How Kevin Seawright Is Improving The City Of Baltimore

Kevin Seawright is the Chief Operating Office and Managing Partner of RPS Solutions, LLC. RPS Solutions, which stands for Real Property Solutions, is a firm in Baltimore, Maryland that aims to connect first time home buyers to home in the city of Baltimore. Read more: Kevin Seawright Talks RPS Solutions LLC on The Larry Young Morning Show

Kevin has been with the company since January 2015 and leads its efforts to boost the rate of homeownership in the city from 44% to 63%. He believes that homeownership creates pride in neighborhoods and is a wealth building tool as people earn gains in the worth of their property.

At RPS Solutions, Kevin Seawright specializes in purchasing rundown homes, rehabilitating them, and then helping people obtain mortgages in order to buy the homes. The company also builds brand new homes.

In order to build homes and rehabilitate them, the company uses over 20 different contractors that they have partnered with as well as volunteers. Kevin oversees all of this activity and makes sure the organization stays on an even keel. Learn more about Kevin Seawright:

According to Crunchbase, prior to arriving at RPS Solutions, Kevin Seawright worked in the public and private sectors. He was a longtime manager for the city of Baltimore in a variety of different agencies. Among the agencies he had a part in leading was the Baltimore City Department of Housing, the Department of Recreation and Parks, as well as general city government.

It was in 2011 that Kevin got involved in residential real estate, working with Tito Contractors as the Vice President of Operations in Washington, D.C. While at Tito Contracting he gained experience in creating annual construction budgets, property management, and construction projects among other things.

He also served the Newark Community Economic Development Corporation where he led as the Chief Financial Officer and Executive Vice President. At this organization, he helped start up real estate companies as well as property management companies by providing his finance and operational expertise.

Through Kevin Seawright’s dedication and leadership, RPS Solutions is fulfilling its goal of increasing the rate of homeownership in Baltimore. The city has been growing stronger through homeownership and the vibrant communities that are created when a majority of people own their homes in a neighborhood.

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