Dr. Mark McKenna; Changing the Medical Sector

Dr. Mark McKenna is a renowned medical doctor as well as a successful entrepreneur. He is the founder of OVME which is a company that focuses on innovation and production of technology-enabled aesthetic to be used in the medical sector. Dr. Mark McKenna founded the firm in 2017 and has been serving there as the Chief Executive Officer since its founding. Due to its operations, it has been able to acquire four million US dollars from various investment firms. This money has been used to improve the medical sector including the launching of a mobile medical app. The money has also been used to open several clinics located in different parts of Atlanta, Las Vegas as well as in Nashville.

According to Dr. Mark McKenna, the foundation aims at ensuring that people can have the opportunity of receiving medical attention at the comfort of their homes. The service will give clients a luxurious experience which is better than the usual case where the patient goes to the medical institution. Experienced medical doctors will be visiting the sick at their homes when contacted and they will perform complex procedures such as cosmetic surgery as well as offer consultations. Many people are excited about the news and can’t wait for it to take effect.

Dr. Mark McKenna went to Tulane University Medical School, graduated and joined his father who was practising medicine as a physician. He is licensed by the Georgia State Board of Medical Examiners as well as the Louisiana State Board of Medical Examiners. The successful entrepreneur participates in public education and has a great passion for community development. During the time that he was working with his father, Dr. Mark McKenna gained a passion for the real estate industry and chose to join the sector.

After the occurrence of Hurricane Katrina, Mark supported the people that were affected by the provision of low-income housing that people could afford. Also, he founded ShapeMed which deals with cosmetic treatments. Mark continues to invest in different businesses, and his success has seen him become a guest at the CBS TV show; Doctorpreneur.

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