Whitney Wolfe Herd Wants To Take Bumble Even Further

Bumble is certainly one of the most successful dating apps today and the potential to take this even further is here. Whitney Wolfe Herd has shown that she doesn’t have a problem letting her ambitions guide her and it looks like Bumble is going to take things much further than the rival apps could possibly go. In order to do this she wants to make Bumble much more than a dating app. She wants it to become an inherent part of the lives of the people who use Bumble no matter where they are in life. If she’s able to do this it might take things in an entirely new direction.

Bumble has had much of its success by giving women the vast majority of power on its app. All interactions between men and women happen with women making the first move. This means that harassment and other issues are kept at a minimum on the app while giving the app a level of success others haven’t seen. People love Bumble and they want to see more of this. Wolfe wants to do a lot more than what she’s done previous and she believes that this is going to be one of the best ways to change things for the good.

Bumble’s next step is going to entering the business world with BumbleBizz. This mode lets people network with other people in order to find business partners and mentors who can help them make the right choice in work. Like the other modes of Bumble women always make the first move between the genders, but same sex matches require no such effort. It’s certainly fascinating to see how this changes dynamics but only time will tell if Bumble is able to make something much bigger out of its initial forming in dating.

The data so far seem to show Wolfe as an incredible business woman who knows what she’s doing and who has made a clear effort to take on the competition in a fair and efficient manner. There are plenty of other dating apps but none seem to have the same sense of female empower. The tech industry is going to change over the course of time and Wolfe will be one of the central figures behind that. Technology has the ability to create billion dollar empires and change society. Wolfe’s creation is just another example of that at work and more