Development of Fashion Industry with Don Ressler

Don Ressler has the brightest mind when it comes to the business industry because when he was at his young age he always wanted to pursue fashion business when he grew up. His dream became true because now he is the one of the known and wealthy in the fashion industry. He always has exceptional knowledge and the new creativity and styles he constantly brings in the fashion business hence making clients looking for him for his services on He is always well informed with the fashion market trend therefore making him be ahead of his competitors in providing better services. He has even worked in numerous companies and hold top positions including the FitnessHeaven and IntelligentBeauty. He is well known in the e-commerce because he is the c0-CEO of JustFab and also the CEO of Fabletics

Intermix Media is a company that bought whereby the company was a success and it was started by Don Ressler. Adam Goldenberg is one of his long- time partners who joined together with him due to his desire in the fashion industry mentioned on Hence they started JustFab which is now named as TechStyle Fashion Group. Their hard work and devotion made them develop the company and made a lot of profit. The TechStyle Fashion Group always ensures they deliver latest shoes, handbags, denim and jewelry in the fashion industry hence making the company grow. Furthermore, the clients can easily access and purchase their products on an online podium.

JustFab also partners with the various organization to enable them to provide and create more innovative ways including FabKids, Fabletics and ShoeDazzle. The organization profit has grown steadily. Some of the success they have made in the fashion business is in the year 2011 and 2012 whereby they attained a total amount of $3 million and $76 million from Matrix Partner at Furthermore FabKids gave them a total of 49 million hence increasing their development. Intelligent Beauty and Technology Crossover are other organization that contributed too.

Don Ressler, Adam Goldenberg and Kate Hudson are the main founders of Fabletics whereby the started the company to make athlete’s products that any athletes may want when doing his daily training and they are easily accessible in an online podium also they are cheap to buy. Kate Hudson is a massive boost for the Fabletics company because she as an athlete always knows what they need and fulfill their requirements. Don Ressler is pleased with the achievement they have attained.

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