Clay B. Siegall leads Seattle Genetics to great success

Many people are increasingly being diagnosed of cancer. This has been the concern of pharmaceutical company. They are now under pressure to produce effective and safe treatments for cancer patients. Seattle Genetics has been the leader in the fight against cancer. Clay Siegall develops antibody conjugates that aid the treatment of cancer.

Through the support and help of their leader Dr. Clay Siegall, (watch this YouTube video to learn more) the company successfully developed their first cancer-fighting drug known as Adcetris. Since it was introduced, Adcetris has earned the company a massive amount of $226 million sales. The drug has been sold in several parts of the world such as Canada and the United Stated.

Success experienced with the drug has seen Seattle Genetics go on a program to develop additional cancer-fighting drugs. One of their current programs is the development of the 33A drug. It is currently at its third phase of clinical experiment and studies. When successful, the drug is going to be a lead cure for myeloid leukemia cells. Other drugs that have undergone trials are going to be used to treat breast cancer and bladder cancer. The release of the drugs has proved Seattle Genetics’ determination to satisfy the needs of suffering cancer patients.

Seattle Genetics have found the drugs extremely profitable. The drug made an average of $450 million in sales the previous year. The company reported that it has managed to earn approximately $691.7 million sales without debt. Such huge profits has seen Seattle Genetics rise to become one of the largest biotech companies in the entire Northwest region. The value of the company has quickly risen due to its share prices and the total number of stocks. The number of employees is set to increase too. Seattle Genetics is growing in terms of breadth, its vision and size.

Seattle Genetics’ success lies in Dr. Siegall ambition to steer-head the company. Siegall co-founded the company in 1998 where he was the company president. He today serves the company as its Chairman of Board of Directors and Chief Executive Officer. Through his leadership, Genetics has grown to produce diverse anti-body related cancer therapies. Dr. Siegall’s educational background with a Ph.D. speaks of his experience and knowledge.

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