Fabletics Makes a Move to Amazon

Fabletics just recently made a move over to Amazon. Now, it is easier to find this brand of winning athleisure wear, whether looking on the store online site or browsing through the always popular Amazon shopping place. Fabletics is known for its higher quality workmanship on every one of their designs that they put up for sale. Their materials are of finer quality, and this makes the brand different from all competing athletic brands that don’t tend to worry about quality of fabrics and other workmanship notions. These fashions are still highly affordable, and this is what has made Fabletics a household name.

Kate Hudson is one of the famous co-founders of this revered fashion company. She started in 2015, and her standards are still as high as when she began her new job. Already famous as a popular actress, she has become even more popular, and she has quipped that she went from a role of being just almost famous to now being famous with the respectable Fabletics brand of athletic wear. Women love these fashions that feel so good to wear, plus the clothes stay fresh looking all day long. Wearers say they are loathe to take these very cozy clothes off as they are as comfortable as any cuddly PJs are. This fashion company uses customer satisfaction as their go to tool for their unusual reverse showroom style. While other stores have fancy dressed mannequins and highly expensive clothing, Fabletics compiles their very important customer perceptions, purchases, product reviews and even their fun to take Lifestyle Quiz anonymous customer responses. This data is uploaded to a computer platform that keeps constant track of customer shopping trends, habits and even items not selling well. The company then can instantly change the inventory to what their customers have indicated that they now want.

Kate Hudson is no stranger to high fashion. Her actress roles allowed her to experience top designer outfits. Today, she strives to achieve that same grand feeling of looking like a million bucks in her Fabletics collections that are always priced low enough to be unbelievable. These athletic outfits come in stunning colors, beautiful designs, fabulous fitted cuts and many added extras. All of this, and the costs are still affordable. Kate only okays those designs that suit her high fashion style, and if there is a problem, it get fixed before Kate endorses it.

Fabletics, the company that lets you decide what you want to wear

It is normal for consumers nowadays to go through reviews to determine whether or not they will purchase a certain item. Consumers have grown to trust reviews on products the same way as personal recommendations. For you to thrive in business currently, it has become important to base your marketing strategies around consumer reviews.


Fabletics is a brand that has come to grow out of consumer reviews. The company has recorded over 200% growth since it launched in 2013. This growth can be equated to a revenue of $235 million from over one million active members. Fabletics take a keen interest in driving their sales and retaining their customers by ensuring they get good reviews from their customers. The company came to realize that most people prefer doing business with a company based on their online reviews.


Authentic reviews tend to drive the search rankings of businesses and in turn, bring about an increase in revenue. Companies have ventured into incorporating their customer’s thoughts into the products offered. This creates a customer-centric service which in turn brings about repeat and loyal customers to the business.


Research companies Moz and The Local SEO Guide conducted a search ranking survey that looked into the impact of reviews on search rankings. The study found out that having positive reviews on your products had a direct impact on the brand’s ranking on search engine Google. Positive reviews bring about extra attention from consumers. This leads to more potential customers getting attracted to the what is happening on the websites.


Since reviews bring about repeat customers, it could be wise to address the issues that come up from the customer’s reviews. Having to incorporate the user’s sentiments on products shows them that you take their opinions seriously. Fabletics actively collects, manages and replies to customers reviews on their products. This has helped Fabletics in refining their products to meet their customers’ needs. Reviews have made companies focus on customer satisfaction and transparency. This is because they now must put themselves in their users’ shoes whenever they come up with products.


When the founders of Fabletics, Don Ressler, and Adam Goldenberg came up with the idea of the company, they were faced with a predicament of whom to use as a brand ambassador. Kate Hudson was their solutions given her personality, fame, and love of keeping fit. She has been key in the improvement and development of Fabletics, the athleisure brand for women.


Kate aims at empowering women to keep fit regardless of their age, shape, or size. Through her regular input, she has contributed hugely in foreseeing the company’s growth from a little startup to a $250 million company. Kate oversees the design process. It is her duty and the design team to ensure that the design of the clothes remains fresh. She also reviews the company’s budgets and decides on what social media marketing strategies ought to be implemented.


Before you sign up for Fabletics, you will be required to take a quick quiz. The company uses this data to determine what prices to charge their products, and create products that people want. Therefore, you will be in charge of what you wear and how much to pay for it by completing the quiz. That is how customer-centric Fabletics is.

EOS Lip Balm Is Exellent

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