Highland Capital Management New Partnership

Highland Capital Management is an institution that is dedicated to transforming the lives of the middle-class investors in the world. The investment banking company has been in the market for a while now, and it has grown so much. The company has been recognized in several platforms because of the great impact it is making in the lives of people around the globe. Highland Capital Management was founded by Mark Okada and James Dondero. These two individuals have played a fundamental role in the success of the private company.

It is not easy to manage an investment banking firm in the modern times. Most people find it very difficult, and they end up abandoning their responsibilities. Under the leadership of James Dondero, Highland Capital Management has managed to impress its consumers because of the quality of services it has been offering. James Dondero has been hiring some of the best and highly trained individuals to work at the firm. These professionals have all the expertise needed to take the institution to greater heights.

Apart from offering consumers quality services, Highland Capita Management has been doing its best to change the lives of the needy people who are based in Dallas. Although the company has already done well on the global platform, it has chosen to ensure that its donations are given to the charity causes in the Dallas region. The money given from the company has increased significantly in the recent times, and this is why the company is taking special measure to ensure that the donations make an impact in the lives of the people.

Just recently, James Dondero announced to his partners that he had chosen to appoint one of the most respected civic leaders in Dallas, Linda Owen to be in charge of the donations that are coming from his company. According to James Dondero, the company is currently giving needy communities at least three million dollars. Most of the donations are given to non-profit making institutions that are found in Dallas and other neighboring countries. James Dondero says that he gave the position to Linda because she is highly experienced.

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