Dr. Jennifer Walden Established A Successful Cosmetic Surgery Practice In Austin After Leaving New York

Dr. Jennifer Walden has been a plastic surgeon for eight years, with an exclusive focus on cosmetic surgery. She additionally performs minimally invasive procedures including soft-tissue fillers and Botox. She is one of few female plastic surgeons, and in her state of Texas, she is one of only twelve. Dr. Jennifer Walden believes the reason plastic surgery is dominated by men is the five years spent in post-medical school, and the additional years spent in fellowship. The field is rough, can postpone having children for women, and is not considered welcoming for women and cosmetic surgery.

Most plastic surgery is performed on women, and Dr. Jennifer Walden’s patients have state they feel more comfortable speaking to another woman. She understands many women are ashamed of the changes in their body since they had a child, the spreading of the abdominal walls due to pregnancy, and the parts of the body that have started to sag. Dr. Jennifer Walden is always kind, and never judgmental. She emphasizes with her patients and has shared many of the same experiences. She saw the changes in her body after she gave birth to her twin sons. She readily admits she has used Botox to tighten the skin in her face and more

Dr. Jennifer Walden moved to Austin after working in New York for more than seven years because of her children. As a single mother, she felt it was important they were close to the family. She was both surprised and delighted at how quickly her practice grew after the move. Her biggest worry was there would not be enough business in cosmetic surgery in Austin. By the time she arrived, two patients had already booked her for cosmetic surgery. She found the Austin residents very receptive to plastic surgery, and has already built an impeccable reputation in the city.