George Soros Makes Massive Donation to Charity, Continues Resistance Movement.

There is no figure that conjures up more ire from the conservative/right-wing media than George Soros. Soros is the billionaire investor who has made a name for himself as a progressive who is willing to spend money in order to make a positive impact on the world. Since the election of Donald Trump to the presidency, fueled by the rise of anti-liberal rhetoric thanks to the GOP, George Soros has put himself out there as a bastion for resistance against the destructive Trump regime. While the rest of the world was snickering at Trump’s blundering attempt to wade into politics, Soros was clear-eyed in terms of the danger that his populist agenda could represent. As a result, Soros has gone on the offensive by way of his philanthropic efforts by donating nearly $18 BILLION to the Open Society Foundations.

The Open Society Foundations was formulated by George Soros back in the ’70s. Soros wanted to create a charity that could positively impact countries all around the planet by focusing on core progressive ideas. The Open Society Foundations works with grassroots campaigns around the world in order to push progressive values such as social justice, marriage equality, artistic expression, freedom of expression and a more transparent government. Soros and the OSF have made a huge impact in Africa, fighting back against Apartheid while also providing aid during the recent Ebola epidemic. However, it is Soro’s work with the OSF here at home that has conservatives shaking their heads and conspiring to create conspiracies about the man.

After Donald Trump won the election of 2016, Soros immediately cut a $10 million check to the Open Society Foundations as a symbolic gesture of his willingness to fight back against the ‘rising tide of darkness’ that Donald Trump was ushering in. This is not an exaggeration, either. Through Trump’s election campaign there was a marked rise in hate-crimes fueled by right wing extremists. Soros realized this early on and began the machinations of what would eventually become his $18 billion donation. Soros has put his money where his mouth is and he is going to be making a difference for generations to come.

While donating $18 billion to charity should be seen as a completely positive gesture, there are still those that would thumb their nose at it. Fueled by the Koch Brothers and the rest of conservative media, there has been a demonstrable push to demonize the work that George Soros has been doing. Soros has been in the crosshairs of conservative media for decades so this isn’t new, but it IS particularly dangerous with how violent the rhetoric has been from those on the right wing of political spectrum. With all of that being said, Soros continues to shine as a beacon for progressive values and as a bastion of the resistance.

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