Susan McGalla Continues Efforts to Promote Diversity

Susan McGalla is a very successful businesswoman that has worked for a number of different prominent organizations over the course of her career. This includes working as the president of American Eagle and being the former CEO of Wet Seal. Beyond her role as the leader of those organizations, she has also been heavily involved in the oversight of a number of non-profit organizations. Presently, she is also in the front office for the Pittsburgh Steelers.

While Susan McGalla has had a very strong career and helped to improve the lives of many people, she is also very focused on helping other woman and people succeed in the workforce. One area of concern that she continues to have is the lack of diversity in many organizations across the globe. She has recently given a number of interviews where she discusses the issue of diversity and how it can be changed.

During her interviews, McGalla is very quick to point to all of the benefits that come with diversity. Not only is it the right thing for a business to do, but those that focus on diversity when hiring and promoting employees will find that they are able to do better than their competition. She has noted that those that focus on gender diversity will outperform the competition by more than 15% while those that focus on racial-diversity will outperform by more than 30%.

While there are clear benefits that come with incorporating a diversity focus into the business, there are still many changes that are needed to ensure that more companies focus on it as well. One solution that she has continued to promote is to have a sponsorship and mentorship program at these organizations. While it does not have to be a formal program established by the company, organizations should encourage sponsorship and mentorship. Younger women that are looking for ways to grow in the company should seek out the advice and assistance of more senior staff members. Furthermore, those that have reached the higher levels of a company should look out for promising young women to further coach.