Rocketship Education Is Bridging Gaps Between Parents And Teachers

Support and encouragement each play an important role in our individual success. This is even more important in early life. What our children learn in their early years will set the stage for their morals and actions in adulthood. Because the demand for adults to work fulltime is so strong, it is becoming more difficult for parents to be involved in their child’s classroom, and really have the chance to get to know educators and school staff.

At Rocketship Education, leaders are working to help improve the quality of relationships between parents and teachers. Typically, parents and students only get one small chance to meet their new teacher before the school year starts. While the start of a new year is often filled with excitement and anticipation for students, parents are concerned with teaching styles and classroom structure. In an attempt to bridge the gap between parents and educators, Rocketship Education has completely changed their teacher hiring process.

In addition to interviews with school staff, prospective teachers are required to interview with parents of Rocketship students or Rocketeers. These untraditional interviews allow parents and educators a chance to determine if they are truly a good fit for one another.

In Southeast Washington, a construction site holds the future for so many early learners. Parents of the new Washington based Rocketship school can already give guided tours of the new building, and often attend community meetings regarding the development of the school. Josh Pacos, the school principal, says that parents feedback has heavily influenced their decision during the hiring process, even helping them extend employment offers.

Rocketship Education has come a long way since their days in a San Jose church basement. When entrepreneurs John Danner and Preston Smith founded Rocketship Education in 2007, they had no idea they would grow into the powerful network it is today. Currently, there are sixteen charter schools in the Rocketship Education system, and the network reaches children in cities all across the United States.