ClassDojo Gets Everyone Involved in the Classroom

ClassDojo is a unique platform that is created by a special app that involves parents, students and teachers in a cooperative effort to improve education in the classroom. They all have access to the same communications app and can take part in the classroom activities in different ways.

In the morning, the teacher can check the parental messaging system and learn what student will be out sick, or will be missing class for different reasons. Parents can check in for messages from the teacher, scheduling, and memos from the school. They can also keep up with homework assignments and general messages from the school. Students can share their work, projects and activities. Information can be sent by picture, by writing, and by video. Parents know in advance all about grades, class activity, and special work done by their children.

Class Dojo is already actively used in over 90 percent of K-8 United States schools, and 180 other countries as well. The unique application is translated and actively used in over 35 different languages. The app can be used on all Android, ioS, and Kindle Fire platforms. It can be used on smartphones, laptops, desktops, and tablets. All of the devices are furnished free to the children and to the teachers. That is an application that cannot be beaten.

While in class, teachers can post reminders and action items to the students during a class session. During a discussion or a presentation, the teacher can “award” an “active listener” or a “good contributor” with points which “ping” and are heard by the other students. This prompts students to pay attention instead of becoming distracted. Misbehavior can cause a student to have points deducted which ensures good behavior.

Parents can “sit in” on class sessions, and the students are aware of this, which furthers the tendency for good behavior and attention to the subject at hand. Parents can then reinforce the classroom activities when the student gets home at the end of the day.

The final result is a “win-win” situation for everyone and the excitement is real. ClassDojo is a real winner in the eyes of the schools, the parents and the students because the results speak for themselves.

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