Omar Yunes’ Mexicano Declared as the Best Franchisee by BFW

Mexicano, a Mexican Sushi chain restaurant, is awarded as the best franchise in the world 2015 by the Best Franchisee of the World or BFW. The competition took place in Florence, Italy, on Dec. 5, 2015, and that saw representations of franchises from 34 countries around the world. The franchise units of Sushi Itto, the Japanese fast food brand, was founded by the renowned Mexican entrepreneur and investor, Omar Yunes. He says that he is very proud of the recognition and states that he is just a representative of the hard work of a team of 400 employees from its different units. Yunes also thanked the brand, Sushi Itto, for providing the space for innovation that helped it to grab the title.


The 2015 edition of BFW competition saw participation from countries including Portugal, France, Hungary, Brazil, Argentina, Italy, and Mexico. It was based on parameters such as the influence the franchise created on the brand network, its contributions in terms of knowledge and value addition, motivation to employees, the total amount of invoice and improvements the franchise proposed to the brand, and the total number and amount of savings implemented. Interestingly, the competition did not consider the brand as a parameter for the contest. Benjamin Cancelmo, the CEO of Sushi Itto was delighted with the great feat one of its franchises achieved and confirmed that the award is a recognition for their joint effort in providing excellent service, unique hospitality, and remarkable flavor to their customers.


Omar Yunes started his entrepreneurial ventures from his very younger ages and known for endeavors by keeping quality as the prime focus. He opened the first franchise of Sushi Itto at the age of 21, and now he owns 13 units in major cities in the country including Mexico City, Veracruz, and Puebla. Interestingly, the franchise represents almost 10% of the total number of units the brand has. Yunes thinks that teamwork, innovation, leadership, and implementation of continuous improvements in the units made the franchise highly successful. His franchise won the Mexican version of BFW competition on Nov. 24, 2015, and that made it eligible for participating in BFW World program.

Norman Pattiz Is a Proud Radio Veteran

Norman Pattiz is an entrepreneur who is involved in the broadcasting realm. He’s an prominent American citizen who was born in 1943. He’s known by many as the professional who launched Westwood One, a widely known radio network.

Westwood One existed between the years of 1976 and 2011 and was headquartered in New York, New York. Pattiz is a part of the National Radio Hall of Fame and has been since 2009. The National Radio Hall of Fame, in short, is a group that was launched in 1988 by a company called Emerson Radio Corporation.

Pattiz created Westwood One back in 1976. The radio syndication firm grew into the United States’ biggest radio network. It was at one point among the planet’s biggest media organizations as well. Pattiz still keeps busy and active to this day.

In 2010, he established Courtside Entertainment Group. He served as its CEO (Chief Executive Officer). He created Launchpad a couple short years later in the fall of 2012. Launchpad, however, transitioned into “Podcast One” not too long later in the winter of 2013.

There’s no arguing that Norman Pattiz is a businessman who has enjoyed a wide range of successes throughout the years and decades. He also, however, is an entrepreneur who has a true passion for family life. His wife is called Mary Turner.

She used to work as a radio personality. The pair, as a result, have a lot in common in the career sector. She’s a Betty Ford Center board chairman, too. The couple lives in sunny Beverly Hills, California together. They have another home in gorgeous Santa Barbara, California, too. Santa Barbara is a Central California city that has a pleasant coastal locale. Learn more about Norman Pattiz:

Pattiz spends his days as PodcastOne’s Executive Chairman and Founder. He’s immensely proud of his past achievements as well. Westwood One was a powerhouse in the radio community.

It was a reliable American source of entertainment, sports and news coverage. Westwood One was at the helm of everything from NFL (National Football League) football to CBS News and beyond.

Pattiz is an individual who supports many groups and organizations that are near and dear to him. He gives his support to the Council of Foreign Relations.

He’s a member of the group. He also extends his support to the University of California. Pattiz is a devoted and committed professional who doesn’t seem to be slowing down any time soon.

The Earlier Music Profession of Casio Audi

Recently, Casio Audi becomes linked to a job which he undertook in the industry of finance. It is important to know that he invested in the business globe earlier on. He began as the Viper rock band’s founding supporter.

They established music in the year 1985 in unity with the band buddies. Before taking a step to undertake business, playing drums is the role that he engaged himself in the course of being in the band.

The team acquired motivation from the Iron Maiden as well as the growing British heavy metal tune. Concerning the sources, Audi was farfetched with the gadget and perhaps would have attained a prosperous career in line with the music.
Casio Audi’s skills about the drums crisscrossed the globe following the production of their first sample album named The Killer Sword. The songs in it included Killera, Princes from Hell, as well as Nightmare.

However, the songs were encompassed in their first folder with minimal amendments. The release of the earliest album happened in the year 1987. It was known by the name Soldiers of Sunrise. Casio took over the role of playing the drum sets on the album. The music faultfinders, as well as supporters, however, had the feeling that the skills of the team required improvement as well as fine-tuning. Despite
However, considering English was their second language, The release judged team as talented and headed to bigger stuff. This followed the consideration that English wasn’t their native language.

It is important to acknowledge the fact that the album attained a high rating from the Allmusic. As a result of leaving the music industry and joining University, he is a graduate in business administration. Up to date, he has attained different skills related to finance management, experience in real estate market, and an advisor on issues of the stock exchange.

Success Academy, the Success School Story

Are you looking for a successful results-oriented school in New York City for your children? Look no further than Success Academy, an Eva Moskowitz’s network of charter schools in New York City. The first Success School was opened 10 years ago and within this period it has established a network of 32 schools with an enrollment of 9,000 students. The school network has 24 elementary schools (K-4), 7 middle schools (grades 5-8) and one new high school. The school is projected to open an additional 13 new schools in the coming two years and is expected to increase its enrollment to 21,000 students in New York City.


The key to the growth was based on the excellent performances of Success students. Charles Sahm, an investigative writer explained that last year, 29 percent of students in New York City tested were determined to be proficient in English and 35 percent in math on the state’s common entrance exams. Compared to Success Students, English proficiency rate was 64 percent and a surprising 94 percent rate in math. Noticeably, Success students who come from the city’s poorest communities outperformed those children from the rich suburbs.


What did the management of Success Academy network of charter schools do differently for these achievements? The school instituted a systematic and controlled teaching and learning environment for students and teachers. Success students are considered scholars and made to wear school uniforms to ensure set standards and the pursuit of a culture of discipline and high expectation. Classrooms and buildings are named after teachers’ alma mater to honor teachers, introducing extended school days, and innovative teaching content. Charles Sahm stated, “What separates Success, in my opinion, is a laser focus on what is being taught, and how.”


At Success Academy “content is king.” Kindergarteners work in groups and play with wooden blocks and build imaginable things around them. At this stage, they do not use books because block play is more fun and kid-driven activities. THINK literacy approaches are used to make students undertake reading workshops, guided reading, reading aloud and shared text reading.


The Greyhound Diaries Project Takes A Look At The Forgotten America

The Greyhound Diaries is a first hand account of the travels of Doug Levitt across America by way of Greyhound line buses. Published as a book, the Greyhound Diaries is a journal of what Doug Levitt experienced during his travel by bus across forgotten towns, rural communities and large cities in the United States. Included in the Greyhound Diaries are conversations that Doug had with fellow travelers on the Greyhound buses and the sights and sounds he saw while crisscrossing the nation.


Doug Levitt said that he was inspired to undertake the journey after he came back from a spell of reporting abroad as a foreign correspondent. The global economy was beginning to enter a recession and Doug Levitt wanted to see for himself the suffering and effects of the economic downturn on people all across the nation. Doug also wanted to travel and partake in an adventure. It would be an adventure that was totally different that any one he had experienced so far in his middle class upbringing and professional career.


Looking back at the Great Depression and the Works Progress Administration, Doug gleaned inspiration for his Greyhound Diaries adventure from the artists who were hired to cover the struggles and daily life of American during the Great Depression. Doug would be just like these artists. Although, he would be covering a different period. It would be the great recession and the years leading up to it that he would be covering. Doug’s medium would be words, photographs and later on music.


The culmination of all of the travels, that span over a decade is the book called the Greyhound Diaries. Doug Levitt has also produced a music album called the Greyhound Diaries LP which describe what Doug Levitt has experienced on his travels throughout the country through music. Mr. Levitt has even began touring various theaters in the country to speak on his journey and perform the songs he composed.


Doug Levitt was born in Washington D.C. and raised in an affluent middle class family. After completing college, Mr. Levitt went on to become a news reporter and then a foreign correspondent for several news organizations before coming home and starting his Greyhound Diaries project.

Sam Tabar’s Career as an Attorney and a Capital Strategist

The PRNewswire recently wrote an article about Sam Tabar, a man who has made quite the name for himself as a lawyer and a great business person. Sam Tabar is a prominent attorney and a capital strategist based in New York City. Before settling in business development and capital strategy, Sam practiced his law career as an associate at Skadden, Arps, Slater, Meagher and Flom LLP.

Tabar is popularly known for going against all odds to achieve great milestones after starting his career in the legal field. Sam has been reported to be at his best when working as both an attorney and a capital strategist. He is known to work extra hard to meet his clients’ expectations.

Sam’s current place of work is in New York City where he works at FullCycle Fund. His extraordinary skills and talents have provided him with plenty of job opportunities. He became employed at Skadden, Arps, Slater, Meagher and Flom LLP majorly due to his skills as an attorney and a capital strategist. During his tenure at the law firm, Sam used to carry out a range of activities including counseling clients on the hedge fund structure, investment management agreements, and employment issues among other roles. By the time he left the law firm in 2004, he had escalated it to greater heights regarding business development.

After leaving his law career, Sam joined Sparx Group/ PMA Investment Advisors in 2004. He was given the position of the company’s counsel before being promoted later to act as the Managing Director and Co-Head of Business Development. While at PMA Investment Advisors, Tabar was in charge of a two billion U.S Dollar hedge fund. He managed all the sectors of the global marketing together with investor relations under the hedge fund. He used his experience and skills to help the Investment Advisors Group to flourish.

Tabar then moved to work for the Bank of America Merrill Lynch after leaving the PMA Investment Advisors. He decided it was time to take his career to greater heights. Tabar served as the Director and Head of Capital Strategy while working at the Bank of America. He used to work with the Asia-Pacific Region during his tenure at the Bank of America.