One Trick For Traveling Vineyard Wine Guides To Drive Up Sales

Wine guides that work for Traveling Vineyard have the life. They get to travel around and attend different wine tasting parties. Of course, they are in charge of the events.

They are the ones guiding groups of friends through the wine tasting process in order to sell wines. At the end of the party, these wine guides leave ordering information with the attendees in order to sell wines. Every wine purchased from the wine tasting event earns the wine guide a commission. These lucky people literally get paid to party.

There are a few very good selling tactics that I wine guide can use in order to drive up sales. One of which is to make the wine tasting event a competition. The competition is not amongst the attendees but amongst the wines themselves. Every single one of the friends attending the wine tasting event can vote on their favorite wines. It turns the event into a sort of race.


What happens when you turn the event into a competition is that the attendees start to talk about their favorite wines with each other. They begin to articulate and defend their decisions. This ties them intimately to their favorite flavors, regions and varietals. When a person feels connected to a particular product, they are more likely to purchase that product.

It is almost like watching a romantic movie where a character has the choice between two different lovers. The audience splits up into one team against another. This makes a group of friends who are divided among team lines more likely to go see the movie together in the theaters. This kind of connection to the movie and characters drives up ticket sales. You can use this exact same strategy to drive up wine sales among your friends, families and even with strangers. You may even see somebody order a wine just to give it to one of their friends to prove why it is the best wine on earth.

It is this kind of excitement for wine that can make a wine guide for Traveling Vineyard a lot of money. And it is all in good fun.

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