Pulier, Pioneer

I watched a movie recently about a certain programmer who was able to drink beer incessantly and program a life altering web entity that has pioneered social media. This was not so long ago, and I thought of what I was doing in college and how whatever it was, it was not on the cutting edge of anything. The story of this programmer is well known, and so is the website, but it is not unique. In the course of American history there have been pioneers of certain segments of already proven technology like this social media site and its founder. There was other sites like this, he simply had the most comprehensive. Furthermore, the guy that founded this social media page did so on a format that has long since been pioneered which is the internet.


This is very different than a programmer that had no idea an internet would exist as it does today at least, and computers along with computer programming was so young in its inception. Pioneers at this time were actually on the forefront of the technology and had no idea that it would take over the world as a means of communication and knowledge sharing as well as multiple other ways it has progressed human civilization. This is the case with Eric Pulier who was programming in the late seventies when he was in the fourth grade and by 1984, he was accepted to Harvard.


While he was there, he was an editor for their campus paper, took classes at MIT and graduated from Harvard as a magna cum laude. For those that do not know people like Eric Pulier, it is always necessary to learn history. Things do not juts exits, and often when it seems as it does, it means that the work of real pioneers had been so successful that they produced something that changed the course of human history. We know a lot about people that pioneered the automobile industry, but what of the people that invented cars? Eric Pulier has been a pioneer since a young age before Internet and when computer technology was in its earliest form. Kudos, Pulier.


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