Class Dojo’s Platform Has Made Great Impacts On School Environments Around The Country

Since first launching back in 2011, the company Class Dojo has been making many waves in the schooling communities. This is thanks tot he educational platform that they developed and put forth to improve on the quality of education for students all around the world. Class Dojo vastly improves on the available communication that all students, teachers, and parents have with each other, which goes a long way in improving how engaged students are in the classroom. When released, the app also came out with growth mindset videos, which teach students important and basic principles of learning and of life. Today, the platform has become a pretty big success, with more than two thirds of the schools in the United States jumping on board.

By greatly improving on the available communication that all parties involved with schooling have, it allows parents to be more involved and students to feel more connected, which goes a long way in building confidence and the desire to partake in school activities. Parents are able to look in on their children while they are in school and see their performance as well as their overall behavior from day to day. At the same time, teachers have never had it easier to stay in contact with parents and tell them how things are going with their child, as they can now stay in direct and constant contact through the Class Dojo platform.

All of this also comes free of cost for everyone who wants to participate, and the company has no plan to ever involve a fee with the base program, as everyone deserves a better education and schooling experience. All one needs is an invitation from a classroom instructor and a device that can connect to the internet, and their in.

Class Dojo was made with easy in mind, which is why the platform has been set up so that even children can operate it. It supports a wide range of different languages as well as devices for maximum compatibility. All of this comes completely free for all users, and all planned feature updates and maintenance of the platform will come at no cost to parents or teachers. Many people have been excited to see what Class Dojo has been doing in classrooms all over the country, and in the future, it is Class Dojo’s hope that their platform will be able to change education for the better all around the world.

Why You Need the Kabbalah Centre

Having a wonderful spiritual experience can be a lot more difficult than you think especially since there are not many facilities out there where you can visit and have this type of experience. This is why it might be a good idea for you to think about visiting the Kabbalah Center, since this is one of the top spiritual centers in the country for you to make you so for yourself and for your loved ones. This is a wonderful facility that Millions upon millions of people have made you some since its Inception many years ago. This is why does a good idea to consider making use of this facility for yourself as well if you would like to have a more spiritual experience while also being able to connect with other people who share the same thoughts and beliefs as you do.

The Kabbalah Centre has its own website and it can be easy and quick for you to visit it when you want to learn more about the facility. The website also has a lot of information when it comes to different services that are being offered by the Kabbalah Centre throughout the year. You can check the calendar to see what types of events are happening so that you can make better use of the facility as so many other people have themselves.

There has never been a better time for you to have a spiritual experience than now because there is a place called the Kabbalah Centre that you can simply visit in order to learn more. This is why so many people have made use of the Kabbalah Center and are thrilled with the different services that are being offered by this amazing facility and the people who run it each and every day for the benefit of any member who makes use of the center.

Alexei Beltyukov’s Solution To The Stagnating Russian Economy

The Russian economy has stagnated due to a number of factors. One of the key factors is the conflict in Ukraine in which the west accuses Russia of supporting rebels who wish to breakaway from Ukraine and join Russia instead. The supposed support of Russia to rebels has resulted in crippling sanctions that have harmed the economy. Investment has dried up and actually flowed out of the country.

One figure states that up to $70 billion dollars had left Russia in the first quarter of 2014. That compares with $63 billion dollars leaving the country for the entire previous fiscal year of 2013. Clearly the beginning of 2014 has not been good for Russia. Dipping oil prices have also hurt the economy and a falling Russian ruble has made even ordinary Russians feel the sting of the stagnating economy. The ruble is the currency of Russia.

Russia’s ruble has already dropped by about 9% compared to to the dollar in the first quarter of 2013. The dropping ruble, conflict in Crimea and the Eastern Ukrainian cities of Donetsk and Lugansk have further dampened the economy of Russia.

Trouble is looming for Russia’s economy but Russian entrepreneur Alexei Beltyukov believes he has a solution. Alexei Beltyukov believes that Russia’s entrepreneurs and startups are the future of the country and the cure for Russia’s economic woes. Mr. Beltyukov is one of the founders of the Skolkovo Foundation, which is a government sponsored organization that promotes entrepreneurship throughout the country. It provides assistance to Russian entrepreneurs in the form of business consultations, funding, networking, tax incentives and technology development.

Mr. Beltyukov is an entrepreneur himself and has started numerous ventures in Russia. His startups include a car repair shop chain called Mechanicus, a fuel production company called New Gas Technologies and even a financial investment company called Endemic Capital. Alexei Beltyukov believes that entrepreneurs will drive Russia’s economy back to a boom instead of the stagnation that country finds itself mired in. He believes that the government should do more to support entrepreneurs particularly in the fields of technology and computer science. Mr. Beltyukov believes that providing assistance which he lacked when he was growing up can help spur economic growth, create jobs and make Russia more competitive and stronger on the global front.  Read more about Alexei’s illustrious career at CrunchBase, and read more about his new initiative Solvy right at the source.

ClassDojo Disrupts the PTA


Until recently, school was an important part of the lives of students that, for the most part, did not include parents. Parents might drop their kids off at school and pick them up. A few parents might serve as monitors and helpers. Once a month or so, there was the traditional meeting of the PTA, and parents could meet with teachers then. However, they were otherwise excluded from their children’s day-to-day experiences in the classroom. ClassDojo changes that.

The mobile application ClassDojo is a communication platform that connects students, teachers and parents. During the school day it helps keep parents up to date on their child’s activities, academic or social. This might include pictures, instant messages, announcements and videos. It can translate into 35 languages.

When Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don co-founded ClassDojo in 2011, other applications were focusing on strictly educational approaches. Now their app is being used by teachers in over 85,000 schools in the United States, and by teachers in 180 more countries. That includes publlic and private and charter schools, usually from kindergarten to the 8th grade. The app helps to create a positive culture within school classrooms. With the parents knowing what is going on during school hours, that evening they can ask specific questions of their children, to help them deal with issues.

Although ClassDojo has yet to make any money, they have raised a total of $31 million in venture capital. They raised $21 million late in 2015 in a series B round. They are using this money to expand their team. Teachers receive ClassDojo free. It works on any iOS device, Android, Kindle Fire and all computers.

ClassDojo has partnered with Stanford University’s Project for Education Research That Scales center to produced five video animations on growth mindset. The videos will contain the ClassDojo characters students are already familiar with.

Growth mindset comes from research showing that when students are taught their brains are able to develop and grow, expanding their capacity to learn, they accept learning as a challenge. Teachers want to use this research to encourage their students, but don’t have established procedures for making growth mindset an intrinsic part of their classroom teaching. The aim of the five ClassDojo videos will be to serve as a resource to help those teachers while encouraging the students.