New Challenges With Energy

Due to the recent economic crisis in Venezuela, residents are facing desperate times. According to Open Corporates, energy is being rationed. Residents can only use electricity at certain times of the day and for a certain period of time.  However, if this were true, then how are government officials able to provide electricity to their homes and offices? Granted, there are many public offices that have been asked to close for a few days during the week in order to save electricity. Even if the offices are closed, there will still be electricity used as the people will simply use it at home, predicted Adrian Jose Velasquez. Many people can’t imagine living in a country that has a large oil supply and dealing with some of the difficulties that the people in Venezuela are facing on a daily basis. Full story posted on Dateas.



One thought on “New Challenges With Energy

  1. This is a state that is rich in oil. It should not be forced to ration energy. The state claims that it relies on water to provide energy. It could have caused what uk essay service describes as a failed attempt.

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