Innovative EOS Flavors

EOS was founded by individuals who were able to quickly establish a brand in the lip balm industry with a creative new line of lip balms. EOS focused on the quality of their ingredients using oils and emollients that were far superior to their competitors. Further, they avoided a lot of the artificial additives that many brands were using which created off flavors. Finally, they used a unique marketing push with clever new orb applicators and a litany of new flavors that helped the brand to expand quickly and into new markets.

The wide range of unique flavors of lip balm is what stands out the most with shoppers and many users are looking to sample a wide range of different flavored lip balms that they have never seen sold before by any manufacturer of lip balm, refer also to Some of the more unique lip balm flavors that EOS created include:

– Peach Hibiscus – This is the first of two vegan flavored lip balms. Most quality lip balms use beeswax as an ingredient, as does EOS for most of their lip balms. EOS was able to create the peach hibiscus flavor that contains no beeswax but still retains the same quality and consistency that their other products taste. Peach hibiscus is available under the EOS Crystal line and has a delightful blend of fruit and floral notes associated with it.

Vanilla Mint – While mint and vanilla flavors are popular flavors in lip balms, they typically are sold separately and not as combined flavors. The blend of these two flavors creates a truly unique and complex flavor that resonates with many users.

– Blackberry Nectar – While blackberry is a popular fruit, it is not common in lip balms. Blackberry is a challenging product to pull off as it is complex and not too sweet. EOS did a magical job creating their blackberry nectar flavor as it is rich and complex and resembles the real fruit, browse more details here on

EOS has a full range of unique and interesting lip balm flavors to choose from, you may order here at Experiment and find the right flavor for your needs.