Get Unique Color Options With Lime Crime

Try intricate colors that nourish your hair without including ammonia or harsh bleach. That’s right, you can get a completely hypoallergenic hair dye from the amazing Lime Crime cosmetic line. They are now offering their customers one of a kind fantasy-inspired colors that give you full coverage and tint options. Their customers receive a maximum of 12 washes with their permanent dyes and up to 8 washes with their tint. LC is inspiring thousands of girls and guys around the world to go unicorn. You can get bold hard to find colors that will leave you completely unapologetic.


Lime Crime is a very popular brand with a strong social media following on Instagram of over 2.4 million fans. They are well known for their super-foil cosmetics that go on moist and dry to a perfected smooth finish. You get amazingly trendy cool colors that include Radical Metallic and Purple Sorbet. LC dares you to transform your ordinary color scheme on a temporary basis or permanent basis. Their colors are just right for your one of kind selfies. Best of all, you can easily blend their cosmetics with their hair dye products.


Each Unicorn Lime Crime hair dye will come in a 700 ml jar. You can get a full application or two touch-ups out of each jar. Learn more about how to mix and match LC colors through their YouTube tutorials. Thousands of customers around the world just like you have given actual testimonials on how to mix, match, apply, and blend their cosmetics and apply their hair dye products. Join the color revolution today and choose your new color. You can even visit their sister company, Dolls Kill, for a great line of clothing items and accessories that go great with their products.


Choose thousands of shades that fit your mood by visiting their exclusive website for more details and first-time promotional offers. Choose LC today to make a bold statement about your makeup color choices. Surprise your friends daily with a different colors scheme.

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