A Review Of The New Successful EOS Lip Balm

In order to obtain success in the very competitive lip balm industry, a company must bring something new to the public. Something that the consumer has always desired in a product. Enter EOS or the Evolution Of Smooth. The very innovative company created a completely redesigned lip balm product that included nourishing, natural ingredients like Shea butter, jojoba oil, vitamin E, and vitamin C. Recently, they added a new lip balm product to their collection, the clear vegan crystal flavored lip balm that has attracted even more EOS lip balm fans, available here on amazon.de.

New Successful Lip Balm

The clear vegan crystal flavored lip balm attained immediate success because it is clear, organic, and does not include any animal byproducts. Of course, the new lip balm also fits in with the company’s high production standards too. Fans take note. The new lip balm is also packaged in the company’s iconic little orbs that are easy to carry around in a pocket or handbag. It’s also interesting to note that the new lip balms are selling out as quick as they are added to websites or stocked on shelves in local stores.

About The Evolution Of Smooth

What are the two best selling lip balms in the country? Certainly, Chapstick and Burt’s Bees held those titles for a number of years. They provided consumers with lip balms in a cylinder shaped tube with bland flavors. EOS changed the game by producing an organic lip balm with wonderful flavors that were fun to apply to your lips. Today, it is one of the most popular lip balms produced.

The small, New York company EOS started back in 2006. The founder was Craig Dubitsky. Over the last several years, the lip balm company has continued to rise to great heights in popularity because of their focus on only producing lip balms that include organic ingredients.