Michel Terpins – A Hard Working Rally Driver

A few years ago, the passion for speed and off-road took the brothers from São Paulo Rodrigo. Justo and Michel Terpins formed the Bull Sertões Rally Team. With distinct off-road trajectories, Terpins and Justo formed the second team in the consecutive year in the T1 Prototype category, on board T-Rex which was developed by MEM Motorsport. His car went through some modifications that made it more robust and competitive for this edition.

It is worth mentioning that the first two stages of the Rally add up to the national championship ranking. At his side is the navigator from Taubaté (SP) who has a decade of Sertões Rally in the curriculum and has already won four titles. “Maykel has a vast rally experience and gives me a lot of safety, and our tuning is perfect,” says the rider, current leader of the Brazilian Cross Country Rally Championship in Prototypes T1. Prototypes T1 is a category associated with many successful people like Justo. In all its completions, the group has been showing progressive impressive results.

Michel Terpins completed his 10th participation in the competition. The car behaved well, they did overtake, but he did not want to force the suspension much. He preferred to have a little more caution and adapt to the equipment. They had several types of terrain that first day, a lot of dirt, and it was a demanding race, but without any problems, everything was in the normal condition.

The 25-year edition had 3,300.06 kilometers, which 1,999.52 times more than the normal on another day, competitors of motorcycles, quadricycles, UTVs, and cars competed for the Prologue time taken to define the starting order for the rally, in Alpha City Goiás, on a circuit of 6 kilometers. It had to pass through four cities in Goiás one in Mato Grosso, and three in Mato Grosso do Sul. Both drivers have been racing for four seasons on board there is the T-Rex, developed by MEM Motorsport, the Sertões Rally. At the same time, they participate in the Brazilian Championship of Cross Country Rally and already accelerate also in the Mitsubishi Cup.

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