Igor Cornelsen’s Career And Advice For Beginning Investors

Igor Cornelsen didn’t make his money overnight, and he says investors shouldn’t look at investing in that light either. Cornelsen is a Brazilian investor who at one time worked for some of Brazil’s high ranking banks and was also an advisor to the government’s economic department. Learn more about Igor Cornelsen:  http://igorcornelsen.tripod.com/ and https://twitter.com/igorcornelsen

Cornelsen has taken an unbiased approach to investing by always studying the markets both in Brazil and abroad, and making sound decisions on where he’ll invest or trade his funds.

He’s currently retired and is often seen on golf courses in south Florida where he currently lives. But he still makes appearances with business news organizations and other media sources to give tips on investing. He’s also a consultant that works with Bainbridge Investments.

In keeping with his advice to not look at investing as a get-rich-quick scheme, Igor Cornelsen says investors need to do their homework on the stock market and approach it the right way to succeed.

Because the market has it’s ebbs and flows, Igor Cornelsen says investors need to approach it slowly and whether a stock performs good or bad, you should never invest too much too fast in it.

He also says investors need to spread their investments into multiple stocks or other funds as per the oft repeated axiom to diversify your portfolio.

And investors should research the companies whose stocks they are buying to see what their track records look like. Read more: Igor Cornelsen gives you the basics on Brazilian banking

Cornelsen believes investors should take advantage of opportunities to invest in Brazil because despite some of its economic turmoil, it’s rich resources and exporting industries offer a lot of choices for investors.

Cornelsen says you need to get to know the Brazilian banks before you start investing in them, and you need to pay attention to the economic policies that current Finance Minister Joaquim Levy will seek to enact.

He also says investors should be prepared to deal with some barriers when they first start investing, but as they learn to maneuver around each regulation the results will be worth the effort. And Cornelsen says it’s good to get to know the locals because they’ll be happy to offer advice on banking.

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