How an Entrepreneurial Duo Used Innovation to Create a Successful Venture

During the first few months of 2016, Handy co-founder and CEO Oisin Hanrahan dreaded Tuesday mornings. The on-demand cleaning company used to hold its strategy meetings on Tuesday mornings at its headquarters in New York. Oisin’s fear used to arise from the fact that most of the strategies that he was championing were backfiring. The upstart was also in the middle of an internal restructuring process, which Oisin had also championed.

In the end, Hanrahan helped roll out an Internet-based on-boarding process in 28 of the company’s major markets. His co-founder Umang Dua did not initially buy this idea because he feared that qualified candidates would not be able to finish the application process without human help. However, the two decided to carry out a restricted test run to determine whether the process could be widely implemented. It was rolled out in Washington D.C and Miami in January 2015 before being implemented in other markets.

How the Online Onboarding Process has Worked

Despite the skepticism that was associated with the online on-boarding process, it has proved pivotal to the company’s success. It has enabled the company to seek venture capital. Initially, investors were wary about plowing their money into Handy because the upstart was facing an uncertain future. The corporate environment was similarly unfavorable since many upstarts were failing.‘s online on-boarding process was not initially popular as the duo thought.  The company was consequently forced to cancel a significant number of bookings because demand was outstripping the availability of services. This caused complains to skyrocket, something that was threatening to dent the company’s image. Nonetheless, the two turn this debacle into profitability.  So far, they have raised over 110 million dollars in venture capital.


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