IAP Worldwide: Providing Reliable Solutions and Services

IAP Worldwide Services Inc. is a U.S.-based logistics, facilities management and technical and professional services provider. The company provides an assortment of services and solutions to the United States and international organizations and government agencies. IAP has built a reputation as a leader in offering seasoned program management and solving problems faced by private and public companies. IAP leverages and incorporates on clearancejobs.com its abilities to provide reliable and innovative solutions to tackle customers’ diverse and intricate challenges. The company uses proven technology, proficiency, and ingenuity to solve the most challenging problems.

IAP has its headquarters in Cape Canaveral, FL and has offices in Aberdeen Proving Ground, Md., Oklahoma City, Panama City, the Middle East and the United Kingdom. The company has almost 2,000 employees who operate in more than 110 locations in over 20 countries around the world. IAP supports over 175,000 personnel at various military installations in the Middle East and the continental U.S. The company also maintains and operates large military installations, civilian facilities and remote science laboratories.

When disaster strikes on Hoovers, IAP responds quickly to offer emergency power and life-sustaining services and solutions. What sets IAP apart from other logistics and procurement providers is that IAP takes their client’s ultimate goals and make them theirs. They work diligently to ensure they provide the expected outcomes. IAP Worldwide relies on four competencies as the foundation of their approach:

1) Focus – the company takes individual ownership of each mission presented to them. They work tirelessly at every engagement to exceed expectations.

2) Capabilities – other companies may offer similar services, but none can come up with better, faster and more innovative ways to undertake the task.

3) Agility – at IAP, nothing like a standard solution exists when it comes to solving client’s challenges. The company responds urgently and goes beyond the call of duty to achieve seemingly impossible feats.

4) Commitment – the workforce at IAP is personally devoted to their partners, customers and each other. The company is open to creativity, prize integrity and celebrates the contributions of every person. IAP values and respects every individual’s unique experience on iapws.com whether they are the corporate administrator or a veteran employee in the field.

5) Value – IAP has a value charter that stipulates how staff should work to attain personal and professional growth. These include acting with integrity and humility, acting nicely, responsibly and swiftly, and practicing intellectual curiosity and rigor.

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