Glen Wakeman and the World of Startups

Glen Wakeman is a legendary figure in certain parts of the business world. During his career at GE Capital, he climbed the corporate ladder and made it look easy. Wakeman is something of an expert at the life cycle of businesses. He’s founded some of his own, including Launchpad LLC and Nova Four. He worked in business development for a long time, and became an expert in mergers and acquisitions. These days, he’s helping startups get off the ground.

─╣aunchpad LLc is a software that helps startup founders come up with a coherent business plan. Wakeman understands the challenges facing startups better than many founders do themselves. Over the past several decades, he’s seen plenty of businesses come and go. What he’s learned is that often people who are great at inventing things or developing apps have great specialized knowledge. They know their product and the problem it solves inside out. But the nuances of the business world elude them. is proud to help the next generation of influencers put some structure into their businesses. Once he helps them formulate plans and put up some scaffolding, they can more easily build the company they’ve dreamed of. Wakeman has never lost his natural curiosity. It takes him down some unique roads, but he knows that asking questions is key to solving problems. Because he’s always growing and learning, startup founders find that they understand the way he thinks. He’s not trapped in stasis. Wakeman is always exploring the world around him.

These days, Glen Wakeman is excited to see what technology has in store for our society. He’s inspired by the people he’s met on his journey to the top. Wakeman finds value in the unlikeliest experiences, and values every type of work. His outlook is both open and structured. This combination has left him uniquely prepared for success.