Equities First Holdings Relocates to Accommodate its Rapid Growth

Equity First Holding has progressively maintained rapid expansion rates in its alternative lending strategies. The company mainly in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth is ranked among the fastest growing companies. To deliver even better services and be accessible by its clients, Equity First Holdings decided to move from Melbourne offices in Australia. Apparently, the company operates from EFH office that is strategic in Melbourne, Australia. Both business associates and clients at Equity First Holdings have collectively benefited from the move, and can now access the company with convenience.

On the other hand, rapid growth of business is cited as a major reason that necessitated the company’s move. According to Mitchell Hopwood a managing director at the Equities First Holdings successfully specialized loan solution, the need for more space to accommodate the growing staff numbers was also among the main reason the move was timely. The new site of operation is found in level 2, 287 Collins Street in Melbourne, Victoria 3000.

Equities First Holdings provides stock based loans to its clients to aid them in strategic investments and enable them to expand their businesses. The stock based loans provided at the company are not limited in purpose and can possibly used for several purposes that suits the clients. It is important to learn that Equity First Holding is also found in other locations that includes United Kingdom, Singapore, Thailand, Switzerland and Hong Kong. Further the company has its headquarters in Indianapolis.

Equity First Holdings has successfully specialized providing alternative financial solutions since 2002, their main aim is to supply capital against publicly traded stocks to enable clients meet their goals with ease. Having completed over 700 transactions worth more than $1.4 billion, EFH has been key in providing capital against publicly traded shares, further offering low-interest loans particularly to high net-worth clients seeking non-purpose capital.

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