Like EOS? You’ll LOVE the New EOS Crystal

If there is anything I love it is a brand that can maintain a consistently amazing product in a time when everyone is looking to do creative innovations spins on classic products. Think Cocacola Classic. That’s why I’m so loyal to EOS. EOS, which stands for Evolution of Smooth, has been around for years and has been incredibly consistent in offering a high end luxury lip balm at a resonable cost. In addition, the brand only offers an elite handful of flavors. I’ve truly never tried one that I didn’t like and I know many people that share that opinion.

When they do launch a new flavors, it’s really a big deal! I was thrilled to hear that not only is EOS launching two new flavors but they have added massive upgrades to their balms in the rollout of a brand new product: EOS Crystal, refer also to

For the first time ever, EOS Crystal will be completely crystal clear, look at the lip balm selections. Also, these two new little spheres will be a little more evolved than their siblings and will not be completely round. Each ball will have a slight curve at the top. The announcement featured some great pictures showcasing EOS Crystal’s new shape.

As if those two things aren’t great enough, EOS Crystal spheres will all include five major essential oils for an added silky smoothness for your lips. Because they are crystal clear they will be totally free of any wax, making them additionally appealing to vegan lovers of EOS.

The first two flavors to roll out will be Peach Hibiscus and Lavender Orchid. Check out more products here on As always, EOS totally nailed the flavors, offering perfect pairings. The new spheres also have just a slight hint of a lovely shimmer in the packaging for an extra decadent look. They are in the process of a national rollout and will be available by late August 2017.

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