related article on Law.nyu.edu.


Check this out, https://ideamensch.com/sujit-choudhry/.


Sujit Choudhry would continue his legal career in the educational sector when he moved to the United States. When he moved to the U.S. he would teach constitutional law at the University of California Berkeley. He would continue to provide valuable insight to aspiring lawyers by teaching this important aspect of the legal field.  More of this insight here. Within a year, Choudhry would be named the dean of the law school which allowed him to assume an important leadership position at the school. After his stint at the University of California Berkeley, he would move on to provide guidance to foreign leaders in terms of changing their constitutional law.


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USHEALTH Group offers More Individuals Low-cost Insurance in United States

Insurance cover for the family or individuals is now considered a necessity in all the states in the United States. Numerous insurance providers have come up to offer insurance covers to both individuals and businesses. The USHEALTH Group Inc. is a Fort Worth-based company that provides insurance cover to families and businesses. Currently, the company serves more than 15 million customers. USHEALTH Group has built its reputation by offering personalized and innovative insurance solutions to American citizens. The company has been providing its services through its two subsidiaries; Freedom Life Insurance and National Foundation Life Company of America.

USHEALTH Group Family Insurance

One of the most innovative products from the company is the family insurance cover. A family insurance cover is tailored to cover all the self-employed individuals who do not have insurance covers from their employer. Families have different insurance needs; therefore, every family subscribes to an insurance plan that is most suitable to them. There are several types of family insurance plans available, and each plan is tailored to meet the needs of a particular family. The good thing is that USHEALTH Group family insurance covers are flexible and inexpensive compared to those offered by other companies.

These covers enable the parent to protect their families against the unforeseen events such as death, accidents or illness that may strike family members. Once a client has bought the insurance cover, they can concentrate on providing for their families since they are sure that the company will step in when they are needed. The most innovative family insurance plan from USHEALTH is the specified disease or sickness and accident cover that offers personalized coverage to its members. Click here to know more.

USHEALTH Group Insurance

The companies also offer a group insurance plan that covers employees working for various companies. The group insurance plan is designed to cater for the needs of every employee in an organization. It is also an affordable insurance scheme that offers increased coverage to employees.

The clients who choose this type of insurance cover receive the usual services from USHEALTH Group insurance. However, they have to pay their premiums through their employer. Companies can make some savings in Group insurance covers because they have the opportunity to negotiate for premiums with the USHEALTH group insurance providers.

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How Kevin Seawright Is Improving The City Of Baltimore

Kevin Seawright is the Chief Operating Office and Managing Partner of RPS Solutions, LLC. RPS Solutions, which stands for Real Property Solutions, is a firm in Baltimore, Maryland that aims to connect first time home buyers to home in the city of Baltimore. Read more: Kevin Seawright Talks RPS Solutions LLC on The Larry Young Morning Show

Kevin has been with the company since January 2015 and leads its efforts to boost the rate of homeownership in the city from 44% to 63%. He believes that homeownership creates pride in neighborhoods and is a wealth building tool as people earn gains in the worth of their property.

At RPS Solutions, Kevin Seawright specializes in purchasing rundown homes, rehabilitating them, and then helping people obtain mortgages in order to buy the homes. The company also builds brand new homes.

In order to build homes and rehabilitate them, the company uses over 20 different contractors that they have partnered with as well as volunteers. Kevin oversees all of this activity and makes sure the organization stays on an even keel. Learn more about Kevin Seawright: http://vizualize.me/kevinseawright#.WOJjraK1uM8

According to Crunchbase, prior to arriving at RPS Solutions, Kevin Seawright worked in the public and private sectors. He was a longtime manager for the city of Baltimore in a variety of different agencies. Among the agencies he had a part in leading was the Baltimore City Department of Housing, the Department of Recreation and Parks, as well as general city government.

It was in 2011 that Kevin got involved in residential real estate, working with Tito Contractors as the Vice President of Operations in Washington, D.C. While at Tito Contracting he gained experience in creating annual construction budgets, property management, and construction projects among other things.

He also served the Newark Community Economic Development Corporation where he led as the Chief Financial Officer and Executive Vice President. At this organization, he helped start up real estate companies as well as property management companies by providing his finance and operational expertise.

Through Kevin Seawright’s dedication and leadership, RPS Solutions is fulfilling its goal of increasing the rate of homeownership in Baltimore. The city has been growing stronger through homeownership and the vibrant communities that are created when a majority of people own their homes in a neighborhood.

Comparative Constitutional Law Expert Sujit Choudhry

Comparative law is a field of study that looks at the legal systems of different countries. It is a method used to compare laws, mostly regarding the similarities and differences. Some of the legal systems of various parts of the world are Islamic law, socialist law, Hindu law, common law and civil law. Considering that we are in the age of globalization, comparative law has become crucial in the efforts to unify laws and ensure nations live in harmony. In the process of making laws, legislators in most cases draw inspiration from the laws of other countries.

Sujit Choudhry is internationally recognized as an authority on comparative constitutional law. He is the I. Michael Heyman Professor of Law at the University of California, Berkeley, School of Law. He has been doing various researches in comparative law and has a wide field of experience considering he was an advisor to the constitution building process in countries such as; Libya, Sri Lanka, Jordan, Egypt, Nepal and South Africa. Professor Choudhry’s research, analyses issues like; decentralization and secession, federalism, the design of the constitution in ethnically divided societies, constitutional courts, and semi-presidentialism. Try to read more here, pluralism.ca. He has made over ninety publications (articles, book chapters, reports, and papers). Click here.

Sujit Choudhry is the founding director of the Center for Constitutional Transitions, a group which brings together law experts from all around the globe for the purpose of constitution building, see linkedin.com for more profile. In his interview with IdeaMensch, he states that he starts his day by updating himself with news about the state of constitutions of various countries on the internet. He adds that at any given time, around six constitutions are being rewritten. Working on his research agenda, Professor Choudhry spends a lot of time talking to the policy partners to find out what will suit a particular country. He attributes his success to his habit of always thinking about what to do next. Sujit Choudhry earned law degrees from Harvard, Oxford and Toronto Universities. Great info here on constitutionaltransitions.org.

More here on http://www.ceocfointerviews.com/interviews/CenterforConstitutionalTransitions17.htm.



The USHealth Group: A Modern Health Service Provider Taking America by Storm

The USHealth Group is widely considered to be a premium provider of health services in the U.S. With over five decades worth of experience, the company has become synonymous with tailoring health coverage with your unique needs to promote rapid recovery. To dominate the market, the company has exuded its proficiency by providing flexible, secure and affordable health plans for their esteemed customers.

Unlike its competitors, the USHEALTH Group has diversified its service delivery by offering a multitude of essential services including:

  • PremierChoice: The PremierChoice package specializes in providing high-quality services at a premium fee. By signing up to the service, you are guaranteed medical treatment by any doctor at any hospital. Not only that, the highly acclaimed package offers you unlimited coverage, on or off duty.
  • SecureAdvantage: The SecureAdvantage package is quite different from the PremierChoice but remarkably offers customers a diverse range of benefits. For instance, flexible deductible choices, reinsurance, portable coverage and a three-year deduction on rates are great perks guaranteed to make a difference in health service provision.
  • SecureDental: With the SecureDental package, customers are assured of a healthy smile. To attain the perfect smile, clients must select from the Saver Plus Plan, Premium Plan or Saver Plan that are tailored to meet their financial requirements at an affordable cost. The premium plan fetches $50 for individuals while the Saver Plus Plan and Saver Plan each fetch $1000 and $500 per annum respectively.

USHEALTH Group Family Insurance

The company’s family insurance package favorably caters for the medical needs of extended families. At the family level, customers can access essential services at a reasonable $150 for Basic and Major Care, Orthodontic services and Family Cover Preventive Care. Such affordable costs place several families at the unique advantage of receiving high-quality services irrespective of their financial status or location. See also.

USHealth Group Location

Formed in 1982, the Fort Worth, Texas has become the pinnacle of modern health service delivery courtesy of its innovative practices, unyielding pursuit of excellence and a high customer service platform. Each consultation is treated with profound respect and needs are professionally catered for.

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Development of Fashion Industry with Don Ressler

Don Ressler has the brightest mind when it comes to the business industry because when he was at his young age he always wanted to pursue fashion business when he grew up. His dream became true because now he is the one of the known and wealthy in the fashion industry. He always has exceptional knowledge and the new creativity and styles he constantly brings in the fashion business hence making clients looking for him for his services on perezhilton.com. He is always well informed with the fashion market trend therefore making him be ahead of his competitors in providing better services. He has even worked in numerous companies and hold top positions including the FitnessHeaven and IntelligentBeauty. He is well known in the e-commerce because he is the c0-CEO of JustFab and also the CEO of Fabletics

Intermix Media is a company that bought FitnessHeaven.com whereby the company was a success and it was started by Don Ressler. Adam Goldenberg is one of his long- time partners who joined together with him due to his desire in the fashion industry mentioned on pando.com. Hence they started JustFab which is now named as TechStyle Fashion Group. Their hard work and devotion made them develop the company and made a lot of profit. The TechStyle Fashion Group always ensures they deliver latest shoes, handbags, denim and jewelry in the fashion industry hence making the company grow. Furthermore, the clients can easily access and purchase their products on an online podium.

JustFab also partners with the various organization to enable them to provide and create more innovative ways including FabKids, Fabletics and ShoeDazzle. The organization profit has grown steadily. Some of the success they have made in the fashion business is in the year 2011 and 2012 whereby they attained a total amount of $3 million and $76 million from Matrix Partner at https://www.apparelnews.net/news/2016/sep/05/new-sizes-fab-justfab/. Furthermore FabKids gave them a total of 49 million hence increasing their development. Intelligent Beauty and Technology Crossover are other organization that contributed too.

Don Ressler, Adam Goldenberg and Kate Hudson are the main founders of Fabletics whereby the started the company to make athlete’s products that any athletes may want when doing his daily training and they are easily accessible in an online podium also they are cheap to buy. Kate Hudson is a massive boost for the Fabletics company because she as an athlete always knows what they need and fulfill their requirements. Don Ressler is pleased with the achievement they have attained.

EOS Balm: A Beautiful Solution For Your Dry Lips Problem

Lips are the most sensitive and the most noticeable human organ. When people saw each other, they first look at the face and lips would be the first thing they look. The wind, sun, heat and cold weather can all cause lips to become burnt or chapped. People usually have a habit of licking their lips, or due to flu or nostrils problem they prefer to breathe through the mouth and due to the illness, lips are the most sensitive organ that gets affected.

These problems make lips become dry and eventually this could lead to chapped lips. And if you don’t take it serious than the condition gets worsened and lips can peel, crack or even starts to bleed and this peeling may cause an infection.

And that’s where the need of EOS lip balm comes in. Due to the utmost ingredients that used in the preparation of those lip balms, there is no other suitable option for your lips. And these days as you are already aware that people are crazy for the profit and earning and for that, they are using a product that contains harmful chemical and people should not use it, but their craze for money is making them blind.

EOS lip balm, on the other hand, contains all the permitted ingredients and most of them are natural extracted which makes it an ideal choice for every kind of lips. So, if you are feeling a need of EOS lips balm, you should choose this as a partner for your lips this summer. An EOS lip balm is available in different color and flavor, so you won’t have to worry about your favorite color or taste. You can choose whatsoever color you like or choose. http://www.ulta.com/brand/eos

This modern style balm comes in a unique look. You can’t apply it like a traditional balm because it comes in a new round ball shaped and this is what makes it unique and catchy. These are easy to carry, and you can apply it anywhere and with ease. Visit the website: evolutionofsmooth.com.

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Pulier, Pioneer

I watched a movie recently about a certain programmer who was able to drink beer incessantly and program a life altering web entity that has pioneered social media. This was not so long ago, and I thought of what I was doing in college and how whatever it was, it was not on the cutting edge of anything. The story of this programmer is well known, and so is the website, but it is not unique. In the course of American history there have been pioneers of certain segments of already proven technology like this social media site and its founder. There was other sites like this, he simply had the most comprehensive. Furthermore, the guy that founded this social media page did so on a format that has long since been pioneered which is the internet.


This is very different than a programmer that had no idea an internet would exist as it does today at least, and computers along with computer programming was so young in its inception. Pioneers at this time were actually on the forefront of the technology and had no idea that it would take over the world as a means of communication and knowledge sharing as well as multiple other ways it has progressed human civilization. This is the case with Eric Pulier who was programming in the late seventies when he was in the fourth grade and by 1984, he was accepted to Harvard.


While he was there, he was an editor for their campus paper, took classes at MIT and graduated from Harvard as a magna cum laude. For those that do not know people like Eric Pulier, it is always necessary to learn history. Things do not juts exits, and often when it seems as it does, it means that the work of real pioneers had been so successful that they produced something that changed the course of human history. We know a lot about people that pioneered the automobile industry, but what of the people that invented cars? Eric Pulier has been a pioneer since a young age before Internet and when computer technology was in its earliest form. Kudos, Pulier.


Wengie Hair Hacks for the Lazy and Stylish


Wengie’s last video on hair hacks was so popular that she decided to wow her fans with another one. To show her appreciation, Wengie also announced a meet and greet and a giveaway.


Wengie suggests using Sugarbearhair multivitamins along with a healthy diet to give you thick, shiny hair. Keep your shampoo sulfate-free, especially if you have colored hair. When your roots do start to show, part your hair at a zig-zag to hide the growth and cover it with a cute headband.


Wengie’s adorable pull-out braid is so straightforward that she only needs elastics and clips, and for her iron-free curls, all she needs is a hot fork. If you want trendy mini-braids without using clunky bands, Wengie shows you how to hold a braid with just a bobby pin.


For on-the-go girls with messy makeup tables, Wengie suggests using Tic Tac boxes or magnetic strips for storage. When she’s running late, Wengie props open a drawer to hold her hair dryer so she can do her makeup at the same time. Wengie also suggests lining the inside of a large hair clip with hot glue. When the glue dries, it will act as a rubber grip to hold your hair in place.


For her final hair hack, Wengie introduces an easy messy bun. She cuts the toe part off a sock then rolls it into a band. By rolling a ponytail in it, the socks helps to create a tight, messy bun that will stay in all day.