James Larkin heroism to the workers

On 21st January 1897, that’s when James Larkin was born. He was born in Liverpool, England. James Larkin was born and raised in the slum of Liverpool. So he didn’t have the best education. He worked odd jobs in his youth so that he could be able to help his family. Eventually, he landed a job at the Liverpool docks as the foreman.

James Larkin believed that workers were being treated unfairly. In 1905, that’s when James joined the (NUDL) National Union of Dock Laborers, and he decided that he would be a full-time organizer of the trade union. Learn more about Jim Larkin: http://www.bbc.co.uk/history/british/easterrising/profiles/po08.shtml and http://www.historyireland.com/20th-century-contemporary-history/big-jim-larkin-hero-and-wrecker/

The NUDL didn’t like the strike methods that Larkin was coordinating, and they were alarmed, so he had to run for his life that’s what lead to him being transferred to Dublin in 1907.

While in Dublin he became the founder of the Irish Transport and General Workers Union. The main aim that the union had was that it would bring all the workers in one community it didn’t matter if they were skilled or unskilled. Read more: James Larkin | Biography

Larkin later came up with the Labour party, which was responsible for most of the strikes. They carried out so many strikes, but the most significant one was the 1913 Dublin lockout. Nearly eight months 100,000 workers went on strike but they later won, and they got the right to fair employment.

When the World War 1 was taking place, James Larkin arranged for the anti-war demonstration, and that was in Dublin. In 1920, he traveled to the United States with the motive that he would raise funds that would help in the fighting of the British.

Which lead to him being convicted with the arrogation of criminal anarchy. He was later pardoned after spending three years in jail and deported to Ireland. In Ireland, he formed the worker union of the Ireland

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