My review of EOS’ New Crystal Lip Balm

EOS released a new Crystal lip balm in August 2017 and I finally got a chance to try it after I ordered it online, refer also here on I tried both the new peach hibiscus and vanilla orchid flavors, which are the only two flavors for sale under their Crystal line.

EOS Crystal is the new vegan line of lip balm from EOS. While most other lip balm manufacturers sell vegan lip balm, EOS doesn’t as their lip balm contains beeswax. Beeswax is a high quality ingredient and EOS has long sold high quality lip balms that are based on high quality emollients like all natural oils, as compared to other manufacturers who use petroleum jelly. Petroleum jelly is technically vegan, but doesn’t last as long as the EOS lip balms and doesn’t protect lips as well as EOS’ lip balm does.

Of course, a superior product is part of what has made EOS such a success in the lip balm industry, in addition to their wide range of flavors and unique shaped applicators. While EOS tweaked these aspects of their product for the EOS Crystal line making their containers less round and more shelf stable (in not tipping over), EOS is releasing the same quality product under their Crystal line as under their other product lines. For consumers this is a good thing as EOS Crystal is a premium product and shows when you use it.

Vanilla orchid has a rich flavor that is complex yet applies smooth and doesn’t have the off flavors that many competitor products have which are laden with artificial flavorings. EOS only uses all-natural and mostly organic ingredients in their lip balm and this truly is on display in this lip balm. Peach hibiscus also applies smooth and provides a unique combination of fruit and floral flavors that is very effective, yet complex and unique.

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Both of these Crystal lip balms from EOS get a thumbs up and are worth trying for vegans and lip balm lovers alike.

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