Lovaganza: Bringing Global Change Through The Muse Of Art

Lovaganza from J-Scott on Vimeo.

Adventure and entertainment have a sort of similar feeling to the mind. There’s a happy anticipatory excitement that draws one’s full attention. As art can become mainstream, more means of adventurous entertainment can be produced on behance.net. Cinema took decades to get off the ground, primitive versions operating by a hand crank. Today, things have come full circle. From silent film to talkies to color to CINEMASCOPE to that ratty 3D of the eighties, to the blockbuster 3D of today, to music, video games, and the internet, moving pictures have transitioned up the technological ladder in an astonishing way over the last century.

Called IMMERSCOPE, Lovaganza will feature this new technology in eight locations across the globe simultaneously. Imagine a modern revision of CINEMASCOPE presented in a World’s Fairs-type setting. Oceania, America, Asia, Europe, Africa, and The Middle East will all host Lovaganza simultaneously over the course of four months in 2020.

Leading up to this event there is a traveling caravan that will bring the show to communities across the globe. Part of the idea of this caravan, this entourage, this convoy, is to inspire the population toward the underlying theme which links Lovaganza’s bohemian expression together. Strong themes of cultural unity and adventure will be tied to universal ideas, and linked together by a metaphorical convoy meant to spread this entertainment medium and its message globally. Indeed, with four months of presentation in eight strategic locations the world over, it will be difficult for Lovaganza not to have an impact.

The IMMERSCOPE glasses-less 3D technology uses a 180-degree screen to create a three-dimensional experience much akin to watching a proscenium live performance. Imagine the close, intimate nature of theatre with the ground-breaking visuals and special effects of Hollywood, and you’ve got a reasonable idea of Lovaganza.

For this event there are nine films planned, the first trilogy of which is currently shooting. The aforementioned caravan of Lovaganza will deploy next year, in 2017, and bring these new cinematic experiences to the world. Ramping up to 2020, the final event will feature expositions, presentations, live shows, interactive technology, and a host of attractions to wow the world and introduce new ways of thinking.

Originally slated for 2015, new technology prompted Lovaganza producers to delay unveiling until everything was properly streamlined, and now the show’s on the horizon.

Learn more about Lovaganza: https://www.instagram.com/explore/tags/lovaganza/

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