Greg Secker’s Successful Career Life

Greg Secker is a successful entrepreneur, philanthropist, trader, and international speaker. He first established Action Group in 2003. The group consists of other companies such as Smartchart Software, Learn to Trade, Capital Index, and FX Capital. Greg also established a non-profit organization, Greg Secker Foundation, purposely to help improve the overall quality of life across the world. This organization demonstrates Greg’s commitment to improving the lives of others through coaching, strategy, education, and financial support.

Greg first worked at Thomas Cook Financial Services and later moved to Virtual Trading Desk. The latter firm which was starting then enabled clients to use real-time quotes for foreign exchange transaction. Later in his career, Greg joined Mellon Financial Corporation where he served as the vice president. This new venture enabled Greg to interact and meet other influential global traders.

When his personal trading account grew, Greg left Mellon to start his own company, Learn to Trade. This company now serves the global market with main offices in South Africa, Australia, Philippines, and London among other regions. For the record, Learn to Trade has helped more than 200,000 people to master vital trading skills through routine workshops and seminars.

In 2012 and 2013, Learn to Trade consecutively received the Best Educator Award from the World Finance Magazine. Greg Secker mostly prefers to execute his duties from the comfort of his home. Most of the time, he holds boards and other business meetings at his home. Most important, he spends over 70% of his time directing his foundation by making new connections and networking. He is a visionary business person with a sense of touch to un-started ideas.

Greg Secker is optimistic and keen to tap into the freedom of choice, thought, reverse auction, collaborative economy, and competition. Further, Greg advocates for mutual appreciation of the concepts of work and thinking. He argues that it is important to appreciate the journey progressively and not rushing through life. Greg also recommends reading books as the most reliable means of learning new ideas and getting to appreciate others. He admires Gary Vaynerchuk mastery of skills in advertisements.

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