Aspirations of an Entrepreneur, A Sit Down with Jason Hope

Jason Hope has become something of a big name within the technological industry thanks to his work as a futurist. Hope has set the standard when it comes to forecasting out certain directions with technology. When he comments on a concept people tend to listen to it. That is why it is a big deal that Jason Hope is becoming more and more vocal about two very different fields: the Internet of Things and the Biotechnology industries. We’ll dig into Hope’s take on these fields after first learning a little bit about what makes him work as an entrepreneur.

Let’s start by introducing ourselves to Jason Hope. Hope graduated from Arizona State University before going on to pursue his MBA. Located out of Tempe, AZ Hope has nonetheless become something of a global name thanks to his continued efforts to expand on the Internet of Things which we mentioned above. Hope’s an entrepreneur and a futurist who has steadily expanded his empire in order to become a venture capitalist as well, thus keeping him right on the pulse of the latest upcoming innovations.

As an entrepreneur Hope knows that each day he has to focus on a variety of different tasks. That is why he likes starting his day nice and early with a workout and a big breakfast. Hope transitions from that into focusing on his digital domains, checking emails and social media accounts, as he compiles his list of tasks for the day. Above all Hope knows that he has to stay focused. Hope says, “I like to start by keeping things basic.” Hope continues, “Over-complicating ideas will only waste time and encourage failure.”

Right now there are a variety of different industries that are intriguing to Jason Hope and his entrepreneurial work but the Internet of Things is at the top of the list. Hope says, “It will not be long before every home in the developed world will be dependent on their IoT connected devices.” Hope goes on to explain that there are many new IoT devices being developed for 2017 and beyond.

Another concept that Hope has fallen in love with is biotechnology. Hope recently donated $500,000 to the SENS Foundation to aid in their research toward curing age related illness and disease. Hope believes that the entire medical field is going to begin trending in this direction in the coming years with more and more public support.

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A Review Of Rick Smith’s Career Journey

Rick Smith serves as the CEO and president of Securus Technologies, a prison tech company. Presently, Securus Technologies focuses on developing innovative civil and criminal justice technology. The company focuses on offering solutions that seek to solve and prevent crime in the free world and in the penitentiary.Since 2008, Smith has worked for the company in several positions. Prior to joining Securus Technologies, Rick worked for Eschelon Telecom Inc. In the company, he held various positions. In 1998, he served as the chief financial officer. In 1999, Rick Smith was promoted to serve as the president of the company. In 2003, Smith was promoted to serve as the chief executive officer of the corporation. Before assuming his roles at Eschelon Telecom Inc., Rick Smith was Frontier Corp’s vice president in charge of financial management. He rendered his services for the company for two decades. During this period, he worked in different capacities.

At Securus Technologies, Rick Smith is committed to offering innovative technology that enhances the performance of prisons. Moreover, the technology facilitates inmates to stay in touch with their loved ones in the outside world. However, if no safety measures are put in place, such technology may be misused, thus resulting in grave security concerns. It is for this reason that Securus Technologies goes further to monitor how the technology is used and raise any concerns when there is any breach. Through Securus Technologies, many inmates have been able to transform and become good men and women in the society. This is because of being in touch with their friends and families regularly. Additionally, inmates can access an extra feature that has an email setup. The provision of the gadgets enables inmates to get a picture of the developments in the outside world. This way, it facilitates them to adjust appropriately when they are released. Through Securus’ Technologies, the rate of recidivism reduces.

Rick Smith is an alumnus of Rochester Institute of Technology where he graduated with his associate degree in electrical engineering. He also holds an MBA from the University of Rochester. Smith earned his master’s degree in mathematics from the State University of New York. Moreover, he obtained a bachelor of science in electrical engineering from the revered State University of New York at Buffalo.Recently, Rick Smith commented on Securus Technologies’ positive emails. Many customers, including public safety organizations and correctional facilities continue to seek for their company’s services. Rick Smith noted that Securus Technologies pay more attention to service and product development proposals. He posited that the proposals are released each week to law enforcement and correctional agencies to prevent and solve crimes in the current society. Smith acknowledged the thousands of letters and emails that customers send to the company appreciating their innovative services and products.

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How Jason Hope fits into the current technological innovations

Introduction and educational background

Jason Hope was born in Arizona, and he spent a good part of his life in the state. Having passed his the early education, Jason joined the Arizona State University for his undergraduate degree where he studied Finance. At the Carey School of business, Jason Hope took a degree in Business administration that would later help him in his entrepreneurial life. Currently, Hope is one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world. His major focus is technology and how it can be used to make the community a better place.

Jason Hope’s support of Internet of Things

Anytime the Internet of Things is mentioned, Jason Hope has to appear. He has stressed a lot on the importance of embracing technology as this is the direction that the world has taken. For some years now, Jason has been actively involved in the development of Internet of things. He has spent his resources to help in research that would lead to quality results. The latest interest that Jason has developed in this field is on the research of the diseases that affect the aged. In the recent past, Hope funded the SENS Foundation which is a body that is developing a way in which aging can be controlled. In the current society, almost all the people alive do not want to grow old. This research would be a scientific solution of biggest problems that affect the world. Other than aging, several other diseases affect the aged in which Hope has developed interest.

Philanthropic work and contribution

Jason Hope is one of the strangest people ever to be mentioned in philanthropic work. He does not support organizations because he has the money, but Hope has to consider a course in which he believes. In the research taken by SENS Foundation, Jason donated an approximate value of $500,000 to boost the process of research. Other than scientific research, Jason is also involved in other major charity works which he prefers to keep in secret. He has supported students who need funding for their projects and ideas as well as other upcoming entrepreneurs with viable ideas.

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Rick Smith: Securus Technologies is Transforming the Corrections Industry

Rick Smith is a respected figure in the corrections industry. At the moment, Smith works as the president of the leading company in the industry, known as Securus Technologies. The prominent businessman acquired this prestigious position in the year, and he has transformed the industry.

Rick Smith was given the top position in Securus Technologies because of several reasons. First of all, he is very experienced, and he has the knowledge the company needs to go to the higher level. His focus and drive have also played a fundamental role in his successful career. The undisputed leader has introduced several applications in the correctional world, making communication easier and effective.

When an individual is incarcerated and taken away from their family, communication is very important. Without adequate communication, the prisoners cannot reform and become better citizens. Rick Smith has served in the finance industry, operations, business development, information technology and telecommunication world, and he has all the expertise the prisoners need to keep in touch with their families.

The individuals who work at the correctional centers need assistance so that they can accomplish their goals. There is a lot of paperwork needed to keep everything in order. With the introduction of the latest technology by Rick Smith, it is now very easy for all the prison wardens to keep track of all the activities happening. Corrupt activities in the prisons have also reduced thanks to the kind of services provided by Rick Smith and his team.

Last year Christmas holiday was very different for the inmates. According to a statement from the company, Rick and his team introduced the video communication app to make the festive season even better. The app was very beneficial to the parents who were celebrating the holiday away from their families. The children had an opportunity to open their presents while the parents were watching away from home. The video communication app also made the lives of the individuals who visit the prisons better.

Every time the families and friend go to visit their loved ones at the correctional centers, they are forced to spend time in the long queues just to spend some minutes with their loved ones. The new app, however, has brought an end to this suffering. The app is easy to use, and it is easier for the authorities to monitor whatever is happening between the inmates and their friends.

Just recently Rick Smith announced that his telecommunication firm had acquired an institution known as Jpay. According to Smith, the sale agreement is already completed, and Securus will be taking over the new business very soon. JPay is expected to make the lives of the inmates better because of the expertise it is bringing along.

Tech, Health, and Kids: Eric Pulier Does It All

Eric Pulier is a prolific and accomplished author, technology expert, entrepreneur, and philanthropist. He is best known for his ground breaking work in the realm of helping with healthcare and education technology for illnesses, especially with children. He has worked on a number of projects that ended up being enterprise solutions for the government or charitable organizations.

Pulier is a member of the Clinton Global Initiative, and he founded Desktone, Enterprise Professional, and MediaPlatform. His companies (he’s founded 15) have almost all received venture-backed funding from some of the largest firms on the planet. He was actually chosen to come to Washington D.C. to showcase his platform for helping children with MS. The platform was designed in concert with Steven Spielberg as the first private social networking setup. It allowed children in hospital beds, who couldn’t move due to their conditions, to communicate with one another. Typically, this kind of communication is impossible to do, but thanks to the innovative solutions of Pulier and his team, they made it a reality. With online communication involving children, safety is usually a concern, but they designed specific chat rooms and blog posts so they could communicate directly and safely, improving the quality of their lives.

Pulier graduated magna cum laude from Harvard and was also a writer for the student newspaper, the Harvard Crimson, while he attended there. Soon after leaving school is when he first started his company called Digital Evolution in Los Angeles. Now, he spends his time developing new ways to be philanthropic and help the community. For example, he is part of The Painted Turtle, which is a summer camp for children with illnesses in California. He also sits on the board of the Xprize foundation, which awards millions of dollars in prizes to companies and team all around world to solve real problems in healthcare and education for underdeveloped nations. Pulier also children of his own, although he clearly loves helping and touching the lives of children everywhere. The world truly needs more entrepreneurs and philanthropists like Pulier. The good news is he isn’t slowing down anytime soon.

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E-governe minimizes opportunity for government corruption

One of the defining factors that has traditionally separated first-world nations from the second and third world has been the level of corruption that pervades the society at large. This has been particularly true in Latin America, where governments have been plagued by an endemic culture of corruption for most of its 500 year existence. It has often been theorized that, if Latin American countries could rid themselves of corruption, the resource-rich countries that comprise it would be forever liberated from poverty’s shackles, propelling the region head-first into the ranks of the world’s advanced nations.


But this goal of eliminating corruption has proven elusive. Countries and governments have trudged on through coups, financial crises and military intervention by the United States and other powerful nations, only to repeat the cycle again and again. Through all of this, endemic corruption has stayed high. In an environment where everyone is corrupt, how could those who refuse to participate stand a chance of succeeding? This has always been a fundamental problem in Latin American countries. There’s always someone who is corrupt waiting to take the place of those who won’t play along by the unwritten rules.


But now this is starting to change. E-governe is Brazil’s largest and most respected e-governance company, having produced proven e-government solutions since the 1980s. Today, e-governe has the most comprehensive, effective platform for turn-key e-governance solutions in Brazil.


One of the areas in which e-governe is helping to permanently eliminate corruption is in the area of tax assessment. The collection and imposition of taxes, as well as the formation of the budgets that money goes towards, has long been one of the choke points at which corruption can either fester or be stamped out. With e-governe, systems can be implemented that raise the accountability level to nearly 100 percent, while making any form of graft, outside the constraints of the law, nearly impossible to carry out.


E-governe Taxes is a fully integrated tax solution for municipal and state governments. It takes all of the best aspects of tax collection and assessment systems throughout the advanced economies of the world and puts them into one, codified system. Control and accountability mechanisms are built into the system, making low-level corruption nearly impossible. And the system uses a unique set of permissions, meaning that, in order for high-level administrative corruption to take place, multiple high-level users would need to be in on the scheme. This can dramatically reduce waste, theft and political patronage that uses the tax system to almost nothing.


Municipalities where e-governe Taxes has been implemented have already seen dramatic improvements to their municipal budgets and levels of waste. In the city of Teresina, e-governe was adopted recently. That city has seen reductions in capital outflows of more than 50 percent in some areas. And it has collected nearly 25 percent more money in tax revenues.


This is the power of e-governe’s platform of proven electronic governance methods. Ultimately, e-governe creates the most value for those who matter the most, the taxpayers.

Wessex Wikipedia UK

England is a place that is filled with wonderful historical institutions of higher learning. England is also home to a great institution of higher learning that is a bit more modern. The fact is that Wessex Institute of Technology is a well regarded higher learning institute that is located in Southern England. Learning takes place in a very picturesque site at Ashurst Lodge in the New Forest National Park. The institute is involved with the exchange of knowledge between academics and those in chosen industries. This exchange of vital information is achieved through several activities that occur throughout the year.


Wessex Institute of Technology Activities

Wessex connects with numerous professionals and those in education by providing several activities through the year. They include conferences and publishing several journals. In fact, the journals are sought after by people in various industries locally and on an International basis.

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Conferences Offered at The Wessex Institute of Technology

The Wessex Institute of Technology has around 25 different conferences each year. The institute is located in the South of England and is a premium research location for many students. Each conference has a different subject matter and expert researchers are able to come together and exchange ideas on a variety of subjects.

Many of the Wessex Institute of Technology conferences are international and a great way for like-minded people from all over the world to discuss subjects they are passionate about. Subject matter for each conference varies and some of the included subjects are “Waste Management and the Environment”, “Modeling, Monitoring and Management of Air Pollution”, “Flood Risk Management and Response”, “E\nergy Production and Management in the 21st Century”, “Sustainable Tourism”, “Railway Engineering Design and Operation”, “Structures Under Shock and Impact”, “Defense Sites: Heritage and Future”, “Islamic Heritage Architecture and Art”, “Urban Transport and the Environment”, “Harmonization between Architecture and Nature” and many others. There is wide variety of topics available, and sure to be a subject of interest for many people.