Better Hair And Back To Nature With WEN By Chaz Cleansing Conditioners

No-poo is not a problem. Many women have discovered the world of no lather shampoos, thanks to the pioneer of healthy hair washing, Chaz Dean. The famous L.A. celebrity stylist originated the no lather shampoo concept more than two decades ago, and since that time, has changed the way women care for their hair.

What makes no lather shampoos superior to regular shampoos can be found in the list of ingredients on the back of the bottle. Not every no-poo formula is the same, however, because some of them still contain certain sulfates and other harsh additives.

Some of these brands can dry hair out, instead of nourishing it with moisture. Others can deposit too much oil and leave hair greasy.

WEN By Chaz remains the leader of the no-poo gang because his luxurious formulas have been developed with zero sulfates or parabens and fortified with special herbal and other plant-based extracts. His soothing cleansing conditioners wear the gold standard and leave hair of any type and texture smoother, shinier and fuller.

Chaz Dean lives an holistic lifestyle, and that’s the way he approached the creation of WEN By Chaz, by studying nature’s bounty and the botanicals that have been proven for generations to add healthy properties to the hair.

Regular shampoos run rampant with nasty chemicals that eventually weaken the hair and strip away protective oils. Chaz Dean believes that the lathers in those shampoos are harsh and dulling the hair, and that’s why he launched a no lather shampoo system.

Forty million bottles of WEN’s cleansing conditioners have been sold so far, and it’s easy to see why. These one-bottle cleansers do more than thoroughly wash the hair. These exceptional products also condition, deep condition, de-tangle and act as a leave-in conditioner.

WEN is all about healthy hair.

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