Kevin Seawright and RPS Solutions Helping Baltimore Prosper

In a recent PR Newswire report the actions of Kevin Seawright and the RPS Solutions LLC. in the Baltimore real estate market were examined. Seawright and RPS want to see the Baltimore area on equal footing with the rest of the state’s percent of ownership of properties.

Kevin Seawright is a professional located in Baltimore diligently working in the fields of accounting and project management. He is experienced in the workings of local government and the complexities of the real estate markets in Baltimore and the Washington, D.C. areas.

Seawright was asked by LocalTalkNews why he is interested in raising the city’s current home ownership ratio to become equal to the state’s home ownership ratio. He stated that it is his firm and long held belief that homeowners provide a stronger sense of commitment to neighborhoods and communities than renters, and by increasing the number of homeowners in any area he is helping to make that particular area in Baltimore safer and better suited to survive the numerous problems connected with city and inner city life.

RPS Solutions LLC. was co-founded by Seawright and coordinates and connects families or individuals seeking a home, often for the first time, with the appropriate mortgage lenders who can provide the necessary financing. RPS Solutions, founded in 2015, also, constructs and renovates affordable homes for those wishing to live in the Baltimore area.  For more about Seawright himself, check out his bio page on the Newark CEDC website, or visit him on SoundCloud.

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  1. In a combined effort, RPS and Seawright are offering properties and special financing plans to prospective home purchasers in the Belvedere Square area of Baltimore. The truth is that I need someone to write my essay for me so I can talk more about Seawright.

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