Getting Mental Health Help In Your Pocket

It is now possible to get the mental health help that you may require right from the very smartphone that you use for just about everything else. A recent study out of South Korea showed that as much as ten percent of the teenage population is at risk for depression. Services like Talkspace hope to help that growing population get the help they so desperately need.

What Talkspace offers is entirely different from the traditional therapist experience. Rather than going to a professional’s office to have them listen to the issues that you are having, Talkspace makes it possible for you to talk with the person that you need to talk to from the comfort of your own home or wherever. They offer services such as video conferencing, phone conversations, and even text message therapy.

Magellan Health thinks that the service is a legitimate one as they have signed on to a deal with Talkspace to partner with them to provide even more therapy services to their clients. Megellan Health clients will soon be able to access the Talkspace programs to receive the electronic mental health therapy that they may require as well.

This is a service that will certainly benefit the time-crunched among us (who isn’t at this point in life?!). It is something that does not require a formal appointment or travel of any kind. It is designed specifically to fit into the lifestyles of those who have a busy life all the time.

The plans for Talkspace start at $32 per week. This entitles the user to one session with their therapist via text per day for the week. More expensive plans allow for more sessions per day, and even some video-conferencing. These plans are enjoyed by many who require the services of a therapist but may not be able to do things the way they used to be done.