Move over Chapstick, the next generation is taking over the lip balm market

EOS (Evolution of Smooth) launched their products seven years ago and have since become the popular choice in lip balm for the millennial generation. They took over the shelf space at big box retailers and drug stores all over the country quickly after launch.


So, how did a product from a small cosmetics startup become the second best selling lip balm in the country? Through extensive research and innovative thoughts the founders, Sanjiv Mehra, Jonathan Teller and Craig Dubitsky, combined their knowledge of big business and startups to create something huge in the cosmetics world. They decided that the current lip balms lacked style and flare that buyers go crazy for.


In their research they found that lip balm was thought to be a unisex product, but was actually used primarily by women in their daily beauty routine. Knowing this, they set out to design a product specifically for style and beauty. Furthermore, they focused their product on the millennial generation, women between 25 and 35, because the millennials were more style conscious and would come more trying a new and innovative product. Get more here on


The founders set out to find a new packaging, straying from the tubes and small tubs. They hired a sculptor to design a few ideas and, after a while, settled on a smooth orb. Since the product would be specifically for women, they developed their signature style, pastel colors and even added a soft exterior that made the orb feel good to hold. Nothing escaped their laser focus during the design phase. Every little detail about this product is meant to be, the way interior and exterior smells, the taste and smell of their flavors, right down to the sound the packaging makes when it opens and closes. Check this out.


They never lost sight of what they wanted to do, and now even celebrities go wild for EOS. They started advertising in beauty magazines and television ads, but also incorporated new ways to market their product. They contacted beauty bloggers and websites and even started sponsoring events. Now, this lip balm is second only to Burt’s Bees, and has gone from a small startup to a $250 million dollar company.


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