Aspirations of an Entrepreneur, A Sit Down with Jason Hope

Jason Hope has become something of a big name within the technological industry thanks to his work as a futurist. Hope has set the standard when it comes to forecasting out certain directions with technology. When he comments on a concept people tend to listen to it. That is why it is a big deal that Jason Hope is becoming more and more vocal about two very different fields: the Internet of Things and the Biotechnology industries. We’ll dig into Hope’s take on these fields after first learning a little bit about what makes him work as an entrepreneur.

Let’s start by introducing ourselves to Jason Hope. Hope graduated from Arizona State University before going on to pursue his MBA. Located out of Tempe, AZ Hope has nonetheless become something of a global name thanks to his continued efforts to expand on the Internet of Things which we mentioned above. Hope’s an entrepreneur and a futurist who has steadily expanded his empire in order to become a venture capitalist as well, thus keeping him right on the pulse of the latest upcoming innovations.

As an entrepreneur Hope knows that each day he has to focus on a variety of different tasks. That is why he likes starting his day nice and early with a workout and a big breakfast. Hope transitions from that into focusing on his digital domains, checking emails and social media accounts, as he compiles his list of tasks for the day. Above all Hope knows that he has to stay focused. Hope says, “I like to start by keeping things basic.” Hope continues, “Over-complicating ideas will only waste time and encourage failure.”

Right now there are a variety of different industries that are intriguing to Jason Hope and his entrepreneurial work but the Internet of Things is at the top of the list. Hope says, “It will not be long before every home in the developed world will be dependent on their IoT connected devices.” Hope goes on to explain that there are many new IoT devices being developed for 2017 and beyond.

Another concept that Hope has fallen in love with is biotechnology. Hope recently donated $500,000 to the SENS Foundation to aid in their research toward curing age related illness and disease. Hope believes that the entire medical field is going to begin trending in this direction in the coming years with more and more public support.

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How Jason Hope fits into the current technological innovations

Introduction and educational background

Jason Hope was born in Arizona, and he spent a good part of his life in the state. Having passed his the early education, Jason joined the Arizona State University for his undergraduate degree where he studied Finance. At the Carey School of business, Jason Hope took a degree in Business administration that would later help him in his entrepreneurial life. Currently, Hope is one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world. His major focus is technology and how it can be used to make the community a better place.

Jason Hope’s support of Internet of Things

Anytime the Internet of Things is mentioned, Jason Hope has to appear. He has stressed a lot on the importance of embracing technology as this is the direction that the world has taken. For some years now, Jason has been actively involved in the development of Internet of things. He has spent his resources to help in research that would lead to quality results. The latest interest that Jason has developed in this field is on the research of the diseases that affect the aged. In the recent past, Hope funded the SENS Foundation which is a body that is developing a way in which aging can be controlled. In the current society, almost all the people alive do not want to grow old. This research would be a scientific solution of biggest problems that affect the world. Other than aging, several other diseases affect the aged in which Hope has developed interest.

Philanthropic work and contribution

Jason Hope is one of the strangest people ever to be mentioned in philanthropic work. He does not support organizations because he has the money, but Hope has to consider a course in which he believes. In the research taken by SENS Foundation, Jason donated an approximate value of $500,000 to boost the process of research. Other than scientific research, Jason is also involved in other major charity works which he prefers to keep in secret. He has supported students who need funding for their projects and ideas as well as other upcoming entrepreneurs with viable ideas.

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